Episode #287 – Harry Potter Was a Home Teacher

The Boss

The Boss

How does seeing Joseph Smith's seer stone affect you? How do you like continued efforts in transparency? Also, a new hashtag: #ChooseMarriage

The Church publishes images of the seer stone used by Joseph Smith in the translation of the Book of Mormon. Huge news! We didn’t even know the Church still had this thing. Yet how many Mormons don’t even know the story of the seer stone? Does seeing it affirm your faith or leave you with more questions?

Likewise, the printer’s manuscript of the Book of Mormon will be included in updated content from the Joseph Smith Papers. Now you can see the original print in all its glory and compare with the current version. Ch-ch-changes!

Why are Millennial Mormons struggling to marry? Are they just afraid? Could it have anything to do with the socioeconomic plight of said generation? Nope, just fear, according to a writer.

Do Mormons have a persecution complex? Let’s talk about whether we do or we don’t.

An Episcopal priest sings with MoTab. MoTab allows it. Hearts are moved.

Want to see random trademarks owned by the Church? Look no further!

Also, #ChooseMarriage

Assorted news: BYU is still super sober, but they own it; Mormon moments in Harry Potter; 17 ways you are failing at food storage; stillborn RM programs.

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