Episode #288 – When Beehives Go Rogue

TWiM_EP288 Once I Was a Beehive
Lisa Valentine Clark and Hailey Smith of Once I Was a Beehive join us to talk about their new film, improv comedy, and glaciers. Plus, much news!

Lisa Valentine Clark and Hailey Smith of the upcoming film Once I Was a Beehive join us to talk about Mormon cinema, shooting their movie, working in improv comedy, and glaciers. They are a lot of fun, so make sure to check out their movie this weekend! It’s a good one!

Should you ever say no to a calling? Mette Harrison, as hosted by Jana Riess, argues there are certainly some instances when you should and when you shouldn’t.

Also, what about the so-called “uninspired” calling of pianists in the ward? How do you navigate a calling feeling too obvious for you?

Church PR head Michael Otterson gives a lengthy keynote at the FairMormon conference, and there are some solid nuggets of wisdom throughout. We go over our highlights. Check out the video below.

Assorted news: two new temple groundbreakings; one temple going down for the count; and a district is discontinued in Ukraine.

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