Forget the “Mormon Rap.” Check Out the First Real Rap Song about Mormonism

James the mormon provo temple
YouTube artist Jamesthemormon releases a new rap song about Joseph Smith, and it's awesome.

Welcome to the best three minutes of your day. An artist named “Jamesthemormon” has released an awesome video entitled “Restoration” in which he and a cohort rap and sing about Joseph Smith’s search for truth, and how it applies to us today.

It’s seriously a great song, and it might be the first instance of actual, non-parody Mormon rap we’ve ever seen (except, of course, for this).

And since Jamesthemormon has said on his Facebook page that his song is a free-for-all, we’re taking that to mean an open license, thus creating another TWiM theme song!

Isn’t it somewhat amusing/bemusing that we should be impressed or shocked by legitimately good Mormon-infused rap? Mormons have covered so many genres, but rap seems so novel for some reason. I need not your Kenneth Cope, sir. I needeth Jamesthemormon.

But seriously, check out the video, shot in front of the Provo City Center Temple while stitching in imagery of totally-is-definitely-licensed footage from some of the Joseph Smith movies.

Kudos to you, Jamesthemormon. You’re hired as our music director.

Also, mad props for the Shia Lebeouf reference.

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