More Understanding for Joseph Smith’s Seer Stones

Photo by Scott Winterton, Deseret News.
Irene Stone

Irene Stone

If you're looking for more insight about Joseph Smith's seer stones, this might be a good podcast to listen to.

With all the recent seer stone news, I found this episode of Radiowest to be a nice addition to the information that the LDS Church has released about the newest volume of the Joseph Smith Papers. Host Doug Fabrizio interviews Benjamin E. Park and Matthew Bowman, two historians (who are LDS), who discuss the stone and recent Ensign article about Joseph Smith as a seer.

Photo by Scott Winterton, Deseret News.
Photo by Scott Winterton, Deseret News.

Maybe you’re like me, and the images of the seer stone didn’t raise many questions or bother you all that much. The seer stone seemed like something I had always kind of heard about, and it honestly just isn’t that offensive to me. Or, maybe you’re not like me, and hearing about the seer stone just doesn’t sit quite right yet. In any case, this discussion answers a lot of questions (some I didn’t even realize I had), and I found it super interesting.

If you’re a well-read church history buff, then the information in this interview is probably stuff you already know. I personally prefer listening to it than reading about it, so this episode was perfect for me. Among other things, the guests talk about seer stones in general, the role they played in Joseph Smith’s time and region, the importance of objects as a way to access the divine, and how culture may play a part in revelation.

You can listen below or through your favorite podcast app (search “Radiowest” episode “Seer Stones”).

If you’re looking for more discussion about the seer stone, you can also check out this interview that the Salt Lake Tribune did with Richard Bushman on the subject.

Any other helpful things you’ve read or heard about the seer stone? Please share!

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