Episode #293 – Choose the Rubio

Marco Rubio Mormon
The Church doubles down on a Sabbath push; Mormons are expecting the end of the world in a week; "thug Mormons" needs to stop; women return to BYU.

Lots to talk about this week, and Al’s audio doesn’t seem like a disaster.

What is up with all of this apocalyptic stuff and Julie Rowe? Seriously, who is she? Where did this come from? Why do Mormons buy into it?

“Thug Mormons” has to stop, according to one blogger. Al is amused. Geoff is concerned!

Senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is chasing the Mormon vote in Nevada, but will anyone care? Do you? We talk about Mormonism and politics.

We also bring back our Rants segment in which Geoff chastises the “uncorrelated” Mormon world for freaking out about Elder M. Russell Ballard’s adulatory remarks toward Utah and Utahns during a regional conference this weekend.

The Church’s Sabbath push is getting stronger, with some new articles about keeping our phones stowed away during sacrament meeting. But some wonder whether phones will be outright banned during Church services and if not using a phone at Church will become analogous to President Hinckley’s “suggestion” that women only have one piercing per ear.

Other stuff: Mormon men are leaving Church and Mormon women are flooding BYU; Jews in Orange County, California use a Mormon meetinghouse after they let Mormons use their synagogue. And lots of exciting new stuff.


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