Episode #294 – Jana Riess, Your Days Are Numbered

We commemorate the life of Elder Richard G. Scott, listen to Al be sick, talk Portuguese Bibles, mock hashtags, and love Elder Rasband

Elder Richard G. Scott passes away at 86. We remember one of our favorite apostles and celebrate his reunion with his dear wife.

In other news, the Church releases a Portuguese language Bible, bringing the total number of LDS Church-produced Bibles to three.

It’s also the 30th anniversary of the current LDS hymnal. Four more years, or should we be pushing for Michael McLean and Kurt Bestor to go to TOWN on this thing?

Everyone loves Tanner Mangum until they realize BYU’s first two wins were flukes. Our boy Jamesthemormon releases a sweet song that is aptly titled “Dreamin’,” which is what BYU fans are currently doing. Bwa ha and ha.

The Priesthood Restoration Site is dedicated by President Russell M. Nelson. It’s pretty cool and we hope to get up there.

Assorted news: Elder Ronald Rasband and religious freedom; Mormonism chose me; #EmbraceYourAND hashtag grates Al; a hot Muslim goes to church; and the Manti tabernacle returns!

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