Online Tithing Payment Now Available to Entire United States

The LDS Church has made online tithing available to the entire United States. And the people rejoiced.

Just last week we talked about online tithing rolling out to the southern United States, and I, a proud Californian and current DC resident, felt jilted that my “brothers” and “sisters” in Baton Rouge had access to online tithing before I did.

But I shall grouse no more, for online tithing is now everywhere in the land of freedom, truth, and democracy, known to most of you as the United States. I hopped on my interwebs today and sure enough, there she was. Now I never have to talk to our bishopric again. Except in ward council. But I’ll just use shifty eyes the whole time.

Let’s look at the area this affects:


In a recap, online tithing is super easy to use, so check out our rundown of how to do it here.

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