Episode #299 – Bring Back the Delta Center

Heavenly Mother LDS
Let's talk about essays on Heavenly Mother and the priesthood and women. Great stuff here! Elder Ballard upsets people. Also, go Royals.

We go through the two new essays on LDS.org, one on Heavenly Mother and the other one the priesthood and women. Both are full of nuggets of wisdom and great sources, and we’re excited to have more wonderful essays to discuss.

Elder Ballard encourages women to “put on a little lipstick” and woo the men, and the ladies are upset. Should they be upset? Even as a seemingly innocuous comment, is it enough to warrant derision?

Are the First and Second Quorum of the Seventy gone? The new roster of General Authorities suggest this may be the case.

Other news: BYU-I students upset over Halloween costumes, the Lisbon Temple design is eh, guests announced for MoTab’s Christmas concert, the Church should do more to help refugees, and Vivint continues to steamroll utah.

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Elder M. Russell Ballard: “Put on a little lipstick.”Here’s the little “lipstick” video of Elder M Russell Ballard that has some in a kerfuffle. Thankfully, the video is long enough to provide a bit more context. What’s your take?

Posted by This Week in Mormons on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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