Episode #312 – Captain America before the Serum

Operation Underground Railroad
Do you have your tight pants on? Let's combat sex trafficking of kids. Jana Riess is confused. Do Mormons love Ted Cruz?

In the most important news of the week, some enterprising students at BYU-I have filed a petition to ban tight yoga pants at the gym because #naughtythoughts. We’re sure you can imagine where we fall on this.

Ammon Bundy and his comedy troupe have been arrested after they left the occupied federal facility for a meeting. One man was reportedly killed in the “routine traffic stop.” Uh huh.

Sex trafficking of youth is an issue and we don’t talk about it enough in the Church. Famed EFY all-star Peter Breinholt has re-released a remix of one of his songs to raise money for Operation Underground Railroad, which aims to combat trafficking. Get involved, folks.

President Uchtdorf meets the Candy Bomber and Han Solo. This is the best.

What on earth is Miss Utah Model International?? Some Brazilian who married her missionary won it in Utah. But WHAT IS IT?

Apparently Ted Cruz is bad at paying tithing. Should we care? Is this personal or is it public?

Jana Riess is confused about what it means to be the “one true church,” and she writes one of her weaker pieces in some time about it.

How do we deal with a kid leaving the Church? What can parents do? Another great blog from LDS.org.

Have you ever wanted to learn about the Church in Iceland? Well now you can, thanks to our friends at LDSLiving.

Other news: The Mormon err LDS Bachelor is now the Modest Bachelor; the American Bar Association is “reviewing” a complaint about BYU’s perceived lack of religious freedom; a new Adam and Eve show (see below); and a big map of temples!

These are links:

Adam and Eve Chapter 1: Seeds from Adam & Eve Series on Vimeo.

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