Episode #316 – Arrrrrrriana

Mitt Romney
The Mormon politics roundup; missionaries fail to lock their hearts; and how do we rely less on spiritual reserves and more on constant replenishment?

Do you think there’s a lot of Americanism in the Church, especially abroad? Where’s the line between actual Church practices and cultural stuff that we unwittingly export? Our own Josie Gleave has an article about just that.

In news of Mormons in politics, Mitt Romney is reportedly slated to endorse Marco Rubio for President of the United States, though the Rubio camp denies this. We also have information on Mitt’s other potential plans.

A former Utah County commissioner is indicted for impersonating an LDS Church official to further development projects of a pal.

Salt Lake City is also getting a GOP debate in March. Get your tickets now, and watch Trump confuse everyone! Seriously, where are the Mormons that support the man?

And lastly, apparently BYU students support Bernie Sanders, which BYU now denies due to “methodology problems” with the survey. We call conspiracy!

Leaders of the FLDS Church are arrested over money laundering and food stamps fraud. Not quite as scandalous as Warren Jeffs, but wait until you see the plans to hide these folks when they go on the lam!

A few missionaries do not lock their hearts, as one man stalks a sister in the Ensign, then marries her. You are El Mundo, Elder el Mundo.

Lastly, apparently ministering.lds.org exists. Maybe we should publicize that more.



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