Episode #320 – The Tailor of Billund

Mormon Donald Trump
Mormons come out blazing against Trump; dirty super PACs; Provo City Center Temple dedication; Brussels bombings; resetting our relationship with God

Presidential politics hit the Intermountain West. You had one job, Utah! One job! And it wasn’t to give the state to Ted Cruz!

Either way, there have been some compelling news pieces this past week about why Mormons loathe Donald Drumpf and how Drumpf’s candidacy could very well break the GOP’s stranglehold on the Mormon vote. Very interesting stuff all around.

To cap it all off, an enterprising and tasteless super PAC has put out an “ad”—we generously call it that because it’s little more than a meme—attacking Donald Drumpf’s with, Melanie, as some sort of softcore porn artist, which was intended to turn off LDS voters and push them to Ted Cruz. Did it work? Yay for super PACs.

Brussels was attacked by terrorists on March 22. Three Mormon missionaries were among the injured, with later news confirming a fourth. If you’re into international relations, tune in. After all, this stuff is Geoff’s day job.

LDS Living accidentally published an article about Thomas S. Monson’s death. In 2020. The future. They have the gift of prophecy!

Some white people are angry about a white man making a painting of a black Eve because it has slavery connotations. This is a very interesting perspective on the issue, and we call upon our network of experts to opine, accordingly.

In happier news, the Provo City Center Temple was dedicated on Sunday, March 20 by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. Congrats, Provo. Many congrats. We celebrate your culture.

A blogger felt guilty over not living the gospel well “enough,” and this guilt almost led her into inactivity. But her bishop had some sound advice that turned the whole thing around. Let’s talk about it.

Lastly, a man weaves clothing from LEGOs. Yup.


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