186th Annual General Conference Tie Tracker

186th GC Tie Tracker
A seminannual tradition continues, and our necks will be the better for it.

186th GC Tie Tracker

Denizens! Welcome once again to our beloved General Conference Tie Tracker™! If you’re new to Tie Tracking™, we go through every session of General Conference and break down the sartorial choices adorning the male speakers’ necks. It is a diverse and unpredictable exercise, but one thing is constant: President Uchtdorf will change his tie for every session, apparently the only General Authority to do so.

As always, your input as we do this is most valuable, as some ties’ patterns or colors are not completely clear. Send us a holla on Twitter with your thoughts.

And with that, let us enjoy a wonderful weekend of General Conference, coupled with some amusing commentary on neckwear. The table below will be updated in real time.


Red once again narrowly beat Blue. Had it not been for the Gold vote, Blue might have pulled off an upset. Alas. Good on Gold, though, for being a solid dark horse.

Patterns and stripes dominated, also per usual. But there was an exciting number of dotted ties throughout the sessions, which made things fun.

Hey! Thanks for joining us for this silly exercise. We hope you’ll follow us on social media and listen to our long-running weekly podcast on Mormon news and issues. We will honor you and honor you lovingly.

Sunday Afternoon Session

Thank you, Elder Hales, for making us realize you’ve been wearing the same tie every single Conference. We love you for it. It’s the bolder, sassier side of fashion, where one can’t be bothered with such trivial things as choosing a tie.

Robert D Hales Ties

President Uchtdorf shocked us again by keeping on his tie from the morning session. Everything is so topsy turvy.

Aside from that, lots of blue, particularly light blues.

Sunday Morning Session

Well we were sorta right about President Monson. Let it be assumed this conference marks the end of long-form remarks from our prophet. Sad to see them slow down even when the mantle is still so clearly there.

Not to make these about President Uchtdorf, but, I mean, come on:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 1.26.58 PM

There is so much happening there. So. Much.

Patterns seem to be maintaining about 5:3 ratio against stripes. Stripes’ window of opportunity to take down patterns is slowly closing. Only one more session, stripes. Make it happen or love forever in ignominy!

Gold has done surprisingly well so far. Kudos to everyone for risking it. After all, we know how silly gold phones look. Who’s to say a tie would work? WHO’S TO SAY?

Join us for the final session. Will President Uchtdof step it up even higher? Will he go where very few General Conference speakers dare to tread: paisley?

Priesthood Session

First off, for those who were unaware, priesthood session was alarmingly short last night. We’re talking nearly as short as Dumbo. And I’m not complaining. The shorter meeting magically allowed me to remember clearly the 4½ (more on that fraction in a minute) talks given.

But on to ties we must go. Thankfully, President Uchtdorf donned his coral/orange dotted tie. He’s worn that one before. It makes an appearance about once every other conference.

Stripes picked up some steam, though they currently sit second to patterns, a pattern that’s likely to continue.

And of course, green is fading fast, but we’ve seen some great representation across the spectrum.

As for those 4½ talks. President Monson only spoke for about five minutes. He seemed to be getting into his usual anecdotal rhythm, indicating “full” remarks, but then he just tied it off. It was interesting and makes me wonder whether he’ll give “full” remarks during the Sunday morning session, per custom, or save it all for a “Thanks for coming!” epilogue as we close out the confernece.

Regardless, priesthood session was solid. Everyone should watch/read President Uchtdorf’s talk.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Alright, so remember how we said President Uchtdorf changes his tie for every session? On our next paycheck, that has been a constant for years. So it’s only fitting that during the Conference we make a promise about President Uchtdorf’s neckwear that he disappoint us with the same tie across two sessions. Unheard of!

Green and gold are starting to feel the squeeze. They started strong and everyone loved them, only to be a flash in the pan, like the Ben Carson campaign. *Zing!*

Patterns continued their inexorable rise throughout the Saturday afternoon session. Look for that to continue as conference develops. We typically end with a strong showing from patterns and stripes, with blue and red dominating the color spectrum.

Lastly, a moment of honor for Elder Ballard’s tie:

M Russell Ballard

Saturday Morning Session

Stripes. The failure of stripes. Striped ties regularly dominate #ldsconf proceedings, but only Elder Renlund sported those beautiful, reliable parallel lines this time around. The other ties comprised a bevy of elliptical patterns.

Indeed, Elder Steven E. Snow worse this gnarly green tie that looked like mitochondria swimming around. Others were a bit more reliable with conservative patterns.

As for color, green and gold? What? Who would have thought. Surely this cannot hold in the long term. It seldom does. Green rarely does well during Conference but so far, it is rocking hard.

Lastly, President Uchtdorf, you clearly worse the same pale blue tie that you sported at the Women’s Session. Now I don’t know what to believe in.

General Women’s Session

Admittedly, we’re at the point where we need to run a Dress Suit Tracker™ or a Faux Lapel Flower Tracker™, but our resources are limited.

Anyway, our lone tie came from the lone man to speak, President Henry B. Eyring. Hal rocked out with a red circle-patterned tie with grey accents. It was a safe choice, but decidedly un-Eyring, as the man really, really loves thick stripes.

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