BYU to Buy Provo High School

Provo High School
The cougar eats the bulldog. And the people rejoiced.

Provo High School

Changes continue to abound along Bulldog and University Avenue in Provo. After losing the beloved Malt Shoppe to mixed-use developments of dubious quality, Provo’s own flagship high school (sorry, Timpview) is getting the Mormon treatment.

No, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not getting back in the Church-owned high school game (sadly). Rather, on 26 April BYU announced plans to purchase what is currently Provo High School for a cool $25 million. That’s $1 million per acre according to FOX13.

Provo School District announced last year its intention to build a new Provo High School in the rapidly growing western hinterlands of Provo. You know the area. Ever been to the Carl’s Jr. on Bulldog and marveled at the cornucopia of walks of life present there, curious as to where these other marvelous creatures come from? Yeah, it’s over there.

BYU spokeshuman Carri Jenkins said that the current Provo High School will become part of BYU’s campus, extending the university across, well, University for the first time (unless one counts Wyview Park). However, there are no immediate plans to develop it, per the Deseret News.

Until New Provo High School is built, BYU will lease the existing campus to the school district at no cost. That arrangement is reported to last for 30 months. So don’t go dragging your feet on construction, PSD, or those kids are going to be attending biology at Seven Peaks.

Provo School District officials expect to break ground on the new high school this coming Thursday.

Provo High School Concept

No word yet on whether Provo High School students attending school on what is now BYU property will also be subject to the Honor Code and related nonsense.

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