Episode #323 – Going to See the Photo Album

BYU Honor Code
BYU's absurd Honor Code policies in the wake of a rape. There's other stuff this week, but come on, BYU.

Our lead story this week comes from reports that victims of sexual assault at BYU can come under Honor Code discipline if the incident occurred during or due to an Honor Code violation. We find this confusing. It’s a sensitive subject with a number of variables at play, but we want to talk about this. How can we combat sexual assault at BYU when the victims are too afraid to report it?

Marie Osmond is the gift that keeps on giving. Following her glorious Alex Boyé-partnered video in “Europe” (*cough*Vegas*cough*), Marie returns with some sort of drug allegory, or a tirade against the pharmaceutical industry, or native advertising for Segway robots, or a tacit endorsement of Bicentennial Man with “Music Is Medicine,” a declarative tale on the healing power of music.

Tennessee might make the Bible the official state book. Church and state, together at last.

Other than that, this is a week of mentions and random stuff, so you can check out further details in the show notes, which will take you to the articles, which will make you happy, which will make other publishers happy.


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