Episode #324 – Go Try and Wear Something Interesting This Week

BYU announces a reexamination of Title IX reporting; UT declares pornography a public health crisis (but does it matter?); Apostles are faking Twitter

Utah declares pornography a public health crisis. Does this carry any weight or is it an empty gesture? Our resident net neutrality experts weigh in on any potential legislative issues surrounding such a declaration and discuss potential ways forward.

After the press raked BYU’s Title IX office over the coals last week, BYU President Kevin J. Worthen calls for a reassessment of Title IX reporting process and structure, saying, “The university’s overriding concern is always the safety and well-being of its students.”

Ecuador’s earthquake kills hundreds, including at least six Mormons.

In other calamity news, we have updates on the last injured missionary remaining in Belgium following the Brussels attack.

Also some classic Mormon stuff about temples surviving natural disasters. We are impervious!

Jana Riess via PEW argues that Millennials are leaving the Church more than their forebears. Why? Also, some very interesting insights into Apostolic Twitter.™

In quick news: TWiM is now on Google Play Music, so you can stream to your heart’s content! California’s governor honors the Church for service; a new interactive site with the writings of George Q. Cannon; how a standing US senator joined the Church (and via which other standing US senator?); some awesome illustrations of missionary standards; and a new bishop’s storehouse in Palmyra is somehow worthy of reporting.


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