Episode #326 – In the Shadow of Two McKays

McKay Coppins is our hero.
Should men dump women who want to work? Tyler Glenn is having an angry week; Elizabeth Smart revisits the "chewed gum" analogy; babies born in temples!

The “Teaching: No Greater Call” manual is on the outs, replaced by “Teaching in the Savior’s Way.” But there’s nothing new here, and we’ll explain to you why.

How much do you want to hear about babies born IN temples? You know you do.

According to Elder Maynes of the Seventy, multiple accounts of the First Vision are, in fact, a good thing and not an example of the entire thing being a fabrication. It’s a great perspective that we’ll talk about.

Our dear friend, colleague, and exemplar appears on the now-unfunny The Daily Show to talk about his obsessions with Donald Trump. Al LOVES it.

Another friend, Jamesthemormon, had a pretty great week on the iTunes charts. Good on him.

Elizabeth Smart revisits the old “chewed gum” analogy, arguing against abstinence-only sexual education because of its detrimental effects on victims of sexual violence.

Bryce Harper signs the largest endorsement deal in MLB history, still won’t tell us what happened with his engagement.

Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn is quite upset with the LDS Church, so much that his new video is one big takedown of Mormonism.

Other news: a scam on grandparents of missionaries; 3 reasons to talk to your kids about difficult Church topics; super swanky temple bags and other temple news; and should men dump women who want to work?

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