Episode #327 – Still a Home-Schooled Virgin

Al Doan Missouri Star
Let's talk about Church finances. But seriously, this is half the show.

Let’s talk about Church finance. Sure, most of it isn’t disclosed, but a recent article that lists the Church’s for-profit entities has us thinking. So, like, for realz, we spend half the show talking Church money.

A St. George man was pricked him his heart to steal some missionaries’ gas card and then buy gas for others. In this metaphor, the missionaries are Prince John, the thief is Robin Hood, and the people are the people.

We’re sad to announce a few deaths of notable Mormons: Ronald Walker, famed historian and author of The Massacre at Mountain Meadows; and former US Senator Bob Bennett.

Psychologists have unlocked the secret to avoid failure on the mission. And you will find most of this is complete common sense that you’ve been taught for years. Still, good counsel.

In assorted news: Michael Otterson called as a temple president; a couple finds humor in infertility; work begins on a new engineering building at BYU; Trump memes; McMansions in Utah; and our boy Ryan Hamilton visits Colbert.

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