Episode #331 – I’m No Longer a Mormon But I’m Still a Mormon

Mormon Woman
The Boss

The Boss

Scripture mastery is out! Doctrinal mastery is in! AC Slater to box for charity. Moroni is fixed! Vietnam is legit!

Blake and Ie Ling Day of the Daylight podcast sit down with Geoff and his wife, Danielle, to riff on all things Mormon for the week, and a great time of it we have.

Scripture mastery is out and doctrinal mastery is in! What a great new program to help the kids gain context in the scriptures and not just engage in rote memorization of scriptures.

An author writes a click-bait-titled piece about no longer being a Mormon, but being a member of the Church. Aside from the Greg Trimble-esque title, there are some interesting nuggets here, and we have a few competing ideas on the merits of the article. Also, the author doesn’t know the Church’s name. We should all know how to write the Church’s name.

The fight for traditional marriage has flown south of the border to Mexico. Is it a fight worth fighting?

Mitt Romney will not box in this year’s CharityVision match in Salt Lake City, but MARIO LOPEZ (AKA AC SLATER) is taking part. SLATER. This is the best event of the year!

HISTORY has partnered with FamilySearch on the Freedmen’s Bureau Project in anticipation of the opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture in September 2016.

Vietnam! Good ol’ Vietnam grants the Church official recognition. What does it mean to get official recognition?

The Star Wars couple gets married. The internet rejoices.

Other news: Utah companies are naughty with the do-not-call list; 3 Dr Peppers a day will make you live forever; a list of movies filmed in Utah with one glaring omission; and promoting religious freedom in Africa.

Also, the Bountiful Utah Temple received a new Moroni. To shame! #KeepMoroniWounded


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