Episode #335 – Other Ways to Discriminate

The Boss

The Boss

Religious freedom is (shockingly) in the news; thoughts on violence in America; Geoff hasn't seen "Master and Commander"; and so much more!


Well, this has been a weird week for all of us, a sad week, a heartbreaking week. While we certainly take some time to talk about Louisiana, Minneapolis, and Dallas, we hope this week’s show provides a bit of levity during a time when many of us are weighed down.

In a shocking development, religious freedom is in the news! What are the chances? A lawsuit brought against the State of Iowa argues that the state’s anti-discrimination laws are forcing state interpretations of morality on churches. In related news, the parent company of LDSSingles.com agreed to terms in a lawsuit that its websites discriminated against the LGBT population.

Mission healthcare (or the lack thereof)! What were your experiences? Now the Church wants nurses (licensed or not) in each mission. One per mission!

Geoff expresses dismay over the How It’s Made tease on the making of sacrament cups, only to see a video of Jimmy making the cups. Inspiration? Well, fine.

Salt Lake City is among the rudest cities in nation, with near-zero explanation!

Sister missionary bikes in New Zealand are stolen, and Al bring his best Kiwi accent to explain it to us.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed that anti-terrorism law that we talked about last week. The law basically bans all sorts of religious discussion and proselytizing, potentially forcing missionaries to hold discussions only in a meetinghouse, among other inconveniences.

And Geoff eats crow on his fight to get the Angels the same level of respect from Salt Lake that the Dodgers do.


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