Episode #336 – Rubby Girl Must Die

Yes, there is room in the Church for men who don't go on missions; Is "without a shadow of a doubt" hurting your ward? Meet the Mormons...forever

Lots to hop on this week. Let’s get down to business.

Video streaming and filtering service VidAngel files an antitrust countersuit against four Hollywood studios and lays out its case. Very compelling stuff. Why is this for Mormons? Because we have viewing standards, yo!

Is the phrase “without a shadow of a doubt” detrimental to leadership efforts in your ward or branch? Our buddies at LeadingLDS think so, and they have some tips on what we can do better.

Did you know that Pokemon Go can help you live the gospel? It can?

Mette Harrison is upset that people seem to expect her son to serve a mission even though he does not want to serve a mission. So is that on the membership? Should we not expect men to serve missions even when they are expected to serve missions? What are the answers to this? Culturally, sure, there are issues, but should there still be expectations of prospective missionaries?

Former Young Women’s General President Elaine S. Dalton creates RubyGirl, a site dedicated to helping girls feel a sense of place where they can ask difficult questions. We’ve decided Sister Dalton was waved off of such an endeavor while in office.

Church humanitarian services spends $40 million per year, a number that seems weirdly low to some, even if it’s still a very substantial number.

The Salt Lake Tribune wants to make a story about evangelicals favoring Trump over Romney within the standard of error and hopes you won’t notice the math.

If 2014’s boundary-pushing documentary Meet the Mormons left you unsatiated, never fear! New, 30-minute additions to the open canon of Mormon docudrama will soon be available at the Legacy Theater in Salt Lake City. You will forever be able to meet Mormons!

The Church responds to Russia’s anti-terror law, and the future is grim.

Random stuff: Senator Jeff Flake won’t even go to the GOP convention; LDS Living makes a number of headline snafus on the same article; frightening Donnie and Marie merchandise; FamilySearch hosts a worldwide indexing event; Star Valley Wyoming Temple open house; prophet portrait artist dies; This Is the Place park shows more than Mormon stuff.


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