Episode #344 – Nobody Likes an Ogler

Elizabeth Smart tackles purity culture; should we ditch home teaching altogether? How do you spot Mormons at Disneyland? Russia wins... for now.

Elizabeth Smart directly challenges the way many members unfortunately talk about virtue (chewed gum, nails in fences, etc. etc.) We have a lively discussion about this and discuss areas for improvement.

What would happen if we got rid of “compelled service” callings like home and visiting teaching? Would Church structure fall apart? Would we rise to the challenge and simply serve because we love? Do we need programs like this and if so, how can we make them work better?

The Evan McMullin campaign hits an embarrassing snag in that a mysterious “Nathan” is Evan’s pick for VP, even though he doesn’t exist. It’s more funny than troubling, but still funny.

As we foresaw, this week the Church reassigned missionaries originally slated to serve in Russia thanks to Russia’s controversial anti-terrorism law that curbs religious freedom.

Do you know how to spot Mormons at Disneyland? LDS Living thinks they do, but Geoff knows the real tricks.

Also, Moroni comes down from the Washington DC Temple for the first time, the Church donates $2 million more to refugee aid, President Uchtdorf rededicates the Freiberg Germany Temple, and Church email addresses for leadership are getting simplified.


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