Temple Announcement Predictions: 186th Semiannual General Conference

Where will new Mormon Temples be announced during the October 2016 Semiannual General Conference? Come play the game with us.

It’s time for one of our favorite General Conference exercises where we predict—using entirely temporal means due to our lack of, you know, spiritual insights into the Church’s global needs—the announcement of future temples!

There are currently 177 temples either dedicated, under construction or announced. A large portion of those have been announced since President Monson took the reins in 2008.

In our April General Conference go-around, we referenced President Monson’s remarks highlighting that 85 percent of Church membership is now within 200 miles of a temple. That’s pretty cool. It’s also an imperfect measurement, since traveling 200 miles represents less time and difficulty in developed countries compared to developing ones, but it’s still a great jumping-off point for some data visualization.

As such, we’ve embedded an interactive map below that displays temples currently in operation, those under construction, and those announced but not yet under construction. Each data point is then represented by a 200-mile-radius circle. For extra fun this year, we’ve also added data points for our predictions. If some circles look bigger than others as you go north, that’s just the result of map projections distorting scale.

Also, this time around, I’ve teamed up with TWiM’s own social media editor Joseph Peterson. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on each selection.

So with this map in tow, let’s hit the next page and commence the exercise!

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