Episode #357 – David Archuleta Is a Yes Man

Mark Brendanawicz

Mark Brendanawicz

Christmas is in full swing! Thoughts on the Christmas Devotional, ward Christmas parties, and James the Mormon. Also, immodest art at BYU-Idaho.


Christmas season is in full swing! We enjoyed the First Presidency Christmas Devotional on Sunday, with a few caveats. More music, please!

A BYU-Idaho student gets a 0 on her photography assignment reportedly for showing off her sexy and inappropriate shoulders. So where’s the line between what is, frankly, immodest art (that is still art) and lewd content?

James the Mormon has dropped the concatenation of his name and in the process, offered up a great Christmas jam that also helped the needy.

Should Santa be present at a ward Christmas party? Hard-hitting stuff, folks.

Did you know there are Mormon gamers, as in an entire society devoted to wholesome gaming? These people are new to us.

In some other news: a very uplifting story of a young man who combatted drug addiction to serve a mission; a Primary leader speaks at a UNICEF panel; the Church’s outreach with the Book of Mormon musical is working; a chapel burns down in Idaho; and more!


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