Episode #361 – Smug Returned Missionaries

Returned Missionaries
Should Mormons want a repeal of the Johnson Amendment? Will the Church react to Scouting allowing transgender kids? Be nice to Harry Reid!

Would a repeal of the Johnson Amendment change much for Mormons? Do any of us really think Salt Lake would suddenly start openly supporting candidates? Should the Church be tax exempt?

Comcast is finally going to air the anti-Mormon ad it rejected a few weeks ago. Now you can enjoy sweaty, out-of-focus people on your 4K set. Too bad the ad tops out in 720p.

The Church announces the new BYU Pathway Worldwide program, greatly expanding the availability of diploma programs. Clark G. Gilbert, the now-former president of BYU-Idaho was tapped to run the new program. In his place, Henry B. Eyring has bequeathed the throne unto his son, Henry J. Eyring.

Boy Scouts of America announces a move to allow transgender individuals in its troops. No word yet on whether this will affect the Church’s involvement with Scouting.

Harry Reid says no one was harder on him than his fellow Mormons, and there’s probably some truth to that. Why do we work so hard to be politically homogenous and tear one another down? Brother Reid is surely not perfect. No one is. Yet we vilify others.

Missionary schedules are changing. You’ll never believe it! Now a mission president can adjust his missionaries’ routine according to local circumstances. So in shorthand, they can do exactly what mission presidents have already been doing for decades. Forward!

A street in Manti, Utah goes up for sale, drawing parallels with the same situation 18 years ago when the Church bought a stretch of Main Street in Salt Lake City. Drama in Sanpete County!

In other news: BYU-Idaho voyeurism; BYU-Provo potentially losing its ROTC program over Honor Code issues; Rudy got baptized; the new Mutual dating app; new LDS Business College president; and some ongoing Title IX issues at BYU.

Plus, banter. We know you love banter.

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