Studio C Visits Conan, Talks Clean Comedy

Studio C Conan
Cast members of BYUtv's popular sketch series dropped by Conan to discuss making quality entertainment for families while remaining funny.

Studio C Conan

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ormons love clean comedy. You know we do. How many of you give Brian Regan money merely for existing? I’m personally more of a Jim Gaffigan kind of guy. Love me some dad humor.

BYUtv has spent the past few years attempting to move beyond Mormon-centric programming into broader, family friendly fare, including the much-beloved drama Granite Flats and sketch comedy powerhouse Studio C.

Now in its seventh season, Studio C has become everything BYUtv executives could have hoped for: a well-reviewed and well-viewed family-friendly show. It’s even gotten so big that co-creator and star Matt Meese now does VidAngel commercials (an effort, which, um, isn’t going so well), and his will-they-or-won’t-they on-screen love Mallory Everton shills for Purple mattresses. Provo all-stars!

Matt and co-star Stacey Harkey swung by Conan to discuss the makings of clean comedy. Conan heaped praise on the actors for making comedy that goes beyond servicing the family market and is actually written and produced well. It turns out Conan’s kids are major Studio C fans.

Matt also talked about getting hit in the face, for realsies.

We’re going mainstream, folks. Soon BYUtv will beat reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond on KUTV.

Now we must eagerly await the return of BYUtv’s greatest program.

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