How General Conference Tackles Live Translation

General Conference Translation
Behind the scenes of every General Conference is an army of translators providing speakers' remarks in 94 languages.

General Conference Translation

As a global entity, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has adherents speaking a multitude of languages. That has affected the way church services are conducted, driven an increase in the number of translations of the Book of Mormon, and even resulted in a change to the temple endowment ceremony in the 1950s from live action to dubbed films.

Naturally, the same approach extends to the Church’s biannual General Conferences held in Salt Lake City, where talks are given in English (sadly, no longer in native languages) and need to be translated into 94 different languages for a global audience. That’s a herculean task.

Last fall, Salt Lake City’s ABC affiliate was able to visit the translation suite of the Conference Center and see the work that goes into providing these services.

There’s a little bit of borderline hubris, like the seemingly proud mention of General Conference being translated into more languages than are provided by those wimps at the United Nations, but overall, it’s pretty cool, particularly interviews with a few Indonesian natives. (Yes, my friends, the Church has two stakes in Indonesia.)

Unfortunately, ABCA 4 Utah doesn’t appear to allow embeds of their videos, so click this link and watch for yourself. And for funsies you can learn about those pathetic UN folks in a video below, which is on YouTube, a platform used by civilized people.


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