General Conference Tie Tracker, April 2017

General Conference Tie Tracker, April 2017
Revel with us as we assess the merits of neckwear sartorial choices during General Conference!

General Conference Tie Tracker, April 2017

Here we are again, friends! Ties shall be tracked! For the uninitiated, for many years we have—for no reason other than sheer amusement and to keep primary-age kids entertained—tracked, quantified, and analyzed the neckwear choices of General Conference speakers. Sometimes it’s a fun way to see who is bold and who plays it safe. Do the non-US speakers take more risks? Sometimes! Does President Uchtdorf change his tie for every session? Indeed! In fact, he even opened up about it this week:

Because we like to be thorough, we guesstimate the “breakdown” of a tie’s color. So if a striped tie is mostly blue but also has silver and yellow stripes, we might call it 80% blue, 10% silver, and 10% yellow. We update the chart in real time as #ldsconf goes on.

We’re also thrilled to announce that for the first time we are attempting a Dress Tracker so as to cover the ladies’ attempts at making a black skirt with whatever else on top make sense. For that, we are showing a blazer/blouse variable on one axis and accessories on another.

A few ground rules: The Mormon Tabernacle Choir does not factor in, despite repeated calls by many of you weirdos for us to do so. Also, prayers do not count. Every other speaker does, including those who present statistics and auditing reports.

For the Gals

Sunday Afternoon Session and Closing

Well Elder Quentin L. Cook gave it a run for stripes at the end, but it was to no avail. Patterns constituted over 50% of the final makeup for tie types. Red, predictably, walked away with the whole thing, though its share dropped beneath a simple majority, mostly due to President Uchtdorf doing the right thing and wearing pink.

As for yellow, green, bronze, brown, or coral? Shut out. Usually the only coral tie is one of President Uchtdorf’s beauties. Are you understanding the President Uchtdorf is the sartorial winner of #ldsconf?

As for the women, the only female speaker outside of the Women’s Meeting was President Jones, which was weird. For all these years of an increased female presence across General Conference, this one felt strangely imbalanced. As far as fashion, with four female speakers total, we have purple, coral, and blue, and pearls made up half of the neckwear.

Either way, it’s been a great conference. We thank you for joining us as we broke down ties! What fun! Six months from now, we shall once more send this love to you all.

Sunday Morning Session

Steady as she goes, but Patterns have jumped out ahead of Stripes – a rarity. Stripes’ lead is tenuous and we don’t know if it can survive a Sunday Afternoon Session assault, but we’ll know in a few hours.

Of colors, orange, yellow, and green have thus far been shut out, which is sad. Elder Rasband wore a tie that, much like The Dress, could have been blue and white, but turned out to be gold. Some thought it was yellow. This likely stems from TV calibration. Since I’m the writer, I will go with what my Vizio tells me. Either way, there have been some reds teetering close to pink or coral, but no, red is destroying all who dare stand in her path. This is a bullish, aggressive conference. Power ties are holy ties!

President Jones of the Primary General Presidency gave us a daring striped black and white blazer over a black top. And she gave great remarks.

Priesthood Session

Red keep surging, now accounting for 51 percent of the color spectrum, mostly at the expense of Blue. This is a very Red conference. Patterns are… holding (get it?) their own against stripes, at least for now. The closest we got to a solid tie was Bishop Causse’s tie, which was a beguiling deep red that actually had textured stripes. Tease.

We were sad to see President Monson not attend the Saturday Afternoon Session, his first time missing a #ldsconf session—ever. Glad we got just under four minutes of remarks on charity from him tonight.

Saturday Afternoon Session

Two full tie sessions in, and Red has waged an assault on the other colors, comprising 40 percent of those seen so far, double weak Blue’s representation. Perhaps most surprising has been the strong showing of Black.

As far as patterns, it has been a stripe party, and a solid one at that. Major props to Elder Holland’s tie that was not just striped, but also had some sort of repeating crest pattern throughout. Solid stuff.

In other news, the Relief Society General Presidency was reorganized, with SIster Jean B. Bingham moving over from the Primary General Presidency, and bringing in Sharon Eubank and Reyna I. Aburto as her counselors.

Can’t wait to see what the Silver Fox wears tonight for priesthood session!

Saturday Morning Session

Well the clear winner from this session was Elder Weatherford T. Clayton. Aside from his incredible remarks on death and hope, as well as totally amazing name, his tie was incredible. At first glance it seemed paisley, but a closer look reveals it was actually a design of twigs or branches and leaves. So bold. So great.

Weatherford T. Clayton

Beyond that, we had pretty boilerplate stuff. As always, it’s a pleasure to see President Eyring’s 70’s chic striped ties. The man looks like he walked straight out of Woolworth’s and we love him for it.

Women’s Meeting

While I’m still jazzing up for that General Primary Meeting, the Women’s Meeting was lovely. President Eyring brought the lone tie to the proceedings, a deep red gem with a repeating small pattern. It was barely even a pattern. More like a logo of some sort that shows up ever few inches.

More importantly, the ladies got in on the fun with—you guessed it—blouses and blazers! We also had some pearls and a Young Women’s medallion. Perhaps most importantly, all of the female leaders wore black skirts, which appears to be the norm now. What the heck is wrong with full-color dress suits?

Black Skirts Women General Conference

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