New #PrinceofPeace Video Released

This year's #PrinceofPeace Easter campaign encourages us to find those who are examples of Christlike attributes.


Since 2014, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has deftly employed social media campaigns for Easter and Christmas, including the outstanding #BecauseofHim video that challenged Christians worldwide to remember everything that is made possible through Christ’s atonement, as well as #Hallelujah, #LighttheWorld, etc. These video, billboard, and social marketing initiatives have reached millions (and also provide the added PR benefit of reminding society that Mormons are Christians).

With Easter 2017 quickly approaching, the Church has announced its 2017 campaign, entitled #PrinceofPeace. The campaign will officially run the length of Holy Week, starting on Palm Sunday, April 9, until Easter Sunday, April 16.

As these initiatives have expanded, so has their purpose, and #PrinceofPeace is far more than a series of videos. It is a threefold mission:

  • Invite all to come unto Christ
  • Learn principles of peace from the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6)
  • Share ways to find peace through the Savior

Invite All to Come unto Christ

By visiting, viewers will be able to watch a roughly tw0-and-a-half-minute video about the Savior, highlighting his role specifically as the Prince of Peace. The video will be available in 33 languages, and the website is in 29 languages.

Learn Principles of Peace from the Prince of Peace

In addition, the website will host daily content on a principle espousing the #PrinceofPeace, with individual videos about persons who embody that principle, similar to #LighttheWorld last year. The principles are:

  • Faith
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Repentance
  • Gratitude
  • God’s Word/Scripture
  • Prayer
  • Hope

Share Ways to Find Peace through the Savior

Unlike #LighttheWorld, #PrinceofPeace is not focused on how we individually apply the principles demonstrated by the Savior. Instead, it will be about the example of others. So rather than the daily social media push centering on inward relevance of the above daily principles, we are invited to focus on the example of others by highlighting those individuals whose example speaks to us the most, and share those examples across social media.

This is a great campaign, and the outward reflection this year is just as vital as the inward reflection from last year. The theme of peace is also intriguing, as are the eight daily supporting principles. As we have witnessed our world become more irascible and bellicose in recent months, seeking out these principles can help carry us across an ocean of rancor.

So get your Instagram and Snapchat ready and start thinking about people who exemplify Christ. Our friends at The Red Headed Hostess have some great free materials you can use in your efforts. You can also download the images below for social sharing.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”#PrinceofPeace”]

Christmas often gets all the glitz, but Easter is truly a time to show our gratitude toward and obedience to the Savior. We can all play an active role in remembering the #PrinceofPeace.

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