Episode #365 – Zion-Adjacent

Zion Mormon
A&G get out of the way to let Tiffany Hales and Arianne Smith promote apps that allow parents to spy on their children and stake conference best practices.

Photo of Tiffany and Arianne

Guest hosts Tiffany Hales and Arianne Smith (real-life sisters) run the show. Tiffany is a lawyer and Arianne wrestles children for a living. They believe TWiM is far too male-centric and will now bring a feminine, mom-centric flavor to the proceedings, so buckle up and prepare thyselves!

But Al and Geoff are still here to talk about a few things, such as a place called Europe, Trump’s executive order not to enforce the Johnson Amendment, the Church sort of severing ties with Boy Scouts, and no information whatsoever on Al’s wedding.

Should we cancel Relief Society on Mother’s Day and just let women mingle? Is mingling the answer? What are your Mother’s Day gifts at church? Bishops get stressed over this stuff, which we just don’t believe, mostly because we are a male-centric show.

What of stake conference best practices? Arianne is anti-seat saving. What about parking at stake conference? What of those monsters who leave before the closing prayer? These are apparently plagues in areas with lots of Mormons, so we encourage you Intermountain folk to move elsewhere and thin out the cultural absurdity.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is releasing a new album with “friends,” also known as “the crossover album that will become a best seller.” Arianne is really excited about a certain artist, to Tiffany’s surprise!

Some Mormon sisters ride Pirates of the Caribbean and see a live Johnny Depp. Deseret News covers it as if the girls spent an intimate evening with Depp. Silly Deseret News.

Lastly, some favorite things, notably a shopping app and an app that lets parents stalk their children. Cool!

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