Episode #366 – Content Is Fine But The Website Sucks

Amazing Mormon Website
President Monson stops attending meetings; is it possible to be too obedient as a missionary? Slowing Church growth in the United States.

Amazing Mormon Website

President Monson is no longer involved in day-to-day Church activities, instead staying abreast of what’s needed with help from his inner circle. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a prophet essentially go into forced retirement due to age or health. Not since President Benson has the prophet stopped attending functions.

The net growth rate of the creation of new units (wards, branches) in the United States is slowing down, and the overall growth rate of Church membership in the US continues to decline faster than the growth rate of global membership. What gives?

A bronze statue of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young was recently stolen from a Salt Lake City business park (???) and feared to be sold for scrap. It has since returned, and Utah breathes a sigh of relief.

Is it possible to be too obedient on a mission? Zack Oates thinks so and so do we, but let us explain.

Scholars argue that Old Testament scholarship is dying among Christians, except among Mormons. What’s behind that? Is it cultural? Doctrinal? Peculiar people-al?

Also, some new scholarship further explores the claim that Native Americans, particularly Cherokees, actually descended from Middle Eastern people. It’s pretty interesting to process.

As Russia makes it nearly impossible for Mormon missionaries to do their jobs, the Church announces the absorption of the Russia Vladivostok Mission by the Russia Novosibirsk Mission, effectively 1 July.

The Church Family History Museum has a new interactive display that is ruffling some feathers for alleged cultural insensitivity.

Other stuff: FaceSmile app brings smiles to LDS portraits; the Paris France Temple is dedicated; Al’s EFY student is a famous Filipino pop star; new guidelines to be safe during Church activities; and major love for Tom Everett Scott.


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