Episode #369 – Retrenchment!

This Week in Mormons Episode 369
The debate on girls' modesty dates back to the Brigham Young era, and Tiffany has updates on the ridiculous attempts to enforce modesty at girls camp.


Time again for the TWiM sisters. Join Tiffany and Arianne as they discuss benefits and hardships of the kids being out of school in the summer.

Modesty is a 150-year-old issue in the Church, dating back to Brigham Young’s Retrenchment Association. As such, the saga of modesty and girls camp continued to play out. Seriously, the energy we exhaust trying to get girls to wear one particular length of shorts for one particular activity is nuts. Beyond the mark, people.

Also, wedding planning for your young girls!

As for Mormon news, there’s lots of amazing stuff, including an unbelievable story told by Elder Holland to new mission presidents, the dress code update for church employees, a 30 year-old television interview with President Uchtdorf (when the Silver Fox was actually a brown fox), Mack Wilberg helps prisoners to fine tune their vocal cords, a conference for divorced saints, a Mormon Eagle Scout turned underworld drug dealer, and re-purposing your food storage for something other than a door stop. (Also, Utah realtors should include extant food storage as part of a sale.) Finally, the Sisters conclude with of course their favorite things.


Favorite Things

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