Single Male over 30? Recently Divorced? You Can Now Serve as a Temple Worker

San Diego Temple Mormon
Previously, recent divorcees and men who refuse to get married were barred from serving as temple ordinance workers.

Even though By Common Consent beat the Deseret News to the story by a day, we can now confirm a change in temple worker policy at Mormon temples, allowing single men to serve past age 30, and recent divorcees to serve without a waiting period.

Previously, single men had to hang up their white coats once they hit age 31. Despite our best efforts, we’ve never found a concrete reason for the policy, beyond the supposed, “spend your time dating and not temple working” rationale. Now the restriction has been lifted, allowing menaces to society to infiltrate our most sacred of buildings (and risk never marrying if too many old-man temple worker jokes rub off on them).

On an even less Catholic note, recently divorced saints may now serve as ordinance workers without waiting more than five years. Again, the rationale behind the previous requirement in Handbook 1 is laced with conjecture, at best.  Anecdotal evidence suggests these recent divorcees previously were allowed to serve in custodial capacities, but not those of actual ordinance workers.

One restriction remains: mothers within minor children (under 18 in the United States; under 17 in the wizarding community) are not allowed to serve as ordinance workers. So you know, even if your kids are all attending mutual and the hubby is happy to watch the kids one night per week or month so that you can serve in the temple, tough kaboodle. You shall stay home and perfect your funeral potato recipe.

Regardless, these are welcome changes that will allow more Latter-day Saints the opportunity to serve as ordinance workers, and hopefully bring the median temple worker age down from 84.


After publication we also learned that chapel sessions, where a ward meets before ward temple night will be done away with. No reason was given for the change, or whether larger stake sessions in the few temples with assembly rooms will also be discontinued.

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