Lindsey Stirling to Join This Season of “Dancing With the Stars,” Show Shoulders

Lindsey Stirling Dancing with the Stars2
Everyone's favorite fusion violinist, Lindsey Stirling, will join Dancing With the Stars alongside a bunch of lesser talents. Except Drew Scott.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]BC announced the cast for Season 25 of inexplicably perennial hit Dancing With the Stars this morning, and buried among the likes of WWE wrestler Nikki Bella, former NBA player Derek Fisher, 80s sensation Debbie Gibson, and the lazier Property Brother is none of than LDS recording artist and excellent prancer Lindsey Stirling. That’s according to CNN and every other major trade publication that somehow still cares about this show.

Stirling, 30, has yet to venture into the exciting world of reality television and competition-based programming, except for, well, the one that made her famous.

Per ABC’s release:

Stirling is an internationally famous violinist, who is well known for her unique violin-driven electronic music. She has been sharing her music on her YouTube channel since 2007 and currently has over 9 million subscribers. Her most recent album, “Brave Enough” debuted at number 5 on Billboard’s Top 200 Album Chart. She will be partnering with Mark Ballas, who is back this season after taking a two-season hiatus.

And now let’s wait for Mormons to freak out about the obvious. Check out the cast photos, courtesy of ABC:

“WHERE ARE YOUR GARMENTS, LINDSEY?”, the Mormon internet is likely to say, disappointed that the violinist has clearly lost her testimony. We saw this two years ago when many Mormons freaked out about Stirling’s dress choice at the Billboard Music Awards while conveniently overlooking that active, temple-going, Mormon, Major League Baseball player Bryce Harper, posed nude in ESPN Magazine‘s “Body Issue.” Remember, kids, modesty standards apply differently to men and women.

So before you run off and castigate Sister Lindsey, remember that BYU’s Ballroom Dancers can’t always pull off garment-appropriate garb, and neither can those cheerleaders. Or soccer players.  Or volleyballists.

For what it’s worth, Lindsey appears to be dressed perfectly “fine” on Good Morning America this morning.

Season 25 (!) of Dancing With the Stars premieres on September 18th. We’re not going to tell you what time.

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