Episode #380 – Beer Hall Hymns

The Sisters are back with insights into temple dedication volunteerism, sugar addiction in Utah, and a desperate need to revisit the LDS hymnal.

The sisters are back, and they are reallllllly excited about Sodalicious opening in the Boise area. Also, psuedo celebrity sightings, including famed mommy blogger Sarah Wells, who wrote Our Best Bites! These are wild times we live in, folks.

The Meridian Idaho Temple dedication is coming up, and with it a cultural celebration. A full review is forthcoming, but the Sisters have some fun stories about their kids’ involvement in the celebration, as well as their own volunteer efforts to support the open house. What have your experiences been with prep for a temple dedication? It’s all hands on deck!

Elder Robert D. Hales passed away last week. Are the Sisters, (née Hales) related to Elder Hales?! Many speakers at the funeral shared affirming anecdotes about Elder Hales’ service, some about Elder Hales’ wife, Mary Crandall. So what about Mary Crandall Hales? Why don’t we know more about apostles’ wives? Tiffany sleuths the internet for interesting stories about the wives of General Authorities, to great results.

Another story from the funeral: Elder Hales’ near-death experience as related by President Eyring.

Why is Utah food so… Utah? A new article out of the Standard-Examiner examines Utah gastronomy, such as fry sauce, funeral potatoes, green jell-o, etc. But is the jell-o stereotype of Utah played out? Is it still a thing? Also, Arianne’s husband thinks good salads are “girly” salads, because apparently good food is girly. Time to reconsider your choices, Arianne.

An LDS mom has worked with her children to get perfect ACT Scores. Tiffany breaks down the key ways you, too, can game the testing system and get your kids into BYU.

How about Utah being the mecca for modest fashion? It makes sense, but there’s more to it than you might think.

It’s been 32 years since the LDS hymnal was last updated. Is it time for a revision? Which hymns would you remove? Which would you add? We cover some of your very best Facebook comments.

A new BYU study says it is better to be direct and brief when delivering bad news to people. So don’t tell someone they are a good person when you break up with them. Just cut it off. Shut it down.

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