Tim Allen Nearly Walked out of “The Book of Mormon” Musical

Tim Allen Eccles Theater Mormon
Geoff Openshaw

Geoff Openshaw

America's favorite space ranger was not impressed by Broadway's latest sensation.

Recently exiled from network television, actor, comedian, and space ranger Tim Allen sat down with the Deseret News to discuss his upcoming stand up show at the Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City.

During the interview, Allen revealed that he found the award-winning stage musical, The Book of Mormon, “troubling” “not funny at all,” and “mean-spirited,” and that he nearly walked out on a performance. He also argued that if the lampooning was of another faith community, the public wouldn’t have stood for it. While that is potentially true, it’s fair to remember The Book of Mormon is hardly the creative community’s first satire of religion.

However, even though Allen feels Mormons should be offended by the musical’s treatment of their faith (which is totally fair for those who feel it), the Church itself capitalized on the musical as a missionary opportunity, placing ads in the Playbill and stationing missionaries near the original production’s theater in New York.

Allen is no stranger to harboring views that contrast sharply with his colleagues in Hollywood, though his recent stint as a conservative grunter on Last Man Standing arguably stood in starker contrast to current television than did his famed stint as a conservative grunter on Home Improvement in the 1990s. Indeed, Allen is on the record arguing that there’s no place for conservative characters on television anymore.

After spending the remainder of the interview learning about Tim Allen’s religious persuasions and the goodness of conservative, traditional representation in Hollywood, Deseret News ends the article with the following reminder about Tim Allen’s wholesome, family-friendliness:

Content advisory: “Tim Allen Live!” is for mature audiences.

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