LDS Church Announces New Garment Style for Women

Stretch Cotton LDS Garment
Women looking for a bit more comfort and breathability with their temple garments might be excited about this one.

It’s fun being Mormon. We have the opportunity to get jazzed about all sorts of stuff that “the world” does not get to bother with.

Case in point: Today the Church quietly announced an all-new temple garment style for the ladies – Stretch Cotton.

What is Stretch Cotton (and can this term be used as a proper noun?)? You’d be forgiven if you thought it came from Under Armour. Features include: four-way 95/5 brushed cotton and spandex fabric, stretch polyester mesh panels in the underarm, an all-new sleeve that “eliminates fabric under the arm,” bust-specific chemise top, a softer waistband, and a mesh panel down to the knee.

Admittedly, this is a pretty awesome looking hybrid of the typical cotton garments, along with some mesh for added comfort and breathability. Now if only we long-suffering men would also receive new garment styles with innovative cuts. Or fabrics. Or comfortable waistlines

You have to log in with your LDS account to see visuals, and while there’s nothing sensitive about what’s shown, we’re still not going to post the images on here.

Aspirant wearers can pre-order Stretch Cotton garments now for a February 20 shipment. No word on when the new models will also be in your local Distribution Center (hey, more proper nouns!).

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