Episode #387 – Sometimes People Leave

Sometimes a loved one leaves the Church. Tiffany and Arianne's sister did just that. Find out how they navigated a post-Church relationship with her.

It’s difficult when someone we care about leaves the Church, even more so when it’s a family member. That’s what happened with the TWiM Sisters when their sister, Ciarran Burch, left the Church. How did Tiffany and Arianne react? What steps did they take to ensure the family would remain close even when Mormonism plays an outsized cultural role in familial relations? What recommendations does Ciarran have for those who also see siblings and friends leave the Church?

We don’t publish this episode to condone leaving the faith. We wish everyone, especially those who struggle, could find a comfortable place within Mormonism. But sometimes it doesn’t go that way despite our hopes and prayers, and the best thing we can do is love that person and maintain a positive relationship. The Sisters have done just that. We hope this episode will provide some guidance for those of you in a similar situation.

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