Episode #388 – Taco Committee Co-Chair

The Weeds end their marriage; the Sisters have life updates; the Olympics are upon us; and a list of the best callings imaginable.

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The Sisters (both church sisters and shared-genes sisters) return! Arianne talks about her pregnancy and Tiffany has a new temple assignment.

The Winter Olympics are upon us, and with them, Mormons’ interest in how many of their own are competing. Well, per the Deseret News, the 2018 games will have five LDS athletes at the games, four of them representing the United States and one representing Ireland. The latter going by the nickname “Bubba,” which means we all must support him.

Speaking of the Olympics, Provo singer April Meservy’s cover of U2’s “With or Without You” has been picked up by Canadian figure skaters Eric Radford and Meagan Duhamel as music for their performance. Check it out below.

LDS Living has been kind enough to inform us about 16 “unique” Church callings Mormons have had. The best is probably the Taco Committee Member, but the Road Kill Coordinator is huge.

We’ve had a few passings. Elder Von G. Keetch passed away at the end of January from complications with cancer. Also, famed billionaire and philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr. passed away at age 80. The Salt Lake Tribune also has a terrific article on Huntsman’s philanthropy.

Ladies, are you interest in new temple garment styles?! They exist! Embrace Stretch Cotton!

In huge story making the rounds, BYU professor Benjamin M. Ogles spoke at a recent BYU Devotional, stressing that victims of sexual assault have hope, and that it is upon all of us to prevent assault and thwart any culture that accepts it.

Lastly, you might remember Josh and Lolly Weed, a married LDS couple doing something many found peculiar: staying in a marriage when Josh is openly gay. When they became famous years ago, they served as a fascinating case study on some of the possibilities open to gay Latter-day Saints, even with their detractors. Now, however, Josh and Lolly have admitted it was impossible to keep up the charade and pretend they were truly happy, and they are divorcing.

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