Dedication Dates Announced for Mormon Temples in Chile and Colombia

The announcement marks the first new temples to be dedicated in 2018.

On February 28, the First Presidency announced the open houses and dedications of two new temples in South America: Concepción Chile and Barranquilla Colombia. The temples represent the second temple in each respective country and come decades after their predecessors in Santiago and Bogotá, respectively.

Concepción Chile Temple

Chile’s second temple, located in the coastal south-central commercial hub of Concepción, has had a long road to fruition, first being announced in October 2009 and holding its groundbreaking in October 2015. The public open house will be held from September 15 to October 13, with a dedication to follow in three sessions on Sunday, October 28.

The temple continues the Church’s efforts to build temples that are more architecturally relevant to their respective communities (save, perhaps, the uber-modern aberration that is the Rome Italy Temple). The Spanish colonial style is evocative of other newer Latin American temples, such as that of Tijuana and the other temple discussed in this article.

Also, this looks to be one of the temples closest to the sea, as we stated in a 2015 article:

…[What] the rendering doesn’t tell you is that the temple plot is actually practically right on the ocean – about 400 feet from the shore, according to Google Maps. Sadly, based on street view imagery, a rail line and some other developments block any major views of the Pacific. And you can bet your next tithing payment that those overhead power lines will be dropped underground. The Church gets really, really, really fussy about overhead power lines along temple plots.

Construction photos as of last month still show telephone and/or power cables along the street next to the building.

Curiously, the Church’s announcement makes no mention of a youth cultural celebration, which has been the norm for many years. Instead, a devotional will be held on October 27.

Barranquilla Colombia Temple

Colombians can be happy that their temple will go from groundbreaking to dedication in less than three years, which is quick by temple construction standards even if it took five years from announcement to groundbreaking. The temple open house will be held from November 3 through 24, with a dedication to follow in three sessions on December 9, 2018.

Like the with temple in Concepción, there will be no youth celebration, but a devotional on December 8. Is this particular to these two temples, or is it a harbinger of things to come under the Nelson administration? After all, these are the first new temple dedications announced since the change in the First Presidency. (The Houston Texas Temple will be rededicated in April, but was closed because of flooding from Hurricane Harvey.)

The Barranquilla Colombia Temple shares the colonial influence of Chile’s new temple, but follows the spire-front, slender-and-back design as opposed to the squarer, central-spire design of Concepción. Both design templates are common with many new temples. (If you ever want to have fun learning about the templates used in new LDS buildings around the world, check out the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction page of the Church.)

Together, the temples represent the 160th and 161st operating temples of the Church, a number most Latter-day Saints could hardly imagine twenty years ago, when there were 51.

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