Old Testament Lesson 9: “God Will Provide Himself a Lamb”

Abraham experiences miracles as the once-barren Sarah bears Isaac, but years later, the Lord commands Abraham to do something unfathomable - sacrifice the recipient of the birthright, the one through whom the covenant would continue.

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Abraham 1; 5; Genesis 15-17; 21

Abraham suffers much tribulation as a young man, being persecuted and nearly sacrifices by the priests of Pharaoh.

Later in life, Abraham is given seed, first Ishmael through Hagar, and later, in a miracle, Isaac through his first wife, Sarah, setting the stage for a great schism between followers of Isaac and Ishmael in the years to come.

As a test of his obedience, God later commands Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, the man through whom the covenant would continue, the man who would receive the birthright. This must have been excruciating.

So what do we learn about obedience, but more importantly, about faith from these passages? What do we learn about Christ?

Kurt Francom of LeadingLDS is with us!

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