Episode #392 – Funeral Potatoes Are the New Kale

DNA test reveals iffy behavior by a former mission president; full review of new Stretch Cotton garments; unnecessary singles ward mockumentaries; post-General Conference priesthood purges!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]rianne’s husband falls victim to a mass release in the wake of the major changes during General Conference. How’s it been in your ward and stake?

Almost lost in the hubbub of General Conference were some major changes to preventing and dealing with abuse, replete with an adjustment to bishop’s interviews with youth, allowing another adult to be in the room.

How on earth did youth treks become such a thing? And are they a thing outside of the Mormon Corridor? The Sisters have plenty of experience on this front, and the Deseret News has some other insights.

Garments are changing – again! So much change! Tiffany gets down with her bad self with the new Stretch Cotton style.

In the darker side of Ancestry DNA tests, a woman’s test revealed her paternity to be that of her fertility doctor, a former temple and mission president. Ooops. Call Maury Povich.

As the saga of the Joseph Bishop scandal continues to unfold, for some reason, the Church’s dossier about the accuser includes personally identifiable information about a daughter given up for adoption. This daughter has no bearing on the case, and she was surprised to find her name in the dossier.

The secret of funeral potatoes is out! Everyone is losing their mind!

Founder of Days for Girls honored at the Smithsonian. Yippee!

There’s a singles ward mockumentary coming. In Rexburg. *sigh*

Jeff Flake is on his way out of the Senate, and he has an impossible dream.

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