Episode #397 – Back

General Conference predictions have gone wild this time around, and we'll break them all down. Also, lots of mockery of Idaho.

It’s time to get ready for General Conference, and after April’s doozy of a weekend, expectations are high to be blown away once more. But will we? Will two-hour church actually be a thing? Will American still have their civil wedding done in the temple along with their sealing? Will testimony meeting go out the window? Will women ever pray again during conference sessions? Geoff and the TWiM Sisters break it all down.

Arianne notes the different approaches taken by Utah’s two daily newspapers on millennials. The Deseret News ran a positive article on millennials being the future of the Church, needing to be heard and understood, and showing all that they are capable of. The Salt Lake Tribune chose to show how many millennials are kinda in and kinda out of the Church, opting for their own “way” of doing things. Either way, Millennials are clearly lazy and entitled. Obviously.

“Less active” is no longer a thing. We are supposed to call these people “returning members.” Didn’t know that, did you?

Tiffany has a ball with the story about a man who accidentally shot his pistol at church in Provo, frightening his whole ward. Turns out, the man was Tiffany’s home teacher once upon a time.

The Studio C cast is off on a new adventure, and we wish them well.

President M. Russell Ballard’s wife, Barbara, passed away this week at age 86.

Hey, we’re back! Thanks for waiting for us.

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