Please, Stop Announcing Your Social Media Fast

Are we so vain that we think people need to know that we're not sharing some filtered image? We're not competing with anyone to merit Christ's grace.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s a man who is apparently not yet required to take a break from social media (what’s the over/under on it happening next April?), I have stayed alive in the digital realm, only to view innumerable posts saying that you, dear ladies (who probably won’t read this for the next six days) are on a social media fast.

Okay, okay! We get it! You are among the righteous elite. When the Prophet issues a call, you answer, and you make sure everyone knows you answer. As if one last fusillade to the world of your eager followers, you have announced to all that because of how Mormon Latter-day Saint you are, you shall not be on social media for the next 10 days. Congrats. We all know. I’m not sure how your MLM downstream, food blog, or lifestyle brand will survive during this time, but to quote the estimable Ian Malcom, “Life finds a way.”

No one loves Twitter. Don’t be silly.

Or let’s enjoy this fine individual that felt the need to stage a shot with her daughter to announce her piety:

Influencers gotta influence, amirite?


This one managed to parlay the fast into whatever bridal business she’s pushing:

This life coach will carry you through such an arduous period:


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Life is a beautiful thing and should be lived to its fullest and cherished!! I’m not naturally “good” at social media. I don’t always want to post posed pictures of myself, I don’t like feeling narcissistic or attention seeking. But I realize the positive impact social media can make – and the power of a simple photo, so I have tried immensely hard to be a positive influence on here ? However, with anything addictive -caffeine, preworkout, social media, even food…I think it’s always a good idea to take a break (or “fast”) from it…sensitize your body to it, and then come back in small doses to make it more effective in its purpose. Which is why I have accepted the challenge by our church to take a 10 DAY FAST FROM SOCIAL MEDIA! ???? This was a tough decision for me because it takes a lot of work to build a following! And each day you don’t post, you lose followers. So I’m hoping I won’t lose any of you! But if I do, I know I will gain more sanity and peace in my life so it will be ok ?? I ALSO WANT TO EXTEND THIS CHALLENGE TO YOU GUYS!!! If you’re in, comment below so we can hold each other accountable ? I know it will make your life better!! I will be keeping my accounts active, just deleting them off my phone so I don’t check it and get notifications. If you have questions or inquiries, please EMAIL ME ? [email protected] I will still be checking email each day. I love you guys! Until we meet again! ??????

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The over 40 crowd also has this covered, and you WILL KNOW IT:


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Hey friends! I did a Live for the first time which scared me to death!! ? But I just wanted to share a personal story without all the mini clips. It explains why I am beginning a 10 day social media fast. ? Please understand why I’m not engaging with you — nothing personal!! Just absent! I will be staying true to ambassadorships that I have obligations with, so I’ll get on briefly for those and to answer any questions there. But that’s basically it. Want to join me in stepping back in time and being social in real life only haha?! The challenge is to take a break from social media and anything that negatively affects your life. I love our dear prophet and know that he is a man of God so my heart is firm. I know that all blessings come through Him and because of Him. You all are the best!!! I will see you in 10 days! ?????? ____________________________ #over40style #fashionover40 #stylinspo #everydaystyle #styleatanyage #photooftheday #fashion #ldsfashion #shareyourstyle #fallstyle #socialmediafast #ldsconf

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The hair stylist industry is on top of things. Don’t worry:


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I watched General Conference this weekend and was blessed to hear the words of the Prophet Russel M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Last night at the Women’s session he challenged us to do a 10 day social media fast. Wow! ? What a challenge. Especially to me where I run a lot of my business on social media. (Let’s be real tho I haven’t been great at posting lately.) But I have decided to accept the challenge and see what amazing things will come from this! That being said please either text or email to contact me for the next 10 days. I can’t wait to see what I learn from this and I’m truly grateful to have a living and loving Prophet on this earth to help guide me thru this crazy life! I now challenge you, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or not, to try and stay away from all social media for just a few days and see how it can bless your life. I know that this is from my loving Heavenly Father and he will bless me immensely for doing this! And I know he will bless you as well! I love you all and appreciate your support! ?? . Now can I talk about how beautiful my bride is here?! ? @_brittanyhunt_ is Stunning!!! And @photosbyeliseknapp is a magician with her camera!! . . . . . . #utahhair #utahhairstylist #utahhairdresser #utahblogger #slchair #slchairdresser #slchairstylist #slcblogger #slcmakeupartist #utahmakeupartist #utahwedding #utahweddings #slcwedding #bridalhairstyle #bridalmakeupartist #slcbride #utahbrides #utahbride #bridalinspiration #kevinmurphysalon #kevinmurphy #kevinmurphyproducts #braided #braider #braidstyle #braidlife #citiesbesthairartists #thechurchofjesuschristoflatterdaysaints #generalconference #socialmediafast

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An important giveaway announcement to take with you as you step back from Insta:


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Happy Monday, Friends! Here’s a quick announcement. ? I’m going to hop on board a 10 Day “social media break” and wanted to do a quick “see ya in TEN” post and GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT! ? I’ve had some big ideas at the back of my mind lately. This GIVEAWAY, a “HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE” and more! Since this is my birthday month, I thought it would be fun to do it in OCTOBER. And actually-exactly TEN days from today, it will be my birthday. ? So, while I’m gone, let’s get started on some of the fun! For the GIVEAWAY {scroll to see the goods??} simply leave a comment on this post or send a direct message to me. ??Tell me why you’d love to get some free MojiLife into your life!?? Each comment or message is worth one entry. Enter as much as ya want.? I’m taking this little Instagram break as a challenge extended by my church. I kind of already took a “posting break” from Instagram last month (which is why no one is seeing my posts anymore?) but not a full on BREAK. I’m excited to see what happens when I’m not addicted to the mindless scroll and also to see what I’ll do with all that time? ? It’ll be a good, little break I’m sure. ? I’ll check back here in 10! #seeya #peaceout ??#itsawonderfulmojilife #socialmediafast ?: @mojiproducts

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And so forth and so forth.

To be clear, a social media fast is a great idea! 100% on board! Taking a step back from the addictive enticements of one’s feed, which is filled with innumerable bits of content to take one away from Christ—to say nothing of doubting one’s self worth via unfair comparisons and Pinterest guilt—can be a therapeutic, even cathartic experience. I have no doubt the majority of women (and men) who participate in this will be happy for doing so, feeling more centered and at peace by the end of the process.

But that being the case, what are you serving by turning your social media announcement into something about yourself? Do not misread me, I’m well aware that for every ridiculous post embedded above, there are 10 other that come from a good place of wanting to follow the prophet. I also recognize that publishing about one’s social media fast can be a great way to get the word out. After all, social media exists to provide innovative ways for people to connect and share ideas, so what better way to get women off of social media for 10 days than to have all of them post about it?

Let’s remember the counsel from the Lord in 3 Nephi 13 (also in Matthew):

But when thou doest alms let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth;

That thine alms may be in secret; and thy Father who seeth in secret, himself shall reward thee openly.

And when thou prayest thou shalt not do as the hypocrites, for they love to pray, standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward.

It is not sinful to make an announcement about some sort of spiritual endeavor, but in the case of the many Latter-day Saint “influencers” who are pushing lifestyle brands, it completely defeats the purpose and makes it about you and your little side hustle. Are we so vain that we think people need to know that we’re not sharing some filtered image? Do we think anyone is going to notice if we don’t post for a week and a half? Are we really that insecure that we need others to respond to what we are doing as if to validate it?

My advice at the risk of being accused of mansplaining: take your fast without sharing a word, especially if you are an adult. Teenagers are working through all sorts of things and get a pass.

Overall, I think the social media fast is great. Heck, I might do one if I can figure out how to manage my social media-centric work duties with the effort. And to be fair, many use social media for an actual business, and stepping back from that business could be a risky endeavor. But is posting about a fast while using it as a bridge to supplement your business in the same spirit of fasting one might take otherwise?

Unfortunately, there are also some arguing that this campaign was suggested as some sort of effort to undermine women. Hogwash. I do not think the social media fast is the result of some nefarious ploy to tamper down the #MeToo movement or to thwart female election campaigns mere weeks before the midterms. No, those are just byproducts. Besides, no one said the social media fast had to start immediately following the closing of General Conference. I imagine God trusts you enough to figure out the best window to use to take it.

In fact, if you want to look at unfortunate timing, see the promotional campaign for the upcoming film, Jane and Emma, which is leaning on women as a key demographic to get the word out. Church-owned LDS Living put out a reminder about how to support the film merely a few days after General Conference ended, when many women are (reportedly) not on Facebook:

But again, you could take the fast next week, or next month, or next year, even! Study it out in your mind and pray about what makes the most sense to you. I do not begrudge anyone for hopping right on the fast if it suits your needs, but there’s no greater value in doing it now or later. Be sensible!

I would love to live in a world where we don’t feel the need to announce how spiritual we are. We’re not competing with anyone to merit Christ’s grace. He loves you as you are for who you are.


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