EP 404 – We Have President Nelson’s Email, and We’re Afraid to Use It

Rosemary Card of the Q. More podcast and Devin Thorpe of Your Mark on the World are in the studio to make Geoff look like a lover of Fox News!

We’re joined by two great guests this week: Devin Thorpe of Your Mark on the World and Rosemary Card of the Q. More podcast. Please send them lots of love for taking the time to join our little family.

Rosemary regales us with stories of meeting President Nelson and even corresponding with him! What do we make of new leadership? How do you feel about all the changes this year? Would they have been possible under President Monson?

Early returned missionaries need hope and love, not judgment, and the Church took huge moves this week to help those individuals, as well as others who might not have felt they were able to serve a mission. The mission application process is now the same for everyone, and one can be assigned a proselytizing or service mission, or even no mission at all.

The incoming congress is the least-LDS one in thirty years. What does that mean for Mormonism?! Also, there’s a dichotomy of Mormon types in congress now, from very Mo Mitt Romney to formerly Mo Kyrsten Sinema.

Devin has his review of the book Saints, and just in time for Geoff to have started the audiobook of it. Have you read Saints? What’s your take?

In some quick news: Sam Young’s excommunication stands, and we have many thoughts on inappropriate bishop’s interviews; the Urdaneta Philippines Temple is finally going to break ground; and a wonderful stake patriarch who climbs mountains!

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