EP 413 – Let’s Second Guess God Right Now

This Week in Mormons Episode 413
Latter-day Saint missionaries can now call home once a week, so is this a good thing or a weak thing?

This Week in Mormons Episode 413

Plenty of Latter-day Saint temple news this week, including the closures of the St. George Utah and Hong Kong China Temples, the groundbreakings for temples in Pocatello, Idaho; Yigo, Guam; and Praia, Cape Verde. Also, those “mini” temples that were rebuilt from the ground up will quietly be rededicated with minimal fanfare.

But the big story this week is that missionaries can now call or text home once per week, breaking with longstanding policy. Is this because modern missionaries are too coddled? Is this to help kids with anxiety finish out their missions? Is this to help families feel more involved in the mission process? Probably a bit of everything.

The Church will now pay taxes, thanks to the GOP-led 2017 tax law. That’s right, the same folks who fight for religious liberty also managed to make churches pay some new fees.

Whenever alcohol law comes up in Utah, the Church isn’t far behind, and that continues to be the case as Utah weighs raising its restricted ABV levels to bring them on par with other states. Unsurprisingly, the Church isn’t keen on it.

An MTC in Argentina is closing, thus bringing the total Missionary Training Center closures of the past year to four. What’s up with that?

The director of the most recent temple films is apparently an admitted (and repentant) child molester. Great.

Mentions: a Utah lawmaker wants to make birth gender unchangeable on birth certificates, new garment styles for women, cool history behind statues at the Rome Italy Temple, and the first YSA ward in Asia.

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[0:25] Alright Party People hey what’s up everybody Welcome once again to this week and more minutes my name is Geoff hoping she’ll not g off. Greg not George.
But you can call me Al if you want because that’s a the song not because of,
the erstwhile co-host on All the gossip let’s let’s get some rumors going,
the blood Feud Rivals that of the danites and the local Missouri is Jeff.
You will fire the co-host for fabricate stuff that’s actually I’m doing great. You have since you asked her about you you’re you’re the one who’s here was President Benson said.
The most important Prophet is the living prophet in the most important co-host is the is the one that’s talking right now.
At the end of this week in Mormons.
If for some reason you’re unfamiliar with Kurt at this point spread as many collaborations with us he runs leading Saints give us a quick primer,
cheerleading Saints is a nonprofit organization that happens to have a podcast as well and we are mission is helping lay leaders within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be better prepared to lead and that’s what we’re doing Jeff.

[1:49] And did you know everybody 2019 is already here it’s time to get your calendar are you sick of that bumper on every single episode it’s done is still selling so why would I stop.
If people are still ordering the calendar I like your calendar it’s very nice looking you have one,
no I told you last week I was thinking about buying one thing you told me you can’t it’s not dry erase so what am I supposed to do with it,
well you kept my word is fickle we have an activity planned in sometime in April and we decide to change the date cuz nobody looked and realized there was some other stick Relief Society conflict you could use white out.

[2:27] We don’t want them to be sniffing it that’s right that’s true
but there are hundreds of of Bishops and ward councils that have ordered this calendar and I have zero complaints so I may just sent it to Jeff because you do you deserve one,
that’s what I always hope for two I’ve never hoping for nothing for positive feedback I just like it when people have zero complaints as long as nothing negative to say then everything must be fine.
So that’s what we’re doing. We think anyway folks go over to Leading Saints subscribe to Kurtz podcast.
Anything new going on on your front with the leading Saints anything, all sorts of things so I next month were releasing our third virtual Summit which is basically an online conference
for those of you that are not in the know of virtual Summit and this one we did our first one was on motivated motivation and how to motivate people are second one was on teaching,
and how to effectively teach in in the church and this one is going to be called questioning Saints and it’s going to be a resource for leaders
to better understand how to fellowship and minister to those who may be questioning their faith were wrestling with doubt.
I would have heard recently that from a few places that even asking questions or researching is essentially.

[3:47] The wrong course of action are you saying I don’t know that’s exactly what he said did he say that
you say the wrong one out there that was what was it whack a mole of some sort in the Scribe yes I believe we actually discussed that we talked about that. Going to be like,
that day you like zero
content about like answers as far as like well how would you answer this historical concerned about any blacks in the priesthood or Joe’s Miss polygamy like is more about like how can we build empathy how can we better understand and not just soda
alien alien ate them or make them feel like they’re less of a,
I’ve a child of God because they’re now questioning but there’s there’s so much more we can do is leadership to,
how to make room for those that doubt and then that have since your questions there’s nothing wrong Hopkins I would submit even some of the verbage were using right now we could modify a bit,
you were using phrases like them or you know there’s room for them it’s almost is it to assume that’s an abnormality and we can make space where are they think we should just assume,
people have questions we’re all import right we all have questions Jeff we’re all looking for a space in the pews.

[5:07] Can be,
they vary some people can be in matters of the term deep documents been around over the weekend but you know everyone’s got things that are good that could come up,
so that’s that’s exactly the type of message and content were trying to to build around the Summit is to understand that that you know.

[5:30] We’re all dealing with something we’re all our faith that we’re all transitioning to some level in our faith as we should be worried if you’re stagnant it’s you’re not I don’t think your experience is what it should be in the gospel if you’re just.

[5:45] Continue to believe how you believe and you got a challenging and find new new knowledge,
I don’t think you’ll grow in the church if you’re stagnant or if you’re complacent if you think you have achieved a certain you know a certain designer equilibrium and that’s fine I think that you just get bored with my gospel like me challenge,
what would you go back to events at the culture II we have this culture of like well every first Sunday you get a star on your forehead if you can stand up at the lectern and say I know right and in that,
I guess there’s a Sino club and that you therefore arrived and so you just need to endure to the end of this point but now that’s not healthy place to be spiritually in my opinion.

[6:23] I concur I concur another reason I can’t live in Utah people get all hung up on I know my phone,
look man she knows you’re coming after my state okay I agree with you okay I’m just trying to show some Utah Pride here but the Utah Pride,
I love this place I made it seem like they’re of your state now filled with Californians who fled heathens,
we brought you in and out Don’t Be a Jerk It’s True.
I think I saw that and I am so excited best hamburgers I love to Shake Shack.
Do you have a job in DC that start up a New York so we’ve had right for a little while so it’s not.
Too much of a novelty at 7 or not there’s a good handful of them around more upscale urban area
in a random Suburbia expensive hamburger that I remember when that in and out like the novelty of in and out in California so this is Cheryl Avenue now but something special.

[7:36] Etsy for me it is special I think a lot of it has to do with what you grew up with it’s totally troops when I go home.
We’re always busy and of course California tool and fast-food ironically given how much health food there is in California and all that sort of stuff.
So I naturally I got to go home and I’m all the stuff I can’t have him deciem like I want have some in and out I’d love that I deltaco I want to have Carl’s jr. if I can get away with it right cuz none of these exist Becky we have to have it appear,
but in and out usually the is the priority the other ones don’t happen whatever like it was on but I always want to have in and out it’s a part of me
that’s very affordable at the In-N-Out Burger has supposed to talk Shake Shack talk to text into swear by Whataburger and I myself don’t get that
is much but I think it’s the same thing you know what that if you’re born and raised in Texas you think Whataburger is just like.

[8:30] The place to be I do think a lot of people attempt to knock in and out down a peg for some reason so they have to make comparisons to other Five Guys or to Shake Shack but I feel like it’s not quite apples-to-apples.

[8:42] You know cuz if you’re saying.
They’re not an alligator if you’re spending that kind of money at Shake Shack that I’d want to compare that kind of money to somewhere else the charges that cast River hamburger.
Much more affordable it is we could have a discussion hamburgers we should start a hamburger broadcast Jeff we could go on for days.

[9:07] That gave me my next great idea the hamburger podcast so what’s up with you Jeff what’s new in your life
did well want to know so first of all I’m sorry that I’m not sorry you got to hear the sisters last week and they’re wonderful and they’re always great stuff nobody,
before that we were dog that every turn try to get episodes of the past couple of weeks and keep things consistent.
We had an episode recorded and then all the audio was lost and then that’s like every podcasters nightmare Jeff the worst,
violently sick so parental stuff took over like we had a session ready to go away to cancel
what was things would have conspired to prevent us from getting a show out so I’m sorry so please know where we’re doing our very best to everybody who I won’t I won’t let it happen again okay just give me another chance he probably will a chance but that’s okay to change I can change I can be different,
I can be fundamentally different I’ll be the person you want me to be repentance is real Jeff and we keep trying thank you
have we spoken someone at the Philadelphia with the temple and stuff probably not until we’ve talked about I think it’s the first year right when the chain or no we was like the day before the changes were announced it so we were just
talking about rumors that there’s a change in the temple ceremony.

[10:34] Go to the Temple of tired DC’s closed right now so and it’ll probably be closed until next summer sometime we don’t have a.

[10:41] Completion date are wonderful thank the Lord sometimes it’s cliche but.
He wants us to sacrifice a little bit and Roblox it’s funny how much they get in the way and I reflected upon this after-the-fact so.

[10:56] I decided I was just working at home that the day on a Friday but a month ago I’m working at home we talked about we we’ve been trying to go up to Philadelphia.
And that was my wife is our anniversary that weekend we want to get up there I’ve got family who lives reasonably close by so my sister-in-law’s like.
You can leave the kids dressing up to Philadelphia and make a day of it would do they say at our house we just run up there and come back something they had some issues come up we we kept having things come up I can try to get people to babysit our kid nothing was working out.
The adversary Jeff beat you down but at the same time or just like you know it’s like we can’t just can’t seem to get this locked in.
And I was frightened I was working at home and we just decided you know what let’s just go stay the night up there and bring the boys with us we’ll just get a hotel up in Philadelphia somewhere and figure this out.

[11:47] And I and I just teleport my wife drove and I just tell her to my phone and just sat there and worked on the weather drive up there.
My poor kids never got to see any of Philadelphia we stayed in the hotel that was a 4 minute walk from the temple which was great awesome,
and they just hung out the hotel room after we got there and they didn’t go anywhere until we left and I did a session at night since we got there early enough.
And then my wife did one early the next morning cuz there’s a trade-off that’s a hard thing any general Reflections or feelings you had from the changes I mean work,
I thought I was all it wasn’t ass so much was made of it that I almost expected even more at the same time at the same time.

[12:28] Lots of little bits of this and that stuff we don’t you know I’m going to go into detail about but sure.

[12:35] Just a little words in Forbidden things I’m like that’s a little different up that’s a little bit different stuff that’s not no Covenant basement of Sara Lee with just the way some of the dialogue with alternativen.
And is itching to see how they shorten the film so much that it just moved you know just from those still photos you could just there wasn’t
did the space of people walking from one space next to that dead space in Oakland
I just plowed through which was great the funny thing is everyone lauded it like all men now it’s 15 minutes shorter but everyone’s also seems to have forgotten them in 2013 when they brought in the new films,
they added about 15 minutes to the the videos first order the total the total ceremony,
sorbet switch back to where we were pre 2013 but it did feel like,
I agree with that I still have mixed feelings presentation wise about the hold still slideshow approach when it’s actual screen like screenshots of the,
what one of the previous movies cuz sometimes it’s just like your professor sets up this is the slide Carousel slide slang for a drink.

[13:45] A little bit.
Other parts before that before any live actors when they treated some of the stuff you know it with the creation and things like that was very beautiful though I mean I liked it I love the changes good feelings they’re all around.

[13:59] Suffolk it up there regularly I mean I do Envy you I make fun of Utah,
like you said sacrifice sometimes I have to sacrifice of driving 20 minutes to the Salt Lake Temple have to drive 25 minutes to the Jordan River temple announced or Oquirrh Mountain,
so you could be so lucky as to be around the Daybreak development my friend I remember being in on my mission in Sacramento I was in the celestial room of the Oakland Temple and his member there,
was I don’t I don’t know why we were talking about the special in the session room but he was talking about you know found out I was from Utah and you just you know about how close temples were he’s like you know what,
if temples were close to me I would probably go three times a week.

[14:44] Okay I’ll whatever like I get like there’s that Utah Mormons thing but everybody’s human you get into life but it’s like wow no 3 weeks of past I thought about the temple 3 months and pass Amazon,
anyways it’s funny how much it’s just like economic theory it’s a scarcity thing I think is harder to get to make a more concerted effort to,
I mean I’ve seen that time and time again,
throughout my life whether it’s local even when I was on my mission in Spain I mean the members don’t even tell us what is mostly full of Portuguese and French like we used to like I’ll save up for the temple in Madrid near like.
It’s a two-hour drive I’ll get there next weekend plates and that’s exactly what happened all the time it’s so easy to take it for granted.

[15:33] Don’t do it people don’t do it do better go to the Temple of some Temple news I’ve got a handful of Temple mentions that are worth let’s hit him throwing out there if we can.
Some closures some groundbreaking is all kinds of things are going to talk about all this.
First of all as you’ve known there’s a number of temples that are closed of late for long-term serious Renovations are we mentioned I mentioned the Washington DC was one of those right now,
there’s number of other ones that are closed right now Tokyo Jordan River just came back online last year the Oakland Temple still closed but they announced the reopening dates.
There’s a slew of them and then the many temples are being completely rebuilt which we’ll talk about in a bit so the Saint George Utah Temple,
the next one announce it’s a big deal the same as the first is the longest-serving Temple of the dispensation yet Kirtland and Nauvoo which we lost four reasons in St George of the first one built.
Damn it so it’s not like it hasn’t been renovated since then you know but.

[16:38] It’s going down for a long time it’s going to close in November of this year and it won’t open again until sometime in 2022.
And it’ll be like one of those rededication trap mean they’re stripping the thing down right,
really like you and I think the only time they don’t do a rededication is just when it’s time for dinner at the semi-annual refurbishment when they shut the table down for two weeks or even a month or whatever and then you just do this and that these.

[17:04] They all say it’s always about structural mechanical electrical Plumbing work if they change anything else beyond that I have no idea.

[17:14] It’s just that takes a long time when you have an existing structure you have to pull out of work if you’re going to like replace all the pipes for example that can be done but involves a lot of pork today,
that’s not a two-week closure that’s for sure I guess I won’t be going to st. George temple in time soon then other than now but.
Will you got to Cedar City though so your Flats right and you’ve got the second temple which of course it did they announced and watch Wright County Washington that of course will not be done before that is all done now the other Hong Kong,
what I can do or temples it wasn’t that one of the.
The temple surge or is it but little before that little before they dedicated the Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong the Hong Kong temple in 1996 23 years old.

[18:03] Also that just told me that somebody born in 1996 is now 23 which is Jeff we are old that’s another weird thing to think about butts.
Yeah so it’s a little bit before the sword and it’s a different building but it’s interesting you bring that up it’s a newer Temple right so why would they be closing it already.

[18:21] Did they say Jeff they don’t say but the announcement is a little bit different from the other closures cuz they did not say anything about mechanical electrical the usual stuff.
And they also did not announce when they predict it will be reopened it’s just a openslate right now all they said closing in July and that’s it.

[18:42] The Communist Jeff maybe the temple just disappear maybe they’re shutting them down if you don’t remember,
one country two systems approach because of Horus yes yes yes.
I do remember I was in high school when that happened in 1997 was one before the deadline basically cuz I imagine now,
Hong Kong does have its own system and religious practice freely but I have to wonder if it would be more of a hassle to do such a thing,
depth of the junker anyway my mom of all people wrote an article about this if you guys want to read it cuz she actually lives in China right now and she had my mom lives in China yes sir what is she doing there teaches English,
how cool.
BYU so she’s out there and she was actually just in Hong Kong a week before they announced they’re going to close the temple and it just done set session there and things until this is all fresh on her mind and basically.
The prediction from her and others is that they’re closing this Temple.

[19:52] Because this was the temple was a multi-use Structure right first time we’ve done this right so the temple itself was only a couple of the floors in this bigger building that also had I think like the mission office.
Steak office housing for the mission president the temple president some Temple workers all these different areas and a lot of those functions that moved out of that building to a bigger building across the street now more of a.
Largest ixidor type think so there’s space in that building right now.

[20:21] And so the rumor is that they might actually be expanding the temple in this case and that’s why they haven’t announced the nature of the closure,
it’s going to be more serious where they might actually got most of the interior and rethink the entire interior layout and make it,
most of the night all of the whole building A10 ice and just a temple that’s all we know.
Jeff this is random but you mentioned your mother that she would be a great co-host for one of these I’ll come on,
I’m starting to petition now to a nation we will get my mom doesn’t have some record button works on a piece of anything I promise you,
trying to deal with my mother and Technology I will just be just as possible during the entire show so I can listen Jeff.
No she don’t even know how this works that’s what I’m saying man she said podcasting interesting okay and so we Broken Ground on the ground breaking for the temple in Guam,
and then also the temple in Pocatello Idaho and the temple in Cape Verde.

[21:33] That’s a lot of temples announced they denounced what 12 of the last conference so now they got it announce these groundbreakings
announce announce. Before this thing is the groundbreaking for the temple in Puerto Rico what is interesting though is Guam Cape Verde in Puerto Rico all three temples were announced in the last conference.
And all three of them share a similar design on if you’re looking at it right now I am yes that’s a pretty small building.
It is it doesn’t share the same as the Pocatello Pocatello zoo is bigger Pocatello you’re more of that Anonymous modern thing that we kind of are good at doing yes,
I’m intrigued by the design for especially I would have Puerto Rico up here but Puerto Rico in Cape Verde are basically the exact same building except get very looks a little bit wider like they might have had the wings have been wider,
but also you might notice There’s No Angel Moroni on these buildings.

[22:37] And I looked into this because why wouldn’t you Jeff
that’s what makes you want Jeff from this weekend Mormon look at the rendering of Pocatello there is an angel Moroni and so right so I decided to do the actual research and see which ones.
Darnell V temples then.

[22:55] Announce under construction whatever’s going on and with no angel Moroni you’ve got the one of the Democratic Republic of the Congo you’ve got the one in Haiti both of which I believe are being dedicated this year and then you have the chair design Cape Verde Puerto Rico.
No Angel Moroni of those 5.

[23:14] I’m looking for answers on this so that’s as far as your research is taking you yes okay if someone breaks into the temple Department of the church I’m looking at you first Jeff’s I have some theories.
But they don’t completely whole it because the design building wise for the DRC and Haiti,
they share a similar design a floor plan as well and I’ve assumed they did that to make a very.
Inexpensive Temple and also wanted when it stick out rapping to Grand and in a poor developing country but ask for.
Guam and kick it barely got a European standard of living Guam’s part is the United States Territory you know Puerto Rico is a US territory.

[23:59] I wonder who who makes the final call on the Rhone I think it’s like a like the chair of like that the Apostle that’s on like the temple committee year.

[24:10] And which one is whether they’ll is there still a little list all their assignments on I feel like there needs to be like a dossier of some sort for the brother in Hay,
there’s a leaky website that we could probably look into that for you to be publicly available just who’s doing what,
don’t think I’ll be that weird of a thing to ask.
Right Kurt you’re more connected with the emails all the time that people assume because I run a website called leading the saints that I’m like actually in these meetings we have no affiliation with the church even though we’re.
Faithful members.
Yeah that’s nice so you know people the cob so if you would do your all right I’ll be out there,
what else we got going what’s happening what about these missionaries can call home,
and I probably should be our big that’s probably our biggest story of the week should we head there let me ask you with this,
so what you think back to your mission experience in Spain what what dynamic.
What dynamic with this bring to your your experience or I would have held what it would not help what you think.

[25:36] It’s hard to say cuz I Feel It by the end of my mission by the very very end I know I’m not alone in this I was almost indifferent about even getting emails like I don’t care,
I was going you’re gone for so long after 2 years of minimal contact from your family and my mission ended run around Christmas and I always say that to,
to make it make sense that I didn’t have like a Christmas call is a buffer before I had another uniform months left or anything like that when I’m a Christmas call I was going home in 10 days after that so.
By the time I was getting near the end it’s been a long time since I talked to anybody on the phone in or not since Father’s Day my parents are divorced text to get extra call when your parents are divorced but.

[26:16] I don’t know I was so by the end they’re just,
Zelda on the mission and just didn’t even like whatever man this is my life of that type of mission experience where you feel more tied into home,
and what’s going on there until there’s not like this complete disconnect right,
and that’s what I’ve wondered about I know it’s sad to since they made this announcement and by the way to cover what it is the church said that it’s not required but missionaries can now call home text or even do a quick video chat home once we can preparation do if they want,
they don’t get called by their family there to call them.
It’s up to them they said they don’t expect them necessarily to do it every single week but it’s up to the missionary to know their circumstances another companion circumstances and do what they want to do and the idea is.

[27:06] The official one anyways is that it will help families feel more involved in the mission process less about.
How about encouraging the missionary with no there’s no limit to that but more about trying to get families to care and encourage them and in no more than just let her tell my hair were teaching Frank again this week but to hear more but I got to get that.

[27:26] And what about all the other end of that the mission like in the beginning cuz for me like the first 6 months like.
I was incredibly I mean on 6 months but especially in the beginning like I was incredibly like.
Not this really homesick but just getting used to like transitioning into the shop.
Hey so I get it still is like you know I was like Suburban strip malls and.
Thanks Jeff like 4-5 months out and just like.
You’re tearing myself away from the phone and then it was just like in this days for a few days thinking like holy cow like those people still exist and like it so for me like though it was hard like I think it was a benefit for me,
to just completely.
Separate myself from communication for those first six months until then you move into that stage that you just described you’re just sort of like indifferent to it all right you’re just like you know what I mean I’m engaged in a good work here I’ve been just going to do my thing
this is awesome atmosphere too high and yes I’m they all go home.

[28:43] Someday I’ll go missing song from The Book of Mormon soundtrack I’m with you on there in the sad thing is no man did you see there’s nothing pieces about this already.
Over the weekend it was announced last Friday.
There were a lot of comments along the lines of these week kids like me,
they hit they just have to have their devices and their contact can’t they buck up shut the door to the family and press on.
I understand that mentality cuz probably cuz that’s kind of what I lived in a few live to is missionaries.
That is very easy to see how come on man I help you say goodbye the MTC.
And you know what you’re getting into and that’s it you focus on the work you focus on the work you’re not talking to your failure family is a distraction you have time for distraction.
I mix on this I guess I get that argument cuz I think it was good for me cuz like I said it by focusing on the work if I probably could have called home once a week,
I don’t know I would have been all wrapped up in what my family was up to cuz I never I mean ideally it’s cuz you want to share with them what you’re doing and your family disciplines themselves well enough,
two on a kind of focusing on that but of course maybe like Jimmy had a concert and I mean what I got that. Same stuff like phone calls I don’t know how it was for you to the end of the mission the same thing that my phone calls home I was just.

[30:13] Sorry for family members listening it was nice to talk to all of you but the same time I hear about,
that yeah I just like that fell off right and I was just like I don’t care like I do this is what I do right now and I’m glad you’re right.

[30:32] Well I think it also sitting down or like a blank piece of paper and a pen the right and I guess with email and just being video of even my mom made the comment that we talked about this on Sunday in my my mom’s for dinner and,
she just saw even in my mission there’s a transition from where they allowed us to email.
And she said even that transition from letter-writing to email like,
they lost something like that in the communication there were being thoughtful and sitting down and then say how am I going to articulate this week in letter
and you know you’re obviously slow down cuz you’re writing can’t type you can type a lot faster than right so and then not to not to mention like,
I would say the vast majority of of missionaries the only way they have record of their mission is because they’ve made a phone call or I’m sorry because I’ve written a letter or an email home right this is going to
why would you as a 19 year old 18 year old why would you like get off the phone and be like well I guess I better write my family like you’re not going to write them cuz you just talk to him
but they do say that you’re still supposed to ride home so I don’t know what mission presidents will have to be kind of enforced. Cuz it does seem like they’re taking the mission president out of a lot of this equation,
I don’t see anyone at the mission president can decide the appropriate circumstances and time durations and all this sort of stuff they’re basically the same as up to the missionaries to make choice and be responsible.

[31:56] Yeah so they’re still supposed to write letters but it’s true like what do you put in the letter then I also transition to email during the Mish and yeah.
I don’t know what I am grateful for is I have no idea where that was a email address was way back when but my mom was smart enough to print all of my emails and their emails to me and they’re all antibiotics I still have like a written record of everything cuz I don’t think I have access to whatever inbox I was using
back then how do you say oh well cuz I I saw right before you brought it to when the first of the email there was no.

[32:27] Church control the email address for the sort of just rough that we was the Wild West so I remember one time I go to internet cafes and just that’s where we do our email time on Preparation X and,
one time I signed into a well-to-do and it sign me into insta same number aim,
I did when I was there and all the sudden like I don’t realize I’m not instant messenger and All His Friends start I am
I found you a prostate. Like I have broken every rule on the mission I was like hastily shutting all these windows and signing out now I’m never going to receive blessings again,
call Jim Mitchell present in tears you won’t believe what I’ve done.
There was a time that I wrote a strongly-worded letter to my mission president when a transfer didn’t go my way to take a letter to your Congressman like let me tell you sir this is so stupid.
Was what.
I know that like most important thing is in a we study it out and are mine and if the Lord’s what the Lord says what we do and that’s fine but I was like I just have to ask did you study this out,
cuz I feel like as if you had you would have clearly received the inspiration right that aligns with my interest right but.
I don’t know what so I do think the missionaries are weak do you think they’re going to be distracted now and just thinking about home life all the time.

[33:57] No significant other Clause though don’t think that should be a rule and all of this could have a no significant other clause in the girlfriend to show up while I’m here that’s going to be the boyfriend.
It’ll be interesting the what did you ask me the question,
if the missionary 10 weeks well if they’re weak there’s no contesting the fact that,
obviously more missionaries are coming home there’s a lot more depression anxiety going on maybe that’s due to the younger missionary age or whatever it is but in that context like I have some reservations about all but at the end of day like.
I think this is a good idea and a step in the right direction of just saying like like not being so rigid cuz my experience is that.
Rigidity that is nice virginity that I really it was it was made it very difficult to transition that so maybe for some like myself maybe that would have helped,
I don’t know I I sort of appreciated that rigidity at the same time that just sort of you know I hit blast off and I was in a different universe and here we go.
See what would have worked for me in hindsight I think by the time I was in the field I was.

[35:14] I was adjusted to field life but I’ve been a little bit 9 weeks like I was kind of like used to being at least a missionary at that point.
What women useful to me I think would have been able to do this in the MTC but I don’t believe him TC they’re giving your devices or things like that right cuz for me that was the hardest the initial,
Yankees for the first week or so they have to see that was like the roughest time and if not he has a pure homesickness I mean I wasn’t,
that’s a it’s a huge transition a huge shift from what you’re used to prepare do you think you’re going to be.
It was still very different that I would not have minded being able to just kind of message my family and be like hey.
I literally have like like day five I had this,
breakdown of all breakdowns with one of my MDC teachers I keep interviewing each person in espanol Spanish missionaries and in quizzing us on certain things and I just lost it and
and it was good to release that emotion shift I’ll tell you that but yeah I mean cuz I remember sitting there thinking like,
I’m in this random computer lab learning about you know these random Spanish words and while my family is home in.
And I’m not and you know I died so yeah I think there’s it would have been a release valve to have.

[36:33] Like content but I’m guessing MTC.
Buck up and you can’t call home or text until after the empty seat enjoy the crappy food shut up it’s good food
David proved it since our time you know this is a total digression but I don’t know if you even remember this so of course you look we both are in Spanish,
I remember being in the the computer labs as well.
Spanish and you saw the scenarios with those missionaries who were real missionaries the time but doing acting but they were actual missionaries.

[37:05] Do you have any memory of the Argentinian other who’s everyone do you remember
was this on the computer you’re saying like when he grows and stuff he was obviously
and two he was in one of my mission areas and so it was awesome so if anyone knows.
Tell me about Patricia he was a ward Mission leader in my world in Valencia and that was a Russian jet that I do not remember this guy,
what Spanish speaking you need to comment on this episode on our website for Facebook I don’t want to know if I can see remembering beautiful.
Abbrescia all right that’s good in Argentina they did.
Got to be good so then he got between for your audience to comment on you know those that are missionary moms and dads and siblings that you know how to go is it the insuring after you know.
Six weeks or so in this really settles in you know maybe people will be like, I totally forgot to text or call I can you believe it.
I hope it’s not out there on Instagram.
Hope you’re doing okay lyrics goes actually put a filter out there for anybody to comment if they had any experiences this past week talking to the missionaries everyone just let’s see him looking real quick,
yeah what’s up what is just hey it was great it was cool as a lot of fun to feel more involved.

[38:33] I learn about their study habits and things I guess you know right about 11 your missionary if you think about it I don’t think I broke my phone. My study habits immediately.
South we’ll see what happens.
There’s no Segway there’s so the church might start paying taxes everybody I’m going to take a nap while Jeff take gives us our tax segment I just freaking out it’s quick with this and try to make sense of it.
She’s country by Common consent us was near the end of last month so what this is all about his thanks to the United States where the church is a tax exempt organization.

[39:11] Thanks to the late 2017 tax cuts and jobs act in a past by the republican-held Congress the time.
There’s actually some verbiage in there and some changes to various rules and regulations that mean the church might actually have to pay taxes whereas before they did not.
So take that tax relief it turns out.
The resalat Trump right set where I said that every day every day before I go to work.

[39:41] Basically this is because of the 1200 spot underground parking garage that’s in the plaza between the Church of ministration building in the church office building in Salt Lake City it all comes down to a parking lot.
And before the church had enough pay taxes of any of that stuff but now because employers and imma try to make sense of all this will link to it with the post cuz I still don’t get all of it.
But essentially.
There were there tax benefits and transportation fringe benefits you could give to employees like their Transit passes things along those lines right and if you did those things I believe you didn’t have to.

[40:22] Pay for parking or like real estate then went to Transit basically what happened those employers can still provide transportation benefits to their employees
and the employees don’t have to include the value of those benefits in their gross incompetence employers can no longer deduct the cost of providing those benefits as they used to UC.
You say.
The church can’t deduct at the church is Doling out in a Trax passes or something like that before they could write that off but now they can.

[40:52] Wow that’s going to be a big check that they write just this all gets into unrelated business taxable income all this other fun stuff and that’s what gets more into the parking structure issue because it’s all related to Transit.
And this and that and by their calculations you could be looking at.
$13,000 a month in taxes the church could over cuz of this that it doesn’t currently pay.
That’ll probably add a whole new line item to the the tithing
form-fit you can contribute to the fund that will pay for their parking garages this of course goes to the bigger issue of people who want to
other think the church should pay taxes or churches in general should pay taxes or just wanted to have more transparency about church finances but either way I thought this was a fascinating little Deep dive by Sam Brunson,
give it a read make more sense but you’re probably, then I’ve done my sound trying to explain it which is fair and I accept all of your.

[41:46] You should have them next on the show next week as a guest and really dig in this to me like I’m a third grader nice.
Jeffy no weed there’s LDS organists volunteering at Seventh-day Adventist Church,
so what’s the short hand is Mormons do nice things within the community ecumenism rain will get East Idaho paper,
what is an Idaho State Journal there’s nothing else happening other than growing potatoes and this is what happens but you don’t work in this are a Dying Breed and in fact I am,
yeah sure I mean it how many I mean let alone at that you ready to hear about kids like being forced to sign up for piano lessons I don’t know maybe.

[42:31] But I think it’s definitely drop since I was a teen and I weaseled my way out of piano lessons but and then to learn the organ I mean it and I remember as.
When I served as a bishop it was like man thank goodness we had sister Cointreau who knew how to play the organ because when she was sick or out of town we just had a default to the piano.
So they’re dying breed and there’s actually encourage everybody goes to see
LDS Ward organist Facebook group and just join it I have joined it I don’t know a thing about how to play the organ but it is fascinating that goes on.
The passion that these individuals have for for playing the organ is respectable Jeff and the hazard most passion right.
That was just the anyways there’s also a sorry that this time now it’s my turn. I digress there’s also a.
Award librarian Group which is,
fascinating to see people share pictures of how they’re organizing the ward material Center so.

[43:44] You make sure to keep track of who’s checking out the TVs.
And you just stuck The copier toner that’s the only function that has any more there you might have your network up in there for the building.

[43:57] You don’t need all those old VHS tapes if you’re a smart person,
but I actually wrote an article on leaving Saints about that that we need to get rid of the material Center
churches in just have a smaller closet as a copy machine in there and a handful of TVs and we will survive,
poster board pictures of Apostles and things and pull them out if you want to show up if somebody is at 1 to do to get someone,
that’s right there what do you do with the extra space I mean I get it if it’s in a place that strap for space but in your typical at least to say a typical North American Stake Center you’re not going to gain that much usable square footage from changing that so what’s what’s the
May benefit well as for my experience at the Bishops offices are generally
I just not big enough for like total war council meeting and I know some are able to do that but it’d be great to just have a room that’s a sort of
Michael ward council room work every Wards were Council meets you know it takes their turn in their huh I think they’re be uses but this definitely I mean.
Putting in there like old 1980s Ensign does not the answer to this so but I love them I love them I know right.

[45:17] There’s some good YouTube channels where they found a lot of old church videos I just want to have a feature on this week in Mormons where we’d like review some H some random old church video every week.
Really sink our teeth in but I never thought I’d be happy to have you seen the YouTube channel of like hard to find Church LDS movies that are literally what I just said.

[45:42] Are you focusing on your nonprofit in front of you
Thomas S Monson who said something that if you’re always thinking about tomorrow you’ll have a lot of empty today’s or something like today’s are in TJ
I apologize and I know you will not edit that out and the shows I’m willing willing to so little evidence.
We did a lot of fun nuggets here Jeff did the word organ has Facebook page the librarian page.
Is that isn’t that new though I mean it’s up card on all other apps like.

[46:31] LDS Affiliated groups where is going to make a group why would you go on to this group and ask questions and have a conversation when you can come to the one that’s actually run by the church the only one that says unofficial Facebook group.
Of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints what are they talking about in there Jeff the usual stuff.
You know hey I can’t find my recipe for funeral potatoes does anyone have any tips,
now I just want to go in there and troll it which is so dumb I’m an active Latter Day Saint you don’t want to go in there and post this article about the church paying taxes and be like what’s.
Respond make drop.
So where we going next Jeff what story is appealing to you in another quick mentions here.
The first young single adult ward in Asia was organized recently is young single adult Ward movement is headed in the wrong direction in Singapore.
Good old Singapore there’s one steak in Singapore in our on-the-ground reporting by Goodwill Josie Glee bless her International correspondent you flew into Singapore.
No I love Josie for the stuff she didn’t just like look it up a taste of school she bothers to sit down with the stake president in an area seventy and interview them and actually get their take out of it was awesome I love him so much so.

[47:59] They reorganize the steak and Singapore recently Consolidated some word Shuffle stuff around this happens and it’s part of it they organized a YSA Ward.

[48:07] In Asia are specifically which covers the whole country but they were open about inside look our activity rates are below the average and we want to give them a place where they feel like they can belong which is cool.
I think it’s awesome that they’ve done this interesting Lee there are a number of people from the Philippines who commented on this article and said we have why I say words in the Philippines.

[48:28] So Josie looked into this in advance and we’re all working this article and shoes.
She’s like all that the map I think was a Meetinghouse locator shows a YSA ward in Manila she called the public affairs office for the Philippines.
I had to see what was going on and they said no there are number of regular wards that have a lot of why I say is in them sort of these you know Focus War.
But there is no actual organized young single adult ward in the Philippines that’s according to those people.
So we’ll stand by that could still be wrong but I’m going to stand by the information we were given can you show a retraction is other information Never Comes Alive.
Yeah your retraction list is long Jeff seldom visited so fake News Center in Argentina.

[49:22] No reason they were producing any missionaries had to get rid of it I guess this is a smaller MTC but the big deal is this is the fourth one to close in a year,
so they announce the closures in Spain Chalet and the Dominican Republic,
something against Spanish speaking countries there’s some kind of hate conspiracy going on here.

[49:44] Are they still sending like if you called Spanish-speaking don’t they send you to Mexico still or I don’t know what still a thing.
What nut is it all depends I don’t know how it’s worked in some of these other smaller Latin American ones I of course did not go to Mexico for the MTC.
But I did go we split our time between Provo and empty see in Madrid.

[50:09] And I think some of them did it similarly like that a little bit of time there then you just and if you were a native speaker.
Like from Argentina going to art or fear for my Paraguay going to Uruguay you go to the Argentina MTC for 3 weeks then go over to Uruguay whatever I believe that’s what they’ve done in Brazil in TCS puge.
India the embassy in Ghana just got has gotten a lot bigger they renovated that expanded in the course you have Provo so fewer MTC but more space and some of the mtc’s.
But I don’t know it’s kind of funny cuz I said that.

[50:45] I seen some other pieces about this for this is great for the missionaries means I get to come to Provo they get to see Temple Square they could see the church functioning like an all it’s making to see Zion.
But I don’t like that because it’s like it’s pushed it’s like no it’s not that it’s this is the church’s it’s cold as you Temple Square and everything but I don’t think that just like I experienced the church in Utah this is the standard by which all other church congregation.
Should be measured we have to recognize our differences pulling up man.

[51:22] How many how many we have now you know off the top of your head is like 60 article to Jeff borders wrote about this wanting to detail I can tell her there are 11 remaining Missionary Training Center so Utah Brazil,
Columbia has a Missionary Training Center England Ghana Guatemala Mexico City New Zealand Peru the Philippines and South Africa.

[51:45] We got plenty just so we just fine most of those other than Prova Mexico City in Brazil and Ghana hold fewer than like a hundred missionaries.

[51:54] Set a timer and there used to be up to season Japan and Korea. They also close to those so that’s what’s up.
That’s all I have to say.
About that also a quick notice since it’s not very invested in this episode I’m sick of talking what each of the 12 apostles are doing in the room.

[52:21] Rome Italy Temple are they each there are you talking about the sculptures.
The statues tell us about,
go ahead go ahead yeah so learn everything you need to know about the symbolism of the statues of the Rome Italy Temple Visitor Center is as you know there is a beautiful visitor center next to the new Rome Italy Temple de Paz,
replicas of the 12 Apostle temples in the Christus 12 Apostles Temple.

[52:54] What I said 12 Apostles
yeah yeah yeah so and then it gives the Christmas statue comes from a church in Copenhagen right and then it’s replicas of the stairs in that church there are statues of the 12 apostles
also around the sides and they replicated those statues as well and in each one of these Apostles are you know like Peter has keys obviously he’s the key holder some have swords,
summer you know writing and so I think that’s kind of cool that there’s a significance and symbolism between or behind all of that it was cool.
I haven’t been to the Rome Italy Temple but I have been to the Church of our savior in Copenhagen.
It’s not huge but it’s awesome it’s but it’s like it’s fun to walk in there and be like dude is a Latter-Day Saint.

[53:44] I’ve seen that Christus statue Temple Square Visitor Center.
It’s kind of neat I’m glad I think it’s great today.
They kept with the theme in and copy the other statues for that so other Temple stuff out of simple things this week so some of the missionaries then reported on the fact that a number of so-called mini temples from the Hinckley era,
also closed down for major Renovations before the church did not reveal during this time.
And some cases anecdotally at least went out of its way to suppress we could say based on the email some people have sent me is it these temples were torn down to the studs they’re built out of wood originally and rebuilt out of steel.
Because they all basically have mold issues or other issues they were temples that were built,
the problem with the many temples as they had one salad Temple and it is plucked and wherever but in the South are different weather patterns and none of them can handle the moisture issues so that’s what’s apparently gone down and basically all of these,
from what we’ve heard from the wonderful members who contacted us the great news is a number of these are now getting closer to.

[54:53] Being rebuilt and rededicated but the difference is.
Unlike other temples like a Jordan River I believe you guys had a large section I’m sure DC’s going to have an open house when they reopen it.
Do you mean temples will receive quiet non-public.
Rededication with no open house no celebration supper Oklahoma open house looks like missionary gold when you can.
Invite people to tour the temple but this is what I’m coming down I think the Oklahoma City one is slightly different and now I’m out of clothes for earthquake-related reasons but it seems that the other ones are kind of just quietly just going to reopen them and say yippee,
that’s that,
so this just this just feeds into the whole conspiracy thing I mean what is going on here people what is going on in the temple Department whose leaders we don’t know because the church doesn’t publish the website.

[55:47] Is the Communist Jeff same in China they have now reached is Oklahoma relevant in 2019.
And most the audience has no idea who you’re talking about listen to a show we did a few years ago did the most popular guest on this week in Mormons from the clutches of one Donald John Trump.

[56:16] Also Hillary Clinton.
She was in there too cuz my favorite Republican everybody I hope you all know that he is.

[56:27] I’m proud to be Republican it’s definitely.
100% what’s what’s it going to take to really stretch my lead.
Will like Spiro you might have to resign in a corruption scandal.
But there’s no correction happening in my life is it because of that Gerald Ford was the only president we’ve ever had who is not elected in any capacity.

[56:57] Tell me the office so little bit history they’re frozen
we’re getting there, if you can. If you have anything to say about this year in Utah as we’ve established a few times on the show,
let me break down the legislation legislative session here happening and you tell right now there’s a there’s a bill up for the churches getting involved in relation to alcohol.
Yeah we we love to get involved with alcohol for some reason the LDS church says it opposes Bill eliminating,
3.2 beer in Utah now I would explain to you what 3.2 beer,
is if I wasn’t a Latter-Day Saint but I have no clue does this mean there’s less alcohol in this and they don’t like that they don’t,
like the.
The gateway to really the gateway to Jack Daniel’s is that what this is 3.2 beer means that it’s 3.2% alcohol by volume.

[57:58] And that officially makes it you know near beer or what have you.
It’s that they’re trying to raise the alcohol permissible alcohol content of permissible a beer ABV to still call it near beer.
Right so this is so the 3.2 is been going out the window for a long time as a 2016 in fact only five states Oklahoma Colorado Utah Minnesota still mandated that.
Alcohol content to be considered.

[58:31] Low-alcohol so I believe the issue here is that people want to raise it they want you tell us to raise the alcohol by volume content.
Up a little bit higher which is the trend to still be in that bracket.

[58:47] Right that’s what I understand this is why legal definition of 4.8% alcohol by weight.

[58:57] The church is against it that’s right why why why.

[59:03] Cuz it’s out called you and people and we don’t want our kids running around with alcohol.

[59:11] Care near beer right unless it’s something that like that that’s the maximum amount of alcohol in beer in Utah.
There is a podcast somewhere that’s spoofing this conversation right now Jeff of to Latter-day Saints trying to understand beer and.
Let’s just agree that that we have no clue and nonetheless the church wants to.

[59:38] Put some influence there we’ll see how it how it unfolds us legislation legislative session.

[59:46] Rules on I learned about whiskey when I live in Scotland I mean I got something.
That’s all they drink there. There’s no water but I’m effectively useless on all of these fronts.
Kurwa running long but I’m cure we’re going to go here.
Jay thoughts so quickly touch on this one story broke out earlier in the mud.

[1:00:13] Have the physical or magical Secrets physical reaction write the child abuse story,
just real quick strange Story the reason it really got play so you’ve got the Sterling van wagenen.
Who is a Latter-day Saint director producer all the sorts of things of note in this article because he actually is the one I know who did all three of them he directed all three of the new Temple films that came out in 2013.

[1:00:48] Different directors that’s why they’re kind of a different spin on each one but I guess it’s just one person.

[1:00:58] He admitted to molesting a child in the early 1990s and many people have been talking about this pics of course 1 this is the early 90s but then much later he still made,
Temple videos and too because what was the church doing and why wasn’t the classic like why was he not text why did this not happen a lot of fuhrer online about all this sort of stuff
A terrible accounts the itching part of it though I guess is that he seems more forthright about his experience and that something happened with him.
Molesting a kid and then he,
let he left himself and like said to call up his Bishop on his own and talk about what was happening he basically said that like I went through church discipline and it’s over,
one would assume that did work through that in the church is well aware of this you know going into making new Temple films you know later on I would assume so but.
Maybe this is been disquieting for some I don’t know if you’ve been following the story Muscatine it’s going to come and go about it right now I think Court proceedings are are they beginning or something and Deb.

[1:02:14] Yes it’s an unfortunate case and I hate hearing about these any measure and it is bring up the
as far as I know he’s disfellowship rather excommunicated and you know people have been excommunicated for much much less but nonetheless
that’s how the lay leadership works when we do these disciplinary counsel so.

[1:02:38] How’s it going I’m sure this will be this will pop up back in the news as things progressed but.
It’s awful and keeping with you talk politics and sad news I guess.
Have you followed your Utah bill for the representative who wants to block you tan from changing their the gender listed on their birth certificate.
Which is the gender of the turtle at the thing in the family proclamation for right right.
Yeah I just seen the another headline maybe then read this article but.

[1:03:11] I know it’s just these interesting things we do I guess but 15 years ago I don’t think anybody was even.

[1:03:21] Thinking this was an issue to bring up right but nonetheless these are questions that need to be addressed so I don’t know I feel about it but I mean.

[1:03:32] What do you think just feel like I’m making you feel weird right now Kurt you seem.
I don’t know I just one of those I guess I like your what your wife says sometimes I don’t know if I really have a strong opinion either way on this article and and I don’t want to force myself to have the strong opinion going I know there’s a skirt I know the store you want to take us out with.

[1:03:58] So I know this matters a lot too and this this is what are female this year has been waiting for.

[1:04:06] Oh thank the Garmin one out here it is I was looking for on columnar there’s new garments for women maternity garments and.

[1:04:15] And I nursing garments in south I mean.

[1:04:25] Did they not have these before were there no I guess I have Pacific garments I don’t remember my wife having any type of nursing garments when she was nursing so yeah I guess this is.

[1:04:39] So hallelujah how does revelation is real Jeff happening.

[1:04:49] And the stairs many women that are asking the same questions about we have we have overcome.
The hesitation and they are I don’t know if they’re available now but this would just went up on LDS living so do I feel woke I feel.

[1:05:06] And sell.
I’m excited I were the worst people to talk about this on the sisters just bring this up when they do alcohol store.
Pretty great that if you want to talk about Cassie will be easier if you ever had a jolt oh my gosh your life.
For like 30 me some jolts 30s.
I said that’s that’s great news for the ladies I will link to that story I would love more people starts cuz it baffles me that there was this these didn’t exist,
the four,
that’s that’s the thing there did they and they were just like the only ones you’re witnessing the beginning of Jeff State the crisis right now and just cannot fathom how a modern-day Church,
prophets and apostles of Faith crisis but I was funny.

[1:06:03] That was funny I give you I give you all points for the whole episode because of that I think you will have me back and I don’t know maybe but you have to listen to it every week everybody to tell,
let’s ride the best way to keep up with the course is to subscribe to this podcast if you haven’t done that,
iTunes new Apple podcasts of course we still say iTunes but more like apple podcasts alright Google has its Android has a dedicated podcast app you can use Google music as well as a dedicated Android.
Podcast app basic Spartan but if that’s actually very functional Pocket Cast is popular with us when it hurts. That’s my go-to so if your Spotify.

[1:06:45] Search for this week in Mormons where you’ll also find our theme song for your own streaming pleasure all the stuff is there for you folks likewise,
should have sent email to send me an email contact at this week. Com Jeff at this week in Mormons., whatever you wanted to be in a course go to our website this week in Mormons. Calm and if you are not a patron of the spine show you should become one
patreon.com patreon. Com this weekend Mormons where you can show your twin love,
by pledging a whopping $2 a month $1 a month,
and I would love it because our hosting fees cost more than $1 a month let me I will tell you that much right now,
it would just be useful as all I’m saying is very nice anyway Kurt of course you can find out about leading Saints. Org.
If you want to email Kurt yet admitted leading Saints current leading Saints.
Org chart at leading Saints works are or we have a contact page you going to leaving st. Org contact and that’ll make,
that right there is called that is a CTA call to action.

[1:07:54] That’s right we got to a lot of good stuff over there leading Saints I would love to have you there experience,
setting up an auto zombie without related to leadership and especially welfare and stuff in the church today which is really compelling it was,
drug Effexor Legend Jordan want to start with it if you haven’t listened to his they’re all good stuff folks hope you have a great week.

[1:08:26] We don’t have the things I don’t care this week in Mormons is a production of everyone who’s here we hope you all have a terrific week be well be holy in D.

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