EP 414 – When a Spouse Leaves the Church: Navigating Mixed-Faith Marriage

How do you navigate a relationship when your spouse leaves the Church? Allan and Kattie Mount of the Marriage on a Tightrope podcast join us to discuss.

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ouples enter into temple marriage with lofty expectations. You’ll expand your careers. Settle down some more. Have kids. Buy a house. Send kids on missions and to college. Have grandkids. Grow old. And all the while, you’ll stay faithful to the Church.

But that’s not the case for everyone. On this week’s show, we’re joined by Allan and Kattie Mount, host of the podcast Marriage on a Tightrope. They met as missionaries in Spain, getting married within less than a year of Allan returning from his mission. Both have served faithfully in numerous callings. However, over the past few years, life experiences and study have led Allan to remove himself from the Church. But Kattie remains. And they remain faithful to each other. How can a couple remain a couple when half of that couple has seemingly reneged on a core facet of their relationship?

We’d like to stress that This Week in Mormons is “pro Church,” as they say. While we welcome healthy discussion on complicated topics, we do hope people will find themselves better off in than out. That said, we think there is much to learn from our fellow brothers and sisters who experience things differently than we do. And we also hope that Allan and Kattie’s story can help not just those in mixed-faith relationships, but also all of us as Latter-day Saints in being a little bit more open, honest, patient, and loving with one another.


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