EP 417 – Tell Me About This ‘Frappuccino’

If the Word of Wisdom changes, will you start drinking coffee? New seminary curriculum. President Nelson's amazing 95th birthday party!

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]uge news this past week as the Church moved to align seminary’s curriculum with the Come, Follow Me materials. What does this mean? It means kids will still attend seminary following their academic year, but they will follow the calendar year for gospel study, effectively splitting each academic year across two different books of study.

In more administrative news, ward financial clerks may now issue reimbursements electronically through the online donation portal. This is an awesome way to save time and paper for all involved!

We’ve got plenty of predictions and thoughts on the upcoming General Conference. Will the mutual program be altered? Will the Word of Wisdom be rescinded? Will passive voice continue to be used as we move further away from the tenure of President Monson?

New research shows that Latter-day Saints approve of Donald Trump, but not at the same level as they typically do for Republican presidents. Jana Riess has the rundown.

Awesome-but-legally-iffy filtered streaming service VidAngel was back in court a few weeks ago, where it lost the copyright infringement lawsuit brought against it by the big studios. Will the service survive? VidAngel stands to be fined millions of dollars.

President Nelson turns 95 in September. As such, the Church has decided to throw a grand celebration in his honor. While this is all good fun and happiness, does it lean on hero worship? When do we cross the line in revering a prophet?

Excellent website CityLab ran a piece about the nature and purpose of temple architecture. It’s great to see a mainstream site going in depth on such things.

In keeping with mainstream coverage, CNN ran a lengthy piece about why the Church is moving away from all things “Mormon.”

Relative Race is back on the air, and our own Jeff Borders is publishing reviews of each episode. As best as we can tell, not even the Deseret News is covering it.

Coming back to the Word of Wisdom, new research shows that scalding hot tea may cause cancer because of damage to the esophagus. Scalding hot anything might damage the esophagus, of course.

Russell Stevenson, the Mormon History Guy, ran a piece about the “whitewashing” of the Church – how international coverage focuses too much on the experience through the eyes of expats as opposed to the lived experience of true natives.

Latter-day Saint Video Vault is back with a terrific review of The Mailbox, a dour 1970s classic!

Make sure to visit LeadingSaints.org/Questioning to bookmark the Questioning Saints virtual summit. You don’t want to miss this!


[0:38] Hello everyone welcome to a fabulous episode of this week in Mormons.
We’re so happy you’re here what a great time for everyone it’s March it’s the first day of spring and I’m in a basement with a blanket around my person because otherwise my hands would be cold I am joined,
this week by none other than Kirk Frank bleeding Saints.
I’m back Jeff and an aunt spring time is upon us and it’s beautiful outside here in Utah anyways.
Yes well they do Deseret does mean beautiful honey bee as everyone know right.
Beautiful honey bee have you been Jeff what’s what’s new in your world not too shall be my friend,
let’s see if I knew in my what might the newest thing in my world is the exciting world of home renovation it’s getting real so that’s sort of that’s been consuming my life of late
yep you’re living the American dream here what are you doing to the home show this and that were cussing up the kitchen a little bit I’ve been I’ve started to finishing out some unfinished
parts of my basement on my own it’s just a big mess it’s really getting that as you finally getting that yes I see it.
Number of boxes that items and then things could thaw everything’s crazy that’s been consuming me finally getting that to theater room.

[2:04] It’s not one of those Renovations other stuff in the basement unfinished the finished part so I can convert it into a theater room.
With no windows your man cave. Oh yeah I’m going to stream some sweet hundred and twenty eight bit audio.

[2:23] Really high-end stuff movie night at the open shots we audio files would get that joke maybe Kurt does I don’t know you Outsource most of your audio production at this point I did I hate editing audio Jeff so.

[2:35] I’d much rather somebody else do it well that’s fine,
so you know we’re hanging out you know weather is finally getting better and March of the POTUS I’m excited for conference in just a couple of weeks to crazy it’s already it’s already here.
And the love spring conference it said there’s a little bit extra.
Just like excitement about I feel like I grew going into spring and the summer in,
it’s not like jewelry winner and yeah I love spring conference the most if I had a favor conference it would be so are you bummed that we were going to have priests in me again this time around his back after we got it off for the first time in a hundred fifty years or whatever.
Lots of October now I’m only getting my ice cream night once a week year so I take it when I can get it.
Do you do anything after the priesthood meeting do I do anything after mission walk you through the evolution of.

[3:31] Brother openshaw in priesthood meeting for most of my life went when I was a young man a teenager my uncle would always take me to priesthood meeting and he’d take me to dinner afterwards and California you’re done by 7 p.m. so you know you just,
thanks for dinner or something and that was lovely and as I got older I did that with my dad and my brother we do this and that.
Call I don’t remember anything that I don’t know and then number of years ago they decided to do the right thing and start streaming priesthood meeting online.

[4:01] That was a big change for me because rather than do anything I sell the couch with my wife eating some pizza or whatever probably nothing cuz it starts at 8 p.m. on the East Coast,
and just enjoy streaming it then I was calling an Elders Quorum president so I was like all right I’ll tell the company line a little bit here I’ll be a good soldier
and I started attending and not only got organizing events and out here since it’s so late usually do stuff beforehand that’s more common so we would usually.

[4:30] Yeah get together like a Five Guys or something and have some Burgers and Shakes and then go to priesthood meeting that was kind of the tradition and then fall asleep with the the sugar crash into the stake center and I was sitting there on the in the,
overflow with a Five Guys shake just sitting there like sipping it while I’m watching Freedom it was a great evening for me just own it man and then I got released and I haven’t got back,
so that’s my evolution of priesthood,
I will most likely be watching it at home unless I decide I want to socialize with the brother in my ward but I’ve already tried that it hasn’t really had any success so why try again I’m good do you get the do you get the sword of the passive aggressive a guilt trip from,
local leaders like hey you know we are broadcasting at the Stake Center it would be great if you came or anything like that,
it’s a mix I haven’t seen anything of it yet this time around not even or Nora mention of ice cream before hand or meal or whatever,
I don’t know if that’ll be happening or not they are running out of time I mean that’s.

[5:33] One more Sunday the 5th Sunday so it’s even harder for me every week and they had to last Sunday and they said nothing about it.

[5:43] So do you think that’s the least in our United States experience that’s going to go away as far as the the Broadcasting.

[5:52] Well I don’t know I mean the broadcasting has been going on there for a while a problem if it would have the broadcast now for like 5 years or so at this point right it’s been a good stretch and I think plenty of people still.
Opted to go in person and have that experience even though I’m a chump and I watch the broadcast at my house by preference
I’ve even assumed one like when my sons are older I’d actually prefer to take them in person and make it like a thing to be going to do together to make it more of that full and meaningful.
So I don’t know I don’t think going to die I’d love to hear from our listeners about that one though but I still feel like a lot of people go.
But I did have that one I was always corn present that was also in part because the stake presidency was really pushing like alright everybody this is all nice and well and good.
But let’s be together as brother and I said alright fine I will if I must.

[6:46] So many Traditions related to General Conference there are adjusting for many people I mean with the you know the,
Twitter happening for many people that sort of a become a thing and hashtag General Conference only works because Twitter double their character count if they would have kept it at 1:40 this would have been a disaster LDS Conference much shorter I need waste a lot of valuable space.

[7:09] Lost a lot of baptisms over that one but luckily they they expanded so cool I should ask you how you’re doing we never got to that prints you can tell us afterwards.
What what’s the Scott what’s the scuttlebutt what are you here what’s going to change this time around are we expecting more sea change in the church or can we just finally settle in and have a quote on quote.

[7:32] Normal General Conference you know I think there was a shift again I’m not in these meetings I don’t hear anything. I’m just cuz everyone’s beliefs.
But I think like the last time the last Conference in October it was so distracted by Route the rumor mill and to our church and which candidate,
so right yeah and I think that’s what they’ve learned is what why don’t we spread these out across Fridays in between.
Conferences and then yeah we can still address them but it’s not going to be like oh they did they announce it there it is and I don’t know what I did but anything else was mentioned but,
wow here’s the announcement you know letters of late or every few weeks we get the Friday drop and
and I think that will take place I am not expecting at least I’m sort of hoping I just want to I just want the good old conference or we go,
year some great talks and we talked about those talks and we re digest those talks,
and it’s wonderful rather than like okay now so what do we do now and how will that work and when does it start in October was
well it’s based in Doctrine and Revelation Revelation and all that it was all it was administrivia pretty strongly let me know I mean I can barely remember some of the more.

[8:56] Classic Conference gospel Focus talks because so much time was devoted to all the other stuff and it just kind of took the air out of the room for anything else so I would I too would welcome a return to normalcy.
But as far as rumors we hear the biggest one I’ve heard about I can’t fathom how this would actually take actually occur is that the word of wisdom will be amended.

[9:18] Have you not heard this this is been going around I’ve heard it but then so the the rumors I hear they’re sort of,
I mean not that that’s like super out there but man that would be Monumental right.
As a sensual I guess you could say it is now you know that wasn’t part of a t I recommend process it was more
like to paraphrase the Pirates movies more set of guidelines and actual rules right but now it it’s rules and we strongly identify with all that that would be crazy cuz I mean think about this car.
If they’ve been 2 weeks present Nelson gets up there and says.
You know what your good have your coffee would you going to Starbucks and say.

[10:04] Tell me about this Frappuccino tell me more right now that would be it would probably take me sometime for sure I mean or if I would even.

[10:15] Even go that way because it is so ingrained in my right to my personal theology that I don’t know,
but what were you think about it the memories I think they can’t do it is purely Financial cuz his Latter Day Saints to we pay our tithing
if you’re good letter you sent me to pay your tithing stop listening now we don’t belong here but if but you pay your tithing.
And just kidding okay guys I’m kidding but we don’t drink.

[10:43] Or coffee with basically other people spend most of their money there I’m going to spend 10% of their money on alcohol and whatever else we make up for that with sugar and.
We can’t be tides and buy booze because then we lose 20% of our income and we all become financially insolvent that’s not Provident living ladies and gentlemen and they’re not going to teach that in the self-reliance we consider this financial.
Approach that this perspective of an interesting word pragmatic tangible approach to things you’ll see what really goes on behind the scenes of Revelation I’m pretty sure,
so if they did a man that their wisdom would they would they only,
remove things from the Do Not list or would they add things to do like the deciding this Welker,
I don’t think I would hope for is it instead of any of that they put more emphasis on the things you should do,
like Bryce Nelson straight up get there instead of the word of wisdom a turd everybody but we’re always focused on the stuff that is prescribed.
I want to talk about how you need to be better about like not eating like we have an obesity issue we have diabetes we have all these issues like me to take better care of our bodies that would be a cool conference talk.

[12:02] We must run a half marathon at least once a year that is part of our.
That’s a new part of our our Doctrine I guess what sort of wisdom its docking we’re straight up amending Doctrine and Covenants 89 or interpreting it as it were.
I don’t know that before this thing I love about rumors like that is if that were true or something like that even to our church is mostly administrative so I can see how that got out there somehow but straight up a mending scripture.

[12:29] Or other you know something that has as strongly identified as Mormon culture and essence.
Who knew you would know about that that high of a level cuz I’m assuming it it drops after 15 individuals who have a clue that that would be coming,
who would be leaking that out that’s what I mean we knew what we know it’s Elder cook but really who would be leaking that out to everyone.
For somebody to get this idea otherwise it probably would you think it would be like that by now or these rumors,
of one of these rumors because if you were to trace it all the way back I’m like I don’t think anyone in the 12,
or the first presidency or maybe the presidents of the seventy it’s just kind of casually saying to a guy at Carl’s Junior High by the by.
See a copy or selling that’s going to be legitimate in a month-and-a-half and then from there flourishes I mean that’s not going to happen,
yeah I know any other rumors that are worth mentioning to the center of the rumor mill what changes like to Alliant more with Seminary even and we’ll talk a bit more about Seminary
later on I heard that.
And we’ll probably get the the you know detailed talk from elder rasband or somebody about the.

[13:54] You know that the changes now that scouting is going away right like here’s the booklet here’s what the picture looks like on the front and yours are going on with that she hasn’t had scouting so I feel like we would have been up to and just move on.
With our Affairs what I have found curious at least in my unit is there almost doubling down on scouting while we still have it.

[14:16] Straight up site like calling more people is Cub leaders and things to try to power some kind of Sprint to the end I guess I don’t know what it’s about.

[14:24] I would say that is,
atypical in the in the church right now that people are angry already phased it out and they sort of just give it lip service and move Eagle projects in the right whatever.
Good on you have you heard any other random Rumors in your circles there’s a couple other ones but I’m not
remember Aunt press you are my circle Jeff you don’t know how this is possible given what you do I did hear I did read somewhere that when rumor is that they which applies to to my
organization. That there will be a more formal approach to church leader training
now that’s which I can welcome I can see that not being a conference thing but I could see that happening now that seems more like another Friday release you know what’s going to happen we’re changing stuff.
4 Bishops were to have what they should have hit the hotline would only get to like polemic here but.
Do you think there should be something like a hotline for members for members who filled they receive unfair treatment from leadership because you read this.
Golden blogs and such I believe the people who ride it.
We’re fallible individuals and leaders might be in perfect but you also realize I’m pretty.

[15:40] Frustrating stories and I wonder if video.
If there was a hot line as far as how to be used in button in a sense I mean
in theory there is a hotline in. They tell everything go there their stake president or even even writing letters even they say they don’t write a letter like as a bishop I received a
personal phone call from president Oaks one day because of a letter
well it was about me but and he said why are people not contact me why am I getting this bishop Frank I don’t know he was like he was very like kind and sincere of wanting to help this member when we understand the situation and other,
that what I explained to him is that.
This member lived in a in a care center almost like a halfway house but with the treated people for mental illness and she was
definitely had some serious mental illness and once I explain that to him he’s like well do you think there is anything else I should follow through with this and I said,
nope and then I invited him to my ward sometime and then that was the end of conversation ever showed up.

[16:48] It’s all right. That means that means they only give visit those words that are in trouble.
As eifert I guess so that’s kind of funny.
I give you this card do you know how to contact the brother and directly cuz we here all the time you know don’t it’s it’s this classic dichotomy a conference where they are elsewhere where her see do not.
Email the brother in with your concerns don’t write letters talk to your local authorities but then they go on and then read.
Letters and anecdotes to illustrate points in conference that’s valid in the concept of writing them directly but I also want to know where everyone’s getting their email address cuz not listed online like under the contact us page
Church of Jesus Christ. Org I think it’s generally typically through.

[17:37] Through letters but I would say if anybody is planning to write a letter,
you better write it with the assumption that your Bishop will someday read it because they whether they responded directly themselves they do for it on 2,
local leaders I did have a few instances where I got those letters I was asked to approach this member about it and one member in particular was completely embarrassed that the letter,
made it onto my desk not that it said anything about me specifically but I know she really did intend it to be for only the president monson’s eyes only but that’s just.
He can’t respond to it and it got forwarded to me as the bishop so just if you do write that letter know that okay am I willing to also have a conversation with my state prison or Bishop about what I’m writing I also have a good suggestion,
now from what I’ve seen from the church employees before.
The typical email format everybody is last name first initial second initial at which work domain. Org so I encourage you all do Oaks DH.

[18:35] At Church of Jesus Christ. Org I just tell me what happened.
You’re going to get a phone call from president Oaks now this is I would love that we have a great chat I apologize I gave away your email but how are things.
I just don’t guess work maybe they have something more cryptic to get to theirs I have no idea.

[18:56] Anyway this morning after some conference. I think we’ll do some Temple predictions will will bring those are probably next week we’re still at working on our final.
West Valley City by hometown,
we need a temple there’s a beautiful place about you know 5353 together but continue as we were.
Yeah yeah. Anyway so I’m really praying for West Valley City Temple I’ve seen that bounce around a bit
based on the way the stick structures are right now and some of the Democrat
6 it’s a possibility sucks some you’re giving me hope instead of that so.

[19:43] Some people call for a temple a temple in Tooele is with Tooele and I can see that.
So the rumor you hear about this and I hope this never happens.
Is that there’s potential they could do away with live endowment sessions which are only done in the Salt Lake in the Manti Temple and that’s it.

[20:04] And if they did that it would require fewer Temple workers which makes sense or do you have to have a lot more involved for a live session and that’s it would free them up to assist and other Temple such as something like a two-wheel attempt.
Where are there lots of Temple workers that come from out there what you know west of the Salt Lake Valley.
Yeah but instead but I feel like losing the live session would be just I’d really really.
Really really sad I like keep worrying there to do it to Manti like they’ll leave it in Salt Lake but they’ll tell Manti like a look you’ve been kind of going rogue on this one for a while.
There’s only 50 people left in your town we’ve got it, I think it was wonderful wonderful a part of her history.

[20:47] And yeah I think you learn different things about when you do the endowment with live as well.
I know I don’t I think it’s awesome so I hope I’m hopeful for West Valley City for you my friend pull in for Orem.
Or on that sounds like one of those that that’s expected but there’s actually like there’s like twenty three steaks and warm to feed him to the Provo Temple so and it with this movement towards some smaller temples I don’t think it would be.

[21:13] There would be an audible Hoot and Holler holler in the in the conference center,
suddenly turn into a why don’t why don’t you blame Nelson RM at Church of Jesus Christ. Org,
because he clearly relishes the experience of doing this he knows he’s got everyone eating out of his hand and he is just part A this is fun,
I’ve also heard about Heber I can actually see Heber to Heber Valley area getting one that would kind of make sense you don’t have much in the way of Park City cuz they are Godless Communists but everywhere else.

[21:53] True that could happen
before we do more direct news Kurt how is lead how are you how is leading Saints plug stuff for plug stuff right now,
I’m so excited for some upcoming things happening where we’ve done these virtual Summits in the past which is essentially just a virtual conference and online conference that you can attend wherever you’re at we’ve done one on motivation when I’m teaching and now I’ve got like,
90% of recorded we’re just finishing up we’re doing questioning Saints where it’s a well-rounded resource to help leaders
or anybody that interacts with individuals who may be gone through a transition of Faith or have the unquestioning and how we approach that for example I interviewed,
some some parents and then their son and his wife has the son has left the church and his wife is left the church as well and,
turn of the ups and downs they went through of maintaining their relationship and it is a phenomenal Discovery podcast.
You’re bitching out because there cuz you did not have their parents their Orthodox parents on there as well. So this will be.

[23:05] And I’m going to I’ll definitely plug your interview which was fantastic.
Which I will include to the audience that comes to the questioning Saints summer and,
ebony was so if you want more information about those you go to Leading saints.org questioning,
and they’ll be more filled air but we haven’t launched at all and for another week or so where you can register and things but it’s it’s free as you watch a day today just like if you’re go to conference,
you’d see it online and it’s going to be there some phenomenal discussions with elder hafen and Adam Miller and.
Anthony sweat and anyways awesome interview.
I love the stuff you do. I know right he’s your ex we have a fun relationship but I have like mad respect for leading Saints and all the good work you do there I have four years ago and I feel like you have just picked up so much steam in the past couple of years in particular and.

[24:03] You doing you’re doing good work my friend I’m living the dream Jeff I pinched myself and I get to put this content together and do these interviews civil right like I I wish I could I wish I could get my perfect job.

[24:17] And you can go to patreon right now folks and help Jeff move towards that dream,
it’s a Sunday I now and now a delicious combination of patreon / Google advertising its tail subsidizing,
are very expensive and my wife is now printing things thats coming out the front of my office so that you get some background noise.
I’ve got Lee children running around above me so I hear I’m glad you know I’m real person if these joist might collapse I’m not sure but.
Here we are that’ll make for some great show all right before let’s talk about Seminary changes real quick.
I think what we’ve had different experiences with Seminary as well growing up in California and you know Arkansas respectively and so okay Chris really from Utah to everybody.

[25:06] It’s okay if you missed it just came out one of these Friday news drops which is the thing lately,
this is my this is another thing it was rumored I heard I heard something’s going around 7 or he was going to change the cut to follow come follow me and I heard someone say that like before it was dropped like there’s a huge announcement coming out but this.
This was not yet you might well it’s funny you see pieces of Truth the like people said that Elder Holland was going to appear and explain cuz he chairs the education department.
And he was going to explain everything that is true in that on YouTube the church released like a minute-and-a-half video about her Holland just kind of going over the same things that were released so that did happen but just not exactly what was.

[25:48] What was rumor.

[25:50] What’s going on here is beginning in 2020 the course of study for Seminary will shift to the annual calendar instead of the school calendar and they’ll follow the same come follow me curriculum that we’re doing
everywhere else but you’ll still attend Seminary following your Academic Year so it’s kind of goofy so that means once this gets going,
you’ll be splitting your Academic Year of Seminary those in North America.
And different topics so they’re starting this year in June they’re going to switch to the New Testament that’s what we’re doing elsewhere.
So those attending it’s in the fall will pick up with the New Testament.
And then in January they will switch over to the Book of Mormon and the main reason they’re doing it now is so that we’re ready to start the Book of Mormon from the beginning come January like half the Book of Mormon and then summer vacation I guess when you’re.
In the states and then you just finished the book of Mormon on the back end of the year I have a lot of questions about this structure but here it is.

[26:46] I think this is definitely welcome because somebody in the leading Santa’s helpers group
mention the fact that they saw used it like in their in their personal progress their reading and you know trying to finish the Book of Mormon or something and then and Seminary there studying another book of scriptures and now they come for me and and there was just.
They’re everywhere right so it’s hard to create Focus especially the youth experience for on what you’re reading inside
love isn’t in fact a Navy I’m just not I’m just not in the stage of life where I have teenagers that I didn’t even consider that this was a thing and once I was napping and now it was like oh of course of course I’ll do that that’s that’s great without much of it but I think when we grew up,
even a couple of years ago our whole education in church was much more balkanize we had what we were learning in seminary we had our Sunday school class and then we go on to our auxiliaries after that.
We could be all over the place as what we were doing.
So should we were kids cuz I mean I don’t remember what the first year was for the priesthood manuals cuz they still use the now gone because of the presence of the church.
I actually do not know this this week’s magnets,
did they use those and ironic priesthood quorums did their lesson come from that as well or something else I’m pretty sure they’re there was a manual for the
so I guess it’s it’s good stuff I do admit it seems almost kind of weird.

[28:12] Because when you’re a high schooler so much revolves around your Academic Year or not the kind of have this year and when I’m going to school I will be studying The Book of Mormon just to mix it up but I understand the purpose behind it to make it stronger when you’re also going to church.

[28:25] It makes me wonder if they considered like doing it the other way where they would you know change the Sunday School manual come follow me curriculum every September
but maybe it’s easier to change just the used rather than the whole of the one thing we do do just in my stick and I’ve never seen this anywhere else we change our our,
more times you know the three words that rotate are building we do it with the school year it’s always in beginning of September
Bishop the time which I never seen before I don’t know how, that is that I’ve never experienced the kids I didn’t feel like I’m growing up and caught when I was going to school was like a major issue with how my Academic Year went but.

[29:04] And I heard someone mention that and I doubt this will be the case but someone asked a question if they’ll do Seminary graduation at the end of the calendar year you know obviously December be crazy but I know that may day is like
so crazy for many people that I think most Bishops and youth leaders in seminary staff wood
appreciate if there was a January Seminary graduate but then there’s a question this is Imagine coming back from the summer
or worse if you like you know if you move to a new area you start a new school.
I just yet there’s continuity of course if if you’re already a member but you just show up and the fall and you’re like all right everybody.
Please open your books we’re going to study Alma chapter 27 to get going again I had wondered a bit about.
The June change understand why we’re leading up to it and I’m the church’s International so it all works out fine but look at it in June,
who’s from an American perspective it’s like no one’s in school in June why is it changing in June of all times like no one’s going to say oh wow this is a cool shift this week cuz they’re not there,
no one’s in school some place to start as early as August and elsewhere and internationally I think it’s a bit different so it’s all fine but.

[30:28] I think they could have communicated that better cuz I saw that smile just like why why don’t you do it in July or.

[30:34] It’s a Myers thing but in general I just appreciate appreciate if I like just some of the Practical approaches and I don’t know if it’s just,
this is President Nelson specifically or but it just seems like as of late or just been some.
More practical policy adjustments that just make some things easier you know that the youth age advancements and things like that takes a load off.
Makes everything flow a little bit better and makes for a better member experience that’s what I’m talking about.

[31:08] So let’s let’s really typically Jeff is the one that,
bleeds out on the spreadsheets and reimbursement discussions but I’ll take this one Jeff as far as the church is gone electronic with their reimbursement process so we mixes for the board BBQ Jeff,
you would not have to Hound the word clerk with your receipts for those that don’t know what is the process it what is the process been before this though I think there’s a lot of people who are never received.
I also I don’t think that’s abnormal so if you did in the past if you did by the brownies for the barbecue
you would then take your receipt for such brownies you would take it to the clerk he would then give you a form which at form was
got to be invented by every word individually and I don’t know why we couldn’t just have a standard for but none the less we created if there was a form that you fill out what auxiliary what budget what’s it for
staple your receipt and then you would put it in the box of the clerk he would then whenever he decided to
do this at the church in the clerk’s office print off a check after it has been signed by the auxiliary leader and the bishop.
And then they turn off a check which we need two signatures from the Ward Clerk and typically the bishop or a counselor and then you’d have to mail that check or or chase that member down.
To give them the check so a lot of administrative steps that could.

[32:33] Easily be done with electronic reimburse and now they’ve moved it electronically the right they haven’t made it so you submit your reimbursal electronically
believe right I think that is still a piece of metal
yeah but that is definitely the more cuz I’m depending on the ward you know some Ward clerk some more organized than others and they can take lots of
time sometimes in some families when they you know pay for the whole food from for youth conference or the track that’s several hundreds of dollars if not thousands of dollars that
they have two floats until that reimbursement check is issued so this will be a blessing for for many but.

[33:13] The other thing like for my for my expertise I lived in a very when I was Bishop I was in a very well Fair have you bored and so to me I have actually there’s.
I don’t think there’s a way around this but other than delivering a check to me that cutting the checks was you no rent money or.
Those are words that that type of thing one thing they have streamlined that was never mentioned it was during my time as a bishop is that.
When I would refer somebody to LDS Family Services,
they would still require me to cut a check and mail them a check and finally get out to a point inside hey did do we know that we’re all one big entity and we can just transfer that money and so they started just as cool man.

[33:55] Ben doll that’s the next step child LDS FS.
Divergent you had a lot of experience with I did a little bit of the finance clerk at BYU so we don’t have a lot of reimbursements in that stage but it happened I took a lot of time.
I can’t imagine now I mean clear still give up a lot of time but if you’re not doing online you’re doing much less in person tithing and you don’t have to deal with,
how do people that protects giving Financial their lives back.

[34:26] Which I think this leads into a larger issue or a larger concept that’s happening is that just the diminishing.
Callings are just diminishing more more either they’re just removing callings altogether or the responsibilities and callings are getting more simplistic and,
I don’t know where the balance is but I know individuals I find so much purpose in even you know even if they are the membership Clerk or the financial Clerk and they’re just going to to cut a check like that that’s just their way of serving right now be so we can
you know stay too archaic in our approaches but but be like that.
Individuals are just less and less for the roles and responsibilities that need Manpower.
No end in the United States Blue Collar jobs you know manufacturing jobs all sorts of things and,
it’s easy to put the culprits here and there but a lot of it is because of Automation and we’re not doing automation of the church but it isn’t technology reduces,
are dependency for actual man hours to get things done and it is going to be interesting how we do that cuz we can’t get away with just calling somebody as the.

[35:35] You know I don’t know I’ve been done away with this thing is so important.

[35:43] I like Ward Mission leader is is.
More than you know absorbed by the elders but it’s different I mean like a Communications chair might still exist that’s vastly different than it would have been.
Years ago when I’m pretty much consisted of printing programs and now you’re talkin about like know you got to do the online newsletter and maybe run this Facebook group for us and just just very different,
is executive secretary I can’t imagine how much harder this would have been years ago when all I would have had with my white printed up in a list of the ward roster.
And a physical calendar that I’m somehow sharing with the bishop.
To keep things together versus now I just do everything Google Docs and it’s fine you know we share calendar and it’s easy so,
it. It doesn’t take back off less time for me than it would have 10 years ago I’m sure and I know it like in the 80s like,
transferring a membership record like that was a process right like you print it out and put it in an envelope if you got to look at the right unit and whatever and now it’s like
you can watch do it in the middle of a Netflix show use on your phone speaking of presidents Jeff
how about a president Nelson who is throwing a mad party at the conference center he’s turning 95 years old.

[36:59] And I think we did this for president hinckley’s well he had a 95th birthday and yes you did yes you did.
And so what are you going to show up.

[37:22] Well there are going to be out of there in a phrase it entertainment groups.
Performances I would say what else Jeff Derby speaker.
Sing the Happy Birthday song public domain.

[37:44] Technically when they sing at the present Hinckley when I believe they would have had to you know.
Pay for the rights for everyone to sing that the conference center knows that was a probably but then a judge rule.
Proclaim performers in distinguished guest Jeff distinguish.

[38:06] They will be responsible for entertaining the masses before President Nelson
Matt Nelson asked are you not entertained this is written in the words of Jeff open I don’t know why this sort of tongue and cheek piece
that the Jeff articles this the slain that snark but that’s good
snhu you just as if to throw shade of the mini Latter Day Saint couples that giving me a few months notice before their nuptials
the church is revealed there will be a party for president Nelson 6 months away how’s that for notification.

[38:40] Yeah I don’t know I felt this one I think it’s fine I guess there’s a part of me that sort of laughs at these big profit celebrations like is it
I don’t know why Kira worship that kind of thing just makes sense place especially especially that the Instagram generation that were in right where we sort of idolized people we see on the screen and I’m afraid
I don’t think anybody’s intentionally doing it or or that weird but it just sucks or spill over into that that you know,
president Nelson is his famous like I don’t know whether.
Instagram celebrities right and he’s an influencer.
That’s right but it is interesting this is the day that spills over into spring from leadership context that this feels over to you know Ward experience or being the stake president or being that the bishop that they’re sort of this.

[39:34] Undo notoriety that comes with it which obviously they they they represent keys and priesthood and things like that but it just gets weird where we,
we’re shaking your hand for the wrong reason so I think it’s like we want to love the prophet and all he does.
But I guess I could totally see the other side of Saint like what like why we shouldn’t we just wanted to kind of quietly go about his business and help us be better people,
I publish some publishing photos in in the paper of him at home with his family blowing a bitch I believe this is the first time.
What are here like they’ve done one of these and they’ve only been president for the church for a year there’s some goofy stat.
Because he’s only been Church president for 14 months and he’s 9500.

[40:23] He’s a very he’s a sprightly 95 year old boys going to give it is remarkable what we can do I have a 93 year old grandfather who’s quite spry but I cannot imagine him doing the things that President Nelson.
It’s for marcona me to give you a quick mention here to this has to do with the.
Are good friends in Utah vidangel a service that I think genuinely worked pretty well and has been nice to use when I’ve used it man but
does vidangel days we won’t get those back Jack those were some sweet still there I wonder if some of the Studio’s brought against it for copyright infringement,
if you’re unfamiliar with vidangel it’s now it’s a streaming platform essentially.

[41:11] 12 Bougainville but I really want to watch sicario,
but I want to get rid of the R-rated content in this we know the violence in the language and such and vidangel it just like your filters as you wanted them to be they didn’t tell you what how did Judge went was appropriate for you or your family
and then you could chew it up and it would kind of run their little,
filters through it and say it’s ready to go and then you watch the movie and it worked pretty darn well actually I thought it was really good as a good service it was too good because the studios were like what you doing to our stuff,
you don’t have anybody’s approval for this and so they got they were sued by a book by Disney and Warner Brothers.
All these other and I think Universal was involved in it to sew a judge came down on the side of the big studios and they were their guilty of copyright infringement but for only 2015 to 2016,
so back then such a weird model but we’ve been Angel did for legal reasons was they owned.
Individual physical copies of the DVD or Blu-ray if you watch an HD that you decided to quote on quote rent and the way their business model work was,
for the consumer was you bought the movie for like 20 bucks dude you were buying a Blu-ray of sicario.
And then you said but then it’ll just going to help me watch it how I want to watch it.

[42:31] And you can filter to watch the movie and you can keep it you can pay the $20 and never give it back and then you own a copy of sicario to edit as you please you no pick and choose what you want to do or you could sell it back to them.
About 4:18 or $19 depending on if you watched an HD or not.

[42:49] And then they will go back to your credit for vidangel so basically you were renting movies for 1 Buck or two bucks and they were and that was a sweet thing about it yet is like.
Like why would I go to even $5 Tuesdays when I can wait a little longer I could watch the movie free HD HD rental,
from iTunes or Amazon or Google going to be for five bucks.
So you can see what the studios took issue with this even though they were somewhere making money because Britain was buying the the DVD of the film.
And then buying and selling and trading it just like the olden days when you might sell back your DVDs to Blockbuster was kind of the same idea so the judge said yeah that doesn’t fly now that angel has to await.
Sentencing in Civil Court which basically me and how much they’re actually going to show in June.

[43:38] I don’t have any was going to survive the catch make this this dry bar comedy and be a business so,
well but they’re still doing like you can filter Amazon what they did a couple of years ago now that kind of came back
readjusted things and now you can link your your only your Netflix and Amazon account they said HBOGo was coming but I don’t think it ever took over happen
and you can link them and so that everything that you can stream by already paying for those Services all right you’re not getting free access to Netflix or anything,
you can do the same editing as you wanted it basically that I think it actually gives you a single line interface to scroll through like multi-services which is kind of cool I mean if you just want to look and say.

[44:19] That was me I was like I can see what I’ve got on Amazon and on Netflix at the same time.
Are there any soccer filters watching movies do what you want they haven’t sued them yet or anything I don’t know how long that can possibly last it seems like a pretty solid approach to it since you’re not circumventing the
but the producer knows about the producers but they did their sexually exploiting
the terms of service the actual code of Netflix and Amazon to build a kind of hack in there and do this and I know I believe this is the approach both of them about this and then discussions but I’ve never received the go-ahead from other one to do it so,
I don’t know so,
yeah you’re still being a machine model and approach good for you you might have to wonder how it’s going to be.

[45:09] Yeah but they they’re making plenty money making commercials as well this is the Harmon Brothers got to make like The Squatty Potty and commercials and Poo Pourri and,
all that good stuff anyway. They’re not a sponsor of this week in Mormons just to go there not and we didn’t feel anything for a while there’s actually enjoy the service but I don’t know how ya thing was
it’s like a great service but objectively I don’t see the good legal ground there on no so we’ll have a few more minutes do you want to hit on before we wrap it up.
Let’s see we already touched on the word of wisdom but I guess there’s a.

[45:46] Study that says hot tea will kill you it will stimulate cancer cells in your esophagus is that what it was.

[45:55] So there you go folks why is it just cuz it’s so hot like it just says it’s called your throat and that’s what causes problems I guess I mean maybe just like sunburn to stimulate skin cancer may be the same type of thing is happening it seems kind of.

[46:11] Too simplistic but yeah I mean there’s something I wanted so wonderful acts of an ice cube in your T folks
some quick mentions a city lab which is owned by the Atlantic group does great writings kind of related to City development and things like that’s a great great website they published it terrific article last week understand.
They said the headliners is understanding the new Mormon temple in Rome the original name as you can see by the URL is
why Mormon temples kind of look the same like an understanding of LDS temple architecture temple being dedicated.
But it really goes in pretty good detail about the history of temples what they are why they’re shaped the way they are with the rooms are there at the Cutaway picture of the Salt Lake Temple that you can see at Temple Square
in the what is at South Visitor Center,
it’s a good long read that’s very interesting you talk about the different styles it went through and why they came and went in and left I don’t even think it was written by a Latter-Day Saint so that’s worth your time I think we’ll link to that I’d say go read it also
check out our good coverage of relative race everybody Jeff borders have been hauling on that I can’t even keep up with them everything’s publishing.

[47:20] Although that’s something about you TV.
And see people meet their families and have very cathartic experiences you know reconnecting with loved ones or connecting with them for the first time since I had entirely dead.
Tell Jenny ology lines and they want to fill in those gaps and they learn about those things and the last will plug I’ll do here the mailbox everybody.
The mailbox home Latter-Day Saint video God has another post about if you don’t have another one up this Friday I’m not going to tell you which one actually I will tell you which one it is it involves a bath soon.
If anyone knows what the phone calls coming away at the end of the week everybody but for now I’ll go check out the mailbox mailbox that was my go-to to change up district meeting on my mission.
Wheel out the TV and watch the phone call from the the word like want to pull your bassone.

[48:13] It’s like balloons always the first time I saw the mailbox I didn’t know anything about in Back to the Future that’s all I knew is like the one who works at McDonald’s in beginning and later on if he still lives at home for some reason if nobody’s fixed everything.
Martin the phone call as the guy from Superman that played Jimmy in sucks what I meant people and it said one who dies cuz no one cares about her it’s really touching
what is still on like the LDS LDS YouTube page by the church your property if you want to watch it.

[48:54] What you want to bring up this week Kurt.

[48:58] Tell Jeff I just always appreciate the opportunity to get my two cents on what’s Happening.

[49:08] Meaning of the church.
Volume those volunteers were released from jail and Russia at their home now or at least one of them is an Idaho continuing his release back into the wild
get out of here I just ran,
Nordstrom I want to know just Reverend Bill Russell Stevenson the Mormon history guy what a pretty interesting piece for us all but called whitewashing in the church and how we erase the voice of Latter-day Saints abroad
he talked about a lot of things but the basic structure was because LDS living public nautical. Member families from around the world but they remember family they focused on were basically expat Americans they weren’t like profiling.
Native members in this area is it was more like through the lens of others are on a whole think piece on this that’s worth getting into we don’t have time for it now but you should go read it very academic.
You’ll enjoy that’s it cool Jeff.

[50:11] What’s Kurt said is patreon folks going to pledge their a dollar a month you have a dollar a month even though but next time hurts your Starbucks might be okay for you to buy don’t waste your money on that.
Dollar mother patreon please visit us at this week in Mormons. Calm and follow us on Facebook and gauge with the twin community.
And I also Twitter I guess we’ll be there for General Conference keep an eye out for good for a temple predictions will try to publish that here within the next 10 days or so and you can sound off on those things.

[50:41] Thank you for doing reading Saints.

[50:43] Yes I plan to continue doing it for that and you can subscribe to our podcast the same way you’re listening to this podcast leading Saints,
do you have a real quick do you have any recent episodes or upcoming episodes that you would particularly like to.

[51:03] Yeah you interviewed Brittany Ellis who is a gay Mormon and she talked about the how we can better approach in assist the LGBT youth that come to church with us in our there or,
you know
whether they’re out or not and it was a fascinating discussion you know especially when he gets into the details of you know what he do with the girls camp or what do you do at a youth conference or you know that sort of thing when there are
LGBT youth presents and so these are conundrums that leaders find themselves in the hopefully we’ve give you some best practices to help you out of that so that’s a good place to start,
and those things I can’t remember my interview two weeks ago but.
Honey where you start is the most recent episode was called good better best best of the addiction recovery program an interview with Brad Barker.

[51:55] That we we in the weeds a little bit for addiction recovery but definitely one that any any leader you even talked to Jenna Reese.
Yeah and Rosie card Lenny on Mormons.
Bellevue be well and be holy and be happy I’m Jeff is skirt this week in Mormons over for the week but not over in your heart.

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