EP 416 – Donny Is the Peacock

Seminary students participate in faux Church disciplinary councils, a full rundown of Mormons in reality television, and Sister Nelson is just like us!

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]eal-life sisters Tiffany and Arianne are back for their monthly venture into the titillating world of suburban Idaho womanly Latter-day Saintness!

In life news, Arianne organizes her ward’s first Relief Society birthday dinner in years. It seems many wards are doing it for the first time in year. What about yours?

Tiffany’s kids are straight up doing mock disciplinary councils in seminary. Have you heard of this? This comes straight out of CES via release-time seminary. All live the council of love.

It’s a bit of a pop culture week (which, admittedly, we love). We’re everywhere!

Logan Johnson, a competitor on American Idol, is actually in Arianne’s ward! He graduated from Centennial High School in 2016. Logan has struggled with addiction to pain killers, which is part of his story. He’s been sober for some time, and he’s using the show as a platform for his issues. And he made it to Hollywood!

There’s some random show on Fox called The Masked Singer, and Marie Osmond appears to have slipped that her brother, Donny, might be the eponymous singer! There’s a peacock or something and a picture of the Angel Moroni. It’s all very confusing. I mean just look at this peacock. Donny is the peacock.

Also, Project Runway is back, also with Mormons, err, Latter-day Saints. Also, The Jets are profiled in the media again. The Jets! The Jets are trying to return!

We covered all things Rome Italy Temple last week, but check out the wonderful video of Sister Wendy Nelson, wife of Church president Russell M. Nelson, as they recounts the experience of being the prophet’s wife, including Costco runs! Imagine running into the Nelson’s at Costco! After one such run was when they found out about the death of President Monson. We also learn about how President Nelson receives revelation. How neat!

The Church news has a full article, but watch the video below.

Care to get into some early conference rumors? What are the ones you’ve heard? Testimony meeting getting the ax? Missions decreasing to 18 months? Word of Wisdom changes?

There’s a new letter out dictating the terms of the Church’s and Boy Scouts eventual divorce. Who gets the terrier?!

Reimbursements have gone electronic! You now don’t have to receive a check from the ward clerk and can instead receive your funds right back in your bank account.

LDS Living does it again! They have the story from a TLC program about twin sisters that married twin brothers. What could possible go wrong?!

In Mormons Behaving Badly™, a wonderful STANDING BISHOP is arrested as part of a human trafficking and prostitution ring. Lovely!

The Tabernacle Choir gets down with its bad self by releasing its first CD of hymns in many years, dubbed Let Us All Press On. It includes a song by President Nelson, if we’re not being hagiographic enough for you of late.


[0:18] Hello everyone welcome to this we can Mormon women sisters and they said yes we are the twin sisters I am Tiffany nails and I Miriam,
cuz we are here for our monthly podcasts right now the month of March is a lightning you with that where was it just called us in last week’s podcast.
The he said that we would be coming to you from us Southern Idaho with our mom version of wife.
The mom take the mom take on that God I do feel like we should say we are also real life sister.
And the reason I say that is I had a friend that started listening recently and she said do it with actual sister
we’re actually said that we actually are sisters not only are we sisters in the gospel we’re sisters on family search
hey wash and we’re going to talk some Mormon news stories that have been happening lately will its first get caught up with kind of like what’s going on in our lives.
I’m at the church front that’s right yet so biggest thing for me right now is.

[1:25] The Relief Society birthday dinner so it is the month of March is the time tomorrow night and we are bringing it back really see.
It’s been a couple years since I think we’ve had a Relief Society birthday dinner yeah so what are you guys doing well so my calling right now is
I’m over the committee to plan the Relief Society event okay this Ward hasn’t done a dinner.
Since I’ve moved in so at least a couple of years wow they haven’t done the birthday dinner so we’re bringing it back okay so
we’re just going to have a pasta bar in the speaker and musical number and
we kind of have this Purge theme going talking about different bags with different stages in your lap bags that you carry around not bags under your eyes although those may also be present all day and.
Yes and I have seen your purse decorations and they are quite frankly adorably cute I hope the sisters of your ward appreciate them.
It’ll be fine words that we’re excited so well I want to share with you what happened with my son in seminary.

[2:34] Now I kind of gave you a little teaser about this but I have not talked to you about I’ve been anxiously waiting she told me like over a week ago I did she had a hilarious.
Seminary story I don’t know if I’d call it hilarious but it’s just an interesting cemeteries or interesting and he’s a freshman in high school.
Add because we live here in the fair state of Idaho especially Southern Idaho where we’re located. There’s a fair number of Mormons that they all have release time Seminary.

[3:08] So he comes home from school probably about 10 days or so ago and he says to Darren and I he says that hey.

[3:16] We did a church court in seminary.

[3:19] What I know so Darren and I kind of shoot this look to each other like is he for real but here’s the thing with teenagers like you have to like
not your back any emotion that you have if you want them to talk to you and her had so even though Darren and I are both going
week is he for real we are masking that emotion and so we go
really Mark tell us about this and so Adair and says we’ll how many people were on this court and Darren’s is over there were 12 people.
And then Darren acid he said well did you have leadership and my senses yeah I was the stake president.
It made March 6th president volunteer to be the stake president so then I said did you have counselors and he said yeah they were girls
and I thought that was very Progressive and I said really he said yeah none of the boys would voluntarily the girls
so he proceeds to tell me that the that the person was accused of adultery they had six people arguing for equity
add six people arguing for Mercy they had been studying I believe section 103 of the doctor and Covenants which talks about.
The purpose of High Council and church disciplinary proceedings and we’re talking about early members of the church who have been excommunicated and so they just had this mock church court so I said.
Mark what did you decide to do because you know ultimately the State president decides had then they all ratify and Mark said.

[4:47] Well we did next communicate but we strongly encourage severe repentance I’m like okay.
Fascinating it is so fascinating because let me tell you as a child of the 80s and probably even the 90s to when you were in seminary.
Never you wouldn’t even say the word church court in seminary though and this is like it was so taboo this is a.
Official CES teacher guy right this is the last time Rogue member of your steak this is this is not a volunteer calling.

[5:17] Or get out I or an unpaid position no this is this is a CES employee,
so anyway I mean it was a great learning experience for Mark he took a lot away from it and so you know I just
I was impressed with the with the transparency that they’re showing the kids these days so that they understand what a church court
is about but I guess they’re not calling them Percy Church courts anymore they’re calling them.
Like a disciplinary counsel I think it’s what they’re called as what my Grisham said but anyway isn’t that just like so fascinating that they were doing that in seminary really interesting
and they let the girls be counselors the best part right there that is great I wonder.

[6:05] If like lots of teachers are doing this or you’re
teachers just got this clever idea I’m curious I know I have no idea but I I did I I was like I said Darren and I were both just sitting there you know kind of looking in your chair other like.
Really you did this in seminary
aren’t you supposed to be watching videos so kudos for letting the kids experience that and kind of taking some of the mystery and shame associated with that out of the mixture
Brightside fascinating all right.
Oh you want to give a shout out to all I wanted to mention the twin podcast from two weeks ago it was one where Jeff interviewed Alan and Katie mounts yes and it was all about.
Having a mixed religion marriage yes they’re both members of the church but he has left and she has stated yes so Jeff interview them and I thought it was
excellent such a good podcast and they were just so well-spoken
and sharing their Viewpoint and how they’ve navigated this and I just really enjoy. I have many many friends in that situation so.

[7:20] It was it was a great podcast if you haven’t had a chance to listen to that podcast I would encourage anybody to go back and and listen to that podcast I think it was episode 414 and it was just a really.
It really helps kind of Enlighten you on a perspective of what it’s like to be like in a marriage where partner share different face and how they navigate that chance yet.
Now we need to move on to some stories in the news we do like we are members of the church happen to appear in these stories in the new and for some reason this week.

[7:59] We have just a ton of Pop Culture flash reality TV.

[8:05] Stuff happening it’s very true in the last month since we have podcast did the Mormons have been
all over reality TV so we’re everywhere we’re everywhere
right cuz I’m not supposed to say Mormon members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been
all over reality TV okay so who do you want went what should be want to start with start with American Idol okay because right now I know of two events are maybe more but so far.
We know to an American Idol.

[8:38] I have not watched for years but now I’m watching because there’s a connection okay and I know I’m excited for you to explain your connection so first.
Person on there that we know of that’s a member of the church is actually in my word
get out of town family is in my ward okay let’s give him a name so his name is Logan Johnson okay and American Idol came to Idaho.

[9:03] Whenever they filmed which is probably like 6 sometime in the summer time end of summer release.
So they actually came to northern Idaho and film so this kid from my ward he is I think he’s 21 now okay either 20 or 21 but his parents still live in our Ward.
He went up and auditioned and so it just aired not this last week the week before Aaron.
He has an amazing voice I don’t know him very well he was graduating from college right or graduate from high school right when we moved into the war but I do remember hearing him sing in church and it was
gorgeous and you were impressed impressed and his mom I just adore her she was my daughter’s first primary teacher when he moved into the ward
and my daughter loves her so much they’ve got a great connection and.
It’s just a really great family so the interesting thing about Logan he’s very open on the show he has struggled with addiction.

[10:05] I have to pain medication and he also has a brother that’s struggled with.
With a substance okay abuse and addiction and he is very open,
that’s part of his story that he tells on American Idol and just how he’s tried to offer come in and he’s been sober for so many days if it’s just.
Really touching share that and then his audition with
great nailed it okay so when he went to the audition is that where they give him like you’re going to Vegas you’re going to be,
and it was great and his whole family
was on the feature repair so I don’t know cuz obviously this was filmed a while ago okay,
because his parents are like they have to sign contracts are like Ironclad saying you will not open your mouth that all lips are sealed so everybody in our Ward is just kind of anxiously waiting
okay what happens if it like this is a small community where the television cameras are you seeing cameras at his house or anything
I’ve heard rumors you’ve heard rumors really what are the rumors floating around I’ve heard rumors there,
have been some cameras at his house recycling recently.

[11:27] Add and his journey will will expect you to update us on his journey right now who is the other,
member of the church show that is on American Idol run she just I think popped up on the show this week now cuz they’re still doing the.
The preliminary phase like the audition so this gal her name is,
Ashley has Kat and Ashley has is a member she grew up in California but then lived in Utah and it looks like maybe she’s in Nashville now.
I bet she spent several years and you time from what I can tell with big on the Utah.
Music scene has like concerts around Utah and so I watched her little clip today okay
good another gorgeous wife o had the judges now that they’re all different Katy at Katy Perry is is Lionel Richie.

[12:25] Who I don’t know Luke Bryan Luke Bryan.
Luke someone looks salmon and Katy Perry loved her Katy Perry said you could win this whole thing so
she said through also she is going to Hollywood so there’s two and maybe Ashley and Logan will compete against each other
and maybe maybe we could have a little LDS hook up there what if Ashley is hooked up I’m not that kind of the same age,
well in other singing competitions have you heard of this show called The Masked,
singer I did hear of it I did not watch it okay but
I thought it was a fascinating concept will let me tell you what the concept was so this originated in South Korea apparently until they would take celebrities and they would dress them up in these elaborate costume and every week the celebrities would perform.

[13:28] And you couldn’t tell who the celebrity was being a mascot, I like America full body costume.

[13:35] And so every week the celebrity would give a clue to their identity and the judges try and gas and then.
And I can’t remember how they live in different eliminate a different celebrities anyway so this mask singer comes here to America
it’s it’s on Fox which is probably where we didn’t really even hear of it that much because I was like Fox that’s that’s like still a thing anyway,
so the first time I heard about the mask singer is.
Marie Osmond was being interviewed by Access Hollywood and she was flapping her Jaws on Access Hollywood apparently she didn’t sign the science same non-disclosure contract that Donny side
so they’re asking her on Access Hollywood is your brother Donny on the mask singer.
And she doesn’t deny that he’s on the mask singer she gives a couple of Clues away that make it sound like he’s on the mask singer.
She says she says when asked if she just concerned confirmed the Osmond was the peacock she said.

[14:34] I know we started at MDC which was the peacock ohmygod that’s when I first heard of The Mask singer was when I saw this interview with Marie and then I was like,
what the heck is this thing all about I never did watch it I watch some of the
the takeouts on YouTube but it really started to pick up Traction in the forums involving,
members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they did an interview and the peacock is sitting presumably like in his living room in his full peacock suit and they’re sitting on the table next to him is a picture of the Angel Moroni.
That’s a big giveaway have to be giveaway you’re not going to get too many people cruising around with a picture of the Angel Moroni so then the rumors really started to run amok that it was Donny but then there was also
a costume character on the show known as of the B and rumors started to run around and that the bee was none other than Gladys Knight
another member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that above so it came down to the final three came down to the peacock the B.

[15:43] And I can’t even remember what the other costumes character was
but he was a rapper named T-Pain and he ended up winning so Donny and Gladys came in the second and third although I don’t think they ever said
who is actually second or who is actually third but you know shout out to both of them for being on this show I watched a couple of Donny’s performances like
he’s on his knees sliding on the floor on the stage and I’m like dude your old turn DC now
over 60 I think I want to know how he’s a nice lad like that that was me I was really mostly impressed with his agility at his age maybe he has a shout out to both of them they did great.

[16:25] Cool alright I hope we’ve got another reality show contestant okay.

[16:33] We must love reality show it well we do let reality shows and members of the church love reality shows and they really love appearing on reality shows so this one is Project Runway which of you
if you have listened to this before you know Project Runway is like my all-time favorite it is of all the reality shows
if that if you happen to be in Boise Idaho on a Thursday night you can come over to your aunt’s house she invites all her friends over between 9 and 9:30 and they have a Project Runway night
Cumbia new friend come to her house. And she’ll invite you in for Project Runway.
And sodas and so we do so. So Project Runway is a course the one where they design the fashion and then they so it.
And so there is a member of the church on this new season that just started last week and they have retooled Project Runway.
It used to be on Lifetime and it moved to Bravo and they got rid of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum.
Yeah it’s been quite the shake-up and so who is the new host Now new host is Karlie Kloss okay and who is the new Tim gotten the new Tomb gonna is Christian siriano okay now.

[17:53] I like Christian he’s a former Project Runway.
Contesta he’s going to be good and I liked her the house I mean I’ve only seen what I say Okay so this guy his name is often
okay and he is from Utah but he’s originally from Samoa we have an island and Island our yes and he’s married and also has a daughter
so he’s breaking all the stereo time now I know he grew up and he went he went on his mission to Salt Lake City
00 of all places and then after he married his wife they move to Utah okay.

[18:37] So how he got into sewing a super interesting o when he was a sophomore in high school this article said that he wanted to get into like Auto.
One of those you know woodworking one of those type of classes yet cool they were all full,
the only thing left was homak okay dude clearly missed registration day,
is not on top of that that’s what happens when you’re out the ocean swimming we should be registering for school so he,
and it said first he burned some brownies in the kitchen that didn’t go over so well.
Then they move on to the sewing Portia and they were supposed to sew mittens.
And these mittens were supposed to take him that like entire rest of the semester to so,
tactical item I was a little confused about that I’m very confused about why would you he why you would need mittens to smell.

[19:37] So but they’re making their making mittens and it’s supposed to take him to hold the rest of the semester
I’m sorry I don’t really understand how that works being as a seamstress you could without mittens in an hour now I don’t get that either well he didn’t get it either because he ripped his mittens out and the teacher was like okay
and he said that by the end of the semester he made 40 pairs of mittens odang
so clearly he was fast but then that begs the question what you do is 40 pairs of mittens in Samoa
I turned out okay maybe they will they send them overseas.
Horrible snow we had a lot of snow this year it’s just stayed in the mountains not the valley which is where I think the snow should be how we like it.
He’s a fast hour and he likes to be very technical and he tried out for Project Runway I think this was his third time and he okay I only got it in.
And so I’m super anxious to see what he’s doing and he said he loves to be just and inclusive.

[20:46] With his design K I’m and his fashion he wants he likes to suffer everybody men women all body sizes all types so what did he make in the first episode.
Remember what he made them into a so I can’t I remember it was a dress okay.
But I can’t remember much because he didn’t get a lot of airtime in the first will they have so many contestants in the first episode they’re really only showing you if you’re really really good or really really bad so he wasn’t in the top he wasn’t in the bottom of the first cut so.
He just didn’t go out your time you know what that’s a good place to because you don’t want to Peak too early cuz you want to lay low I want to lay low.
Oh well I’m going to have to I’m going to have to start coming over for Project Runway night because he sounds very entertaining.

[21:33] Alright the next story we want to talk about is we want to talk about.

[21:37] The Jets do you remember the group The Jets know I read this article and I had zero memory of this probably cuz I was like a baby
you you would have been a young child not exactly a baby they were very big in the 80s so you remember though yes I totally remember that.
And they were a Polynesian family or still are a Polynesian family and they had a big band together in fact.
They’re there their last name is wolfgramms so how they got the name the Jets I’m not really sure but they sung together they had some record deals they did concert
I remember one New Year’s Eve affect this was when I was at BYU.
We were down in California for a debate tournament and we had tickets to Disneyland for New Year’s Eve,
and they were performing at Disneyland for New Year’s Eve.
Anyway okay so they were not just church popular they were they were mainstream popular like they had top 20 hits.
Several different stuff that they have accepted.

[22:47] Didn’t get as far as the Osmonds got so to speak anyway they were they were very popular for their time I’m sure if you heard a couple of their songs you would go oh my gosh yes I’ve heard that before okay cuz you like 80s music and I listen to a lot of 80s music.

[23:01] Anyway so they ended up dissolving around so they started in 1977.
They really got big in the mid-eighties they hit their stride probably.
84 85 86 somewhere in there they dissolved in 1997.
Because apparently there were differences of opinion that divided the original band members into two groups that drifted apart again
not unlike many bands that end up falling apart over differences of opinion but they are beginning to make amends and and the reason that we’re talking about this is there is a filmmaker who did a documentary on them
and it premiered at the 2019 LDS.
Festival at the scera Center for the Arts in Orem and they interviewed a lot of
ghetto of the former band members in and talked about what it happened and there’s the the fastest.

[24:01] The bassist excuse me are his children have now formed a group carrying on the Family’s Legacy with a band of their own called 13 crows they’re trying to kind of resurrect them and see if they can get them back together the filmmaker a gentleman by the name of Goodman,
he hopes to show the documentary at more festivals and eventually distribute the film digitally
so we can’t watch this if you can’t watch this yet I’m hoping he’ll get some momentum because first of all I’d love a good documentary at 8 because I was familiar with this bad I think it would be really fascinating to see the film
anyway maybe it’ll be one of those things that they’ll release it on DVD and you can buy it for five bucks at Toys R Us.

[24:44] Place to buy Mormon my favorite place to shop IG paraphernalia.
Okay so we got one more reality show yes to discuss I’m just going to hit on it quickly because it’s not out yet.

[25:00] But it will be coming soon and this hits two things for us because.
It is a reality show based here in Boise and it involves a member of the church and it’s on HGTV and it is about these
business partners that buy homes and renovate them and make a profit you know your typical HGTV show
only takes place here in Boise okay which is fascinating probably only two people that live in Boise
they got picked up for a second season
I think there must have been popular rest of it I mean they’re no chip and Joanna Gaines Boise is not going to turn into the new Waco with Magnolia little silos going up here and there no but you have a boyfriend
who recently acquired one of their feet lips so,
they have been in the process of filming their second season so we should say and they are not LDS know the Boise Boys are not LDS but your friend is on my friend and she’s going to be on season 2 yes so.
They have just been finishing up their second season and so this friend of mine are they used to actually live in our Ward and they bought a different piece of property and they ended up bought which was obviously.
Side of our Ward which is why they formerly lived in our Ward.

[26:23] Anyway they haven’t they moved out of our Ward but the Boise Boys did this read this 1930s home and they ended up purchasing this 1930s home.

[26:34] That the Boise Boys went in and revamped and dead and.
They have some television time and so we are excited when that seasonaires to see them and.
See what the house looks like on TV so.
That will be coming out sometime I think season 2 begins for Boise Boys at the end of April so I don’t know if this will be first or last episode right.

[27:02] How HGTV cut them and put them together right okay well that’s it for our reality.

[27:08] Section of this at least for now for now there was a lot there was quite frankly because of how members of the church are just
taking over reality television I’m sure there’s more we missed oh I’m sure we just try and get what we can
okay let’s move on to some actual stories that do not involve reality television all right so the first one I want to talk about is,
of course Jeff mentioned to this last week that all 15 of the Apostles and their wives.

[27:42] Hoofed it on over or happy probably flew in a private jet over to Italy for the dedication of the temple in Rome and of course if you’re going to Italy,
you have to bring along your camera crew and your media which of course was the Deseret News in KSL because,
they’re all part of that whole to get a Bonneville broadcasting network paying that is owned by the church right
so they they bring their media along with them and while they are over there someone who works for the church news I does a video interview of sister nails
and I have not seen the video will link to the video but I’ll just tell you a little bit about what is what is in the video per the written the article from church news that we saw so sister Nelson talks about the day that
president Nelson became the prophet right so she says that Tuesday January 2nd 2018 it just started out as a typical day
she spoke at the funeral of a deer 100 year old friend
so apparently that is a typical day for the average funeral.
Okay well I can see that they probably do that a lot and then they did a little Costco shopping that was my favorite when I read that as I get out I know I’m just like.

[29:03] And you know I don’t I don’t know if they were the Costco I know they live in the Bountiful area so I don’t know if there is a Costco in the Bountiful area
are down at the one that’s around like I don’t know 20 2100 South,
go to do that for them exactly I can you imagine the current Costco picking up your vast quantities of you know muffins and beef and chicken and what else and he see present a case of toilet paper.
Hitler cartoon so I would say what are they doing shopping at Costco there’s only two of them but my in-laws who are also retired only two.
Left Costco what do they buy at Costco.

[29:42] They get like the prepackaged meal like that’s how they cook now that’s the prepackaged Deli meal like,
to get a Costco because I’m thinking of you retired
and you only have no children at home that like a big package of that Costco toilet paper is going to last you a good six but yeah
anyway so they go to Costco they complete some projects and they turned in early for bed will then apparently the phone rings at approximately 11:01 p.m.
And they are told of the death of President Monson which of course they know.

[30:20] This is the beginning of altering the course of history in their lives right
and so she says that she and president Nelson they cried they talked for a long while.
They made some phone calls and then they’re like okay well it’s turn out the lights and go to bed I can’t even imagine it wouldn’t your brain just be swirling
anyway she says I remember staring out into the dark and into our future the hymn Where can I turn for peace came to her mind in that moment in the darkness she focused on the line.
Where can I run.
Which I can imagine if I weren’t sister Nelson shoes and I were sitting there next line in bed next to my husband is now the property I’d be like yeah where can I ride with ya.
Anyway she said
she says two days later the lord gave sister Nelson the most unique and most distinctive experience that I could never deny or forget she said from The Experience sister Nelson new the mantle of the Prophet was upon my heads,
and and she talked about the experience being very dramatic and clear
and she testified she says I can stand as a witness in any Nation on the Earth.
To tell you for sure that Russell Marion Nelson has been called of God to be the Lord’s Prophet on Earth at this time and and then she talks about.

[31:41] President Nelson receiving Revelation you know and we’ve heard about this before that you know you would think a lot of his Revelation might come in the temple.
Will apparently the Lord keeps him up all night long this is fascinated so fascinating so
she talks about you know before he was ordained as the as the prophet Seer and Revelator and president of our church I mean he’s an apostle he’s that’s the same keys.

[32:08] She said you don’t he would receive Revelation but once he became the prophet the Revelation came with frequency and intensity and she said my husband is trying to get every bit of instruction that he can
so then she talked about another really interesting experience that I found fascinating so she goes to bed on a Friday night it turns into you know early Saturday morning and she’s awoken
is she wakes up and she’s like but I’m not done sleeping and she just feels this prompting that she needs to get out of bed and she’s like.
But I’m not done sleeping but she fall asleep romping and she gets out of bed so she goes downstairs lips on her computer.
Now rather than flip on Facebook she gets all he does some family history research.

[32:52] Does putting all of us to shame he should put it around some other things and finally after 2 hours
her husband emerges from their bedroom and says windy you won’t believe what has been happening for two hours the Lord has given me detailed instructions about a process I am to follow.

[33:09] She says other times she’s actually present in the room and she says my husband will say during the night
okay dear it’s happening she says I remain quiet and then he soon he is sitting up on the side of the bed riding
now she says that she never reads these private messages between the Lord and and her husband is can you imagine how tempting.
Like what if you’re like oh I’m just dusting
Dust in the Wind right now you know it’s probably one of those things or she’s like man I’m not even to go near that cuz I don’t want to be struck but down by the Lord.
No because it’s just too much just too much and and speaking of which she does say she says you know.
I had no idea you know when I raise my hand to sustain him as profit as we all did March 31st 2018.
That so much that she would witness so much action movement Innovation and change in the following months right
just didn’t have a clue right so so yeah she’s like the rest of us just apparently kind of sand along for the ride along for the ride waiting on bated breath.

[34:24] Oh yes should we hit on conference rumors
of course the famous one that goes around all the time it is over there going to make all the missions
18 months at work they’re going to let the missionaries check the box for 6 months 12-18 or two years I’ve heard bad as I’ve heard that one.

[34:51] I’ve heard a well this one’s also been going forever testimony meeting is getting back severely
re-bath revamps to not include Open Mic Sunday but more like I’m encouraging the following people to come up and hear their testimony.
But had we also heard somebody was talking about like a Word of Wisdom or at some Rumblings about maybe some Word of Wisdom,
like not a full-blown I don’t think anybody thinks there’s going to be a full-blown like.

[35:23] It’s a free-for-all now but more of a certain things left to your own personal.
Now I don’t know I have a harder time believing that one and the reason I have a hard time believing that one is you know a lot of these changes that have happened have been.

[35:40] More policy how we do things not so much.

[35:47] Take Doctrine or changing scripture of wisdom in scripture so
you know that would that would require a change in scripture but you know the other one and I haven’t heard this one but they’ve talked about this one for years as a potential rumor is of course adding the proclamation on the family as another section.
In the doctor and Covenants so that’s what that’s been kind of perpetually talked about right I haven’t heard any recent Rumblings but anyway I mean I’m just kind of scratching my head because I’m like
well everything has changed what more do we left let’s laugh
exactly and that could be the other thing we could all be anxiously awaiting anticipating
and it’s just like a totally mellow I doubt I’m going to give you a lunch break.

[36:33] Tired of amp it up your blood pressure but I tell you what the buzz / conference is great these days it doesn’t I don’t know it doesn’t seem like it’s buzzing as much.
Now as it did in October to me it seemed like at this time two weeks out from three weeks out from conference that it was buzzing a lot more last October
that’s true. But that may have been the 2-hour Church rumor that’s true feeling that buzz is that rumor was that rumor was fast and furious.

[37:03] Anyway but so yeah
we welcome you to comment on our when we post this up on Facebook I feel free to comment with any general conference rumors y’all have heard because nothing.
Members of the church are nothing but we like a good we like a good rumor
okay let’s just move on to another story all right next story is the church just released just a few days ago actually.
Some new guidelines for Boy Scouts of America OK and the change that’s coming up you know in 2020 they will be parting ways with the church.
So the church is being very proactive in setting some standards as to how this
departure will take place we have terms and conditions of a divorce they want a knife please tell me the terms and conditions of our divorce
no sloppy leftovers nothing so they put out some guidelines they said beginning June 1st community-based Boy Scout packs.
Can begin recruiting from the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints now there are couple.

[38:18] Stipulations that at first they said they are encouraging the boys to remain in their Church sponsored unit,
through December 31st of this year they said troops who are recruiting May provide a flyer okay to Bishops okay presidents.
To be posted on a bulletin board in the church from June through December okay but.
Nobody is allowed to openly recruit in a church building like verbally.
Oh so if you are could read but you cannot talk if you are scoutmaster so and so and you’re forming a new troop you cannot be walking around.
On Sunday during Scouts on Wednesday thank am starting a troop would you like to join.

[39:11] So that has to be done on your personal time
over the phone with your personal property on your personal phone
the reasoning behind that I guess the only reason I can think of is you know the church so wants to distance itself from KSA it doesn’t want any of the.
Litigious issues because all of it they also said they want you know you’re not supposed to go off of church list okay they don’t. They also don’t want Bishop’s you know passing like oh here’s a group of boys that might be interested in
Bishops are not to be involved KS.
Also the one flyer that they do print out to put on the church bulletin board can make no reference to church whatsoever in pictures or words.

[40:02] It just cannot be church church any interesting so that’s it.
Oh and this is also interesting they’re making it very clear that church buildings and grounds are off-limits to scout meetings or activities.
After December 31st liability,
nothing you know what an in hairs what’s really interesting I think it’s going to be interesting to see.

[40:28] You know how this how this kind of plays out because you know in my ward.
My husband is the scoutmaster we have discussed this and there are some families that are very very Pro scouting and there are other families that of course could care less right
so those families who still want to keep scouting and keep their boys in scouting I don’t know why I can’t foresee another Community Troop.
Like even approaching the church and saying hey can we have your boys now I feel like this would be members of the church saying let’s start our own don’t you think,
what’s bad together and.

[41:06] I don’t know how do you get a troop do you apply I think you have to apply but you know what c I don’t see members doing that and you know I don’t do that remembers doing that.
That takes like way too much initiative we’re too lazy we have jobs families.

[41:23] Methodist how do we feel about the Methodist part of the Methodist group.
Totally I think majority of people who still want to do it will probably try to write I have a hard time envisioning that.

[41:42] You know that again I am I am not in that camp,
scouting is the be-all to end all so are you saying your husband’s not going to let your try to apply and form his own truth.
My husband would even do a merit badge right now like astalavista baby exactly what I mean by that is because he does take the boys camping he tries to take camping at least once a month.
He thinks it is great to get them out there to get them camping to be teaching them how you know survival skills and things like that.
He just detest all of the paperwork associated with the BSA and filling out those silly little blue card and the badges and the badges and the applications and and all of that,
that’s what he doesn’t like,
this kills themselves is so not adverse to teaching the kids that he just as well be bothered with the paperwork I so understand that so no he’s not going to be out there forming his own trip and I think it’ll be interesting I think,
probably parents of Scouts I mean I wouldn’t know but I’m a little bit too excited about that,
I am guessing that they are probably waiting to see what new program the church comes out with.

[43:00] I think 6 or they sign up yeah cuz that could affect like if if the church is replacing it with something,
similar but like you said by minus all the badges yeah maybe they feel like that’s enough for their son,
maybe they don’t that maybe they’re kind of waiting to see I don’t know well you know and I’m really anxious to see what
program the church comes out with as well to replace that you know we have heard rumors that they are testing it.
In various parts of the country I think it Project Runway night just this last Thursday some one of your friends was saying somebody in Ohio they have some relative or somebody in Ohio.
Who is testing at but they’re not allowed to say anything about it they are mom they are mum Dave Dave signed to the vow of silence so I’m like the 2-hour church that was leaking everywhere.
So I am really curious to see.

[43:55] Program is that they come up with I am guessing that the program is going to have a very spiritual Focus to it.
Just because that is the shift that we are going right and I think whatever the new program is that is for the young men and young women will probably be very similar and probably have a very spiritual Focus to it.
I also think that it’s going to be one of those things like a lot of the other programs that have come out recently for you.
Where they’re basically going to have guidelines they’re not going to give you the do this do this do this.
Because they want each Youth and each leader to pray about you know what do the youth need what.
What needs to be done in our area because we are a worldwide church right and there’s so much.
Variance in what different people need so that’s what that’s my guess but I am anxiously waiting the new program.
Our next big story.

[44:55] Reimbursement Jeff wrote this website so this is just kind of exciting for those who are getting reimbursed a lot
like me right now for Relief Society hell yes food so you know you can do tithing online
beautiful beautiful concept wonderful and now you are going to be able to get reimbursed online that’s so awesome
so that’s all I mean I don’t know if this is happening if it’s fully rolled out everywhere yet
I’ll report back cuz I’m going to get reimbursed pretty soon will you know in one of the questions I had is because when you fill out the reimbursement form.
You know if you are not the president of whatever organization to be signed off by has to be signed off by the president so do you go online fill out your reimbursement request and the other thing too as they always want the receipt.
Yeah I’m assuming you’d have to scan those that’s kind of what I’m thinking to is they’re going to want to scan your receipts because.

[45:58] I don’t know why they need the receipt I’m not I know the numbers accounting person still be easier for me I feel like then turning in the receipts yet because I always forget him I leave him in my,
I leave my home and said put it in my church bag and then it’s like a month later and you know.
Anyways it was good it’ll be interesting to see how the logistics of that work okay alright our next story we want to talk about.

[46:25] Members of the church in New Zealand now as I presume everybody has heard over the weekend there were some attacks I guess it was late last week there were some attacks on some mosques in in New Zealand and
a number of Muslim people died as a result of those attacks and this is taking a hard
this this has been a difficult time for New Zealand and so members of the church in New Zealand have been pulling together with their Muslim counterparts and in Auckland apparently yesterday or at least on Sunday.

[47:01] I guess that was.
Yeah well yesterday our time probably a couple of days ago there by anyway other members of the church welcomes their Muslim friends to a local Meeting House.
Are they had an interface devotional that Drew,
a Congregation of close to a thousand strong in other parts of the country members of the church are sending messages to the Muslim people down in.
Dune London I’m not sure how it’s pronounced a Latter-Day Saint women are working alongside to help set up a Muslim women support group they’re signing up to be a friend to
to go walk with to go shopping with an offer support in other ways and.
They are saying we want them to know that we are with them and as a nation and as communities we can move forward with faith understanding in unity.
And I really like that because.

[48:00] You know regardless of what you believe Faith wise I like the fact that we honor that even though we may not agree with their faith.

[48:09] And we may not share the same tenants of our faith of their faith
that we are all human beings here together and we need to love and support each other and do as the Article of Faith says where we allow others to practice their religion as they wish to practice their religion right
and we will support that so I thought that was a great story that is cool all right there is a new tab cats
CD me did I say that right I have test. Right I wrote in the notes motab I still can’t break my motab habitat so you got the CD you love it I did it I did so it’s all him
it is it’s all him so so let me back up here you don’t in the,
in the Years between 2000 and 2010 the choir was releasing CDs almost on a yearly basis give some of them or Christmas CDs some of them or musical CDs hems and what not.
And they were great I loved them and then by the time about 2010 2011 rolled around.
Their last CD that had actual hems on it was released in 2011 and it was called This is the Christ.
Since then they released a few things but.
The cut they have been hands they just been all this rslc terrco artsy-fartsy stuff that I could care less about.

[49:30] I want him,
I want my tab cats singing hymns that’s all I ask anyway so they have this new CD it’s called let us all press on hymns of praise and inspiration.
Every single one of them I believe is a ham you can find in the handbook including the one that President Nelson pain.
Cheap and our prayer to thee which was sung by the choir at the close of General Conference in October.
And the text of that is written by him he apparently present Milton got to be at the recording session when they recorded it so many of these hands have been musically arranged by either Mack wilberg.
Or his little minion who’s known as Ryan T Murphy.
Not to be confused with the television producer Ryan Murphy different Ryan Murphy Murphy is the associate director of music for the choir.

[50:28] I am so both he and Mack wilberg have done arrangements and of course they are the typical.
Arrangements with all sorts of bombastic wonderful stuff that I left but here’s the best part.

[50:43] Do you have a burning desire to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

[50:47] I do I know you do she is all over this I love me some choir and I am unabashedly about that.
The fact that I can’t carry a tune does not dissuade me.
But they are currently having a contest and the contest will close at 3 p.m. on the 20th of March
so hopefully this week hopefully you’re listening to this podcast quickly and so what it is is for people to men to women
are going to be chosen to go and sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir you get to sing at the practice session on April 11th.
And then you get to do their dress rehearsal for music and the spoken word but not actual.

[51:29] So you have to go to Facebook and you have to make a comment on Facebook.
Are you have to talk about your three favorite tracks I think it’s a n e m i don’t think it necessarily has to be the new one.
And then you have to follow them on Instagram and Facebook a so are you going to enter all of course I’m going to enter,
I know if I got picked I would the sing because that would just be flat out him dressing and my family would be like mortified so I’m going to do my best rendition to lip-sync if I get picked.
That will save everyone grief and embarrassment the idea was this contest,
I cannot work with these people exactly what Mack wilberg with you well I’m going to cross my fingers that you win.
Then you could be our boots on the ground and the ground Outlets have cat all things about the choir.

[52:27] All right all right we have our let’s move on to the last news story that we like to close.

[52:34] Every podcast with our section that we lovingly call Mormons behaving badly and folks this is a doozy this is a real bad one this is a real bad one,
real that okay so we have a gentleman by the name of David Maus he is a former black Vice Cop for St George.
He actually.
Resigned from the st. George Police Department I believe in 2012 because he was what did they say here in trouble back then to yes he was having a consensual relationship of a sexual nature at work.
Now it didn’t involve sex workers or Witnesses are victims sound to me like he was having a fling with another officer.
So he quits that job he moves from St George up to Salt Lake I can’t remember what he was doing but he decides that he’s going to go see on Valentine’s Day of this year if he can score himself.
Some sweet women
so he advertises using the screen name pilot he shows up meet these two women who are actually undercover police officers and says I offer protection I’m going to train you on how you can get repeat regulars
who are higher-paying I’m going to teach you to stay out of jail he makes one of these officers.
Touch him inappropriately so to speak they hauled him off to jail so he’s trying to be like not a pimp but like.

[53:58] Consultant will.
Basically he’s a pet but yeah he’s calling himself a consultant marketing him so he of course is arrested for soliciting for soliciting sex and yes folks he was a bishop.
At the time currently a bishop probably a bishop party to this how did you get to be a
Bishop is this cuz he moved from St George with like his other pretty I know that’s what I wondered sexual relation with someone at work remind me to sue me was not his spouse records were not duly noted,
he just like Pottstown and became a bishop well and of course upon his arrest in church.
Immediately released him as well they should yeah.

[54:49] All right let’s wrap her up and bring it on in with favorite thing all right we’re going to share favorites just because we can okay so you start buying not going to share the same thing,
hopefully I’ll probably not my favorite thing this week is a
laundry bag a lingerie laundry bag from Walmart that cost $5.25
I will tell you why this to my favorite thing not for lingerie okay for socks
Scarlet’s just don’t let himself too sexy lingerie so this is like a mom hacks but I make some time zone here I share mom hack this is my mom hack for dealing
with children’s socks okay
you know I do all the laundry in my house and I just like everything with socks I hate dirty socks when they’re laying around the house I hate to so with you on that it was you fold the laundry and you get to the bottom of.
And all you have left is a Brazilian socks if none of which batch none of which match and then you have to figure out which kid the socks belong to ya.

[55:57] And they all have tiny feet so so I came up with this solution and it’s actually working okay so explain how I bought my children each they each have a.

[56:10] This dollar like lingerie bag that’s like made of netting zips up okay and it has a hook.
And so I bought them and I put them in the laundry room on a hook by the washing machine and I say to them when you take off your socks they go in your bag.
Hello when they take off their dirty socks and put them in their bag they never take them off in their room they always take them off on the main floor
weird place yeah so you put your dirty socks in your bag then when it is time to do the laundry I zipped the bag shut I throw the entire bag in the laundry
and then when the laundry is done the child gets a bag of socks I don’t sort of I don’t fold them I don’t care if they were matching socks anymore I’m over it
like there’s your bag of socks when you go to put your socks on in the morning you pick out whatever you’re going to wear the sock back
oh dang that is a good mob fact it’s kind of changing my life
blood mom act I don’t sort socks anymore I still have the stock issue which I don’t have so much at my house because
you know the teenagers are all doing their own laundry at fry and Mark and Katie.

[57:22] Get separate laundry that’s right so I have my oldest has her own laundry too but for some reason her gang socks kept ending up in my laundry,
but now we don’t have that problem anymore alright well then I will wrap it up with my favorite
as you know it is Easter candy season and I do not think that there is a funner time in the land than Easter candy Easter candy is hands-down my favorite candy that comes out all your laws
out of all the candy that comes out all year long so this year and of course my favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury Mini Eggs,
I don’t know anybody who’s favorite Easter candy is not the Cadbury Mini Eggs I feel like you might have picked up for your favorite thing about a year ago I did but I think I just picked the regular Cadbury Mini Eggs we have a new Cadbury Mini egg out this year.

[58:12] We have the Shimmer Mini Eggs no you remained remember last year I think they had cookies and cream and we tried the cookies oh yeah I’ve ever not good
the colors on a more beautiful but they tasted awful will be as ones are like just a regular milk chocolate mini eggs.

[58:29] But the colors on them they have this Shimmer coat on them and they are so beautiful now the coating is a little thicker than your regular Cadbury egg but the colors.
Are just absolutely beautiful so go buy yourself a bag of Shimmer eggs and enjoy the festive Menace of the Easter season very nice.
I like it’s okay alright I think that doesn’t I think that wraps us up
twin Nation thank you very much for joining us as always this is between sisters and if you have any questions comments you can contact you can email at contact at this week in Mormons. Con you can also find us on Facebook Instagram
or even the touch with her and we welcome all your feedback all right we’ll see you next time.

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