Get to Know the Show Offs of BYUtv’s New Show “Show Offs”

Cast of Show Offs - BYUtv
Jeff Borders

Jeff Borders

Embracing the spirit of "Whose Line Is It, Anyway," BYUtvs new comedy show offers wacky improvisation thrills for the whole family.
Cast of Show Offs – BYUtv

How’s that for a headline? We’re back again to give you the lowdown on the new shows hitting BYUtv’s lineup this spring. First up is Show Offs. Who are these Show Offs you ask? They are a troupe of long­form improvisers. With no script and no rehearsals, thee cast will be forced to improvise a musical on the spot. From genres like Western to Golden Age Entertainment, these performers need to be quick witted to keep up. The genre for each episode’s impromptu musical is chosen by vote of the audience and then through audience suggestion the title of the musical is chosen. If this sounds familiar, you may remember legendary improv show Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, and we get similar results with Show Offs without any of the entendre.

The Cast

There is no doubt that these performers bring some serious acting and producing chops to the show. Check out the cast below.

Casey Jost – Host

Casey Jost – Show Offs

To be honest, I don’t know much about Casey Jost. He plays the Drew Carey role if you are familiar with the format of Whose Line It, Anyway? IMDb has him listed as the senior producer for the series Impractical Jokers. Beyond that, Casey is doing his best to show off his boy band hair, and I know a little something about boy band hair. His job is to keep the show rolling along and elicit ideas and suggestions from the audience.

Hailey Smith

Lisa Valentine Clark and Hailey Smith – Once I Was A Beehive

You may recognize Hailey from her role as Holly Valentine in Once I Was A Beehive. Hailey was the understanding new aunt to Lane Speer and the mother to the anxiety prone Phoebe.

Lisa Valentine Clark

Probably the most recognizable of the troupe, Lisa Valentine Clark stars in the hit BYUtv show, Random Acts. Lisa  played the over-the-top Young Women’s leader, Carrie Carrington in Once I was a Beehive and more recently in the new remake of Little Women. She has also starred in the web series Pretty Darn Funny. You might even recognize her from this pretty funny commercial for Chatbooks.

Lisa and Hayley were both guests on This Week in Mormons when Once I Was a Beehive was hitting theaters. Stream it below.

Jake Von Wagoner and Maclain Nelson

Jake Von Wagoner and Maclain Nelson – Once I Was A Beehive

These two guys might be most recognizable for the roles as Ranger Cal (Von Wagoner) and Ranger Hobie (Nelson) in Once I Was a Beehive. Both were also listed as executive producers for the movie, as well. Von Wagoner also produced for The Saratov Approach and Impractical Jokers. Nelson starred in the Saratov Approach as Elder Popst and was an executive producer for the recent remake of Little Women.

Guest Star – Thomas Quinn

I tried looking Thomas up on IMDb, but information about him is hard to find.

Special Guest – Lucas Grabeel

Lucas is probably most famous for his role as Toby Kennish on the show Switched at Birth, or his role as Ryan Evans in High School Musical 1-3. I’ve never watched High School Musical, but Switched at Birth is a staple in our house, my wife having watched it multiple times.


The first episode was a bit of an introduction to the show and how it works. Through a poll, the audience decided for the cast members to create Golden Age Musical using only the title “Liptstick Time” as a reference. To be honest it can’t e easy to come up with songs on the spot, I don’t envy the performers. There were some funny parts, like Lisa’s character was given the catchphrase “You so crazy!” or Lucas’ rule that he couldn’t look any one in the eyes. Overall however, I found myself wanting something more. I had a few chuckles, but I was expecting more. This is no way an indictment of the cast. Improv comedy is not easy and you won’t catch everyone with the humor. These are seriously talented actors, and it might take a few episodes for me to get into it, like most of the shows I watch. That being said, my boys thought it was very funny, so it may be a hit in the 10-18 age range.

Show Offs airs Mondays at 8:00 PM on BYUtv.

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