JK Studios: The Freelancers

JK Studios: Freelancers
JK Studios, the outfit started by former Studio C cast members, releases its second web series, the amusing spoof "Freelancers."
JK Studios: Freelancers

If you don’t know what JK Studios is, then take a second and familiarize yourself with them before continuing. Our very own Breklyn Miles, did a great job on this article about the original Studio C cast starting their own production company as part of their exodus from Studio C.

Freelancers isn’t the first series that JK Studios has launched on YouTube. It is actually the second of the group’s short-length, scripted webisodes. That was Loving Lyfe, and it is a heavily satirical spin on the mom blogger craze. To produce these web series, the crew from JK Studios have partnered with companies like Jane.com. You can check out some of those videos here.

The cohesiveness and chemistry that the cast has built together over their years working together shines through in Freelancers. While I think Loving Lyfe is funny, Freelancers taps into the synergy the cast has with each other, and brings out the subtle and not so subtle humor all at the same time. And all while keeping it family friendly.

Who are the Freelancers 

Whitney Call plays Arizona, the producer of the aptly title “Video Production Company.” She seems to be the only one with any practical business sense. Stacey Harkey plays sounds man Micah. Matt Meese play the quirky camera operator Ryan. Stephen Meek plays the “visionary” director Owen. And rounding out the group is Mallory Everton, who plays the editor, Devin.

Throughout the first two episodes we do get to see appearances of other cast members, James Perry, Jason Gray and Natalie Madsen.

If you’re looking for a good laugh with your family, or just by yourself. Don’t worry we don’t judge. Get on over and give these guys and gals some love on their YouTube page.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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